Chairman of the UCID Party Eng. Feysal Ali Warabe has stated that the arrival of large delegation at Lasanod from Mogadishu is not impactful nor has any semblance whatsoever in as far as the country’s national borders are concerned.

He at the same time said that the nation of Somaliland will, sooner rather than later, secure its whole borders.

The sentiments by the opposition leader were posted as a message on his Twitter account on Friday. It also said that the victories claimed by the allied groups in Sool will in fact soon end in defeat.

“The Mogadishu delegation that came to Lasanod will not change anything about Somaliland’s borders. Drama and excitement will soon turn into tears and dreams”, said the tweeter message by Eng. Feysal.

He added, “Somaliland will soon rid the country of the barbaric invasion of Lasanod.”

The statement comes shortly after a time when he dispelled the claims of the allied groups of Sanaag, Sool and Ayn (SSC) as an entity existing in Somaliland.

In a TV interview over the week he quipped, “Sanaag, Sool and Ayn do not exist in the Republic of Somaliland”.