Dear Naima Adan,
I read your article entitled, “Response to Portrait of the Canadian As Warya by Mohamud S. Togane” published on wardheernews website.

While I encourage you to write more, giving you constructive criticism and feedback will only transform you into a powerful writer. And it is these invaluable inputs which will reshape your thinking and perhaps influence your next paper which I look forward to reading.

With that in mind, I must say Mohamud Siad Togane or the educated Mooryaan (anachronistic) is outrageous. He is offensive, daring, provocative, and audacious. He is also hilarious, creative, intelligent, and thoughtful. Furthermore, he is a devoted religious man yet so devilish. Never have I heard before someone so outrageous yet as righteous as Mr. Togane.

However, his article entitled, “Portrait of the Canadian As Warya” was far from offensive. If anything, it in fact showed how people could succeed despite the nightmares they went through. It was an inspiring piece for those of us who want to succeed. A case in point: the success story of Isaac, Mr. Togone’s buddy, was impressive.

Surprisingly, Mr. Togane didn’t mention the mindless Mooryaans wrecking havoc in Canada and U.S. Let me give you an example: 20 years ago when you see a young Somali man you would approach him and say: “Warya”. Today when you see one, you would duck in as if you were dodging a silver bullet inscribed with your name.

Canada gives these Somali men an opportunity to better themselves. And what do they do instead? Act like gangsters and shoot one another. A month doesn’t pass that you don’t hear: “Another young Somali man is shot dead”. Guess who is killing them: it is not the H1N1; it is not the KKK; and it is not the Aryan Nation or the Neo Nazis either. It is none other than other Somali men who are murdering these young Somali men.

Now, some cash-hungry social workers, community leaders, and animal rights groups might say: “These are just young men who have been brought up in a single-mother home. They never have had a male role model in their life”. That is baloney! Why? The truth is: this missing male role model is not in Somalia. He sits in the Tim Horton coffee shops in Canada for endless hours as Mr. Togane himself pointed out in his article.

Additionally, some Somali fathers—politician wannabes—who spend most of their time at the Tim Horton coffee shops may argue that the system doesn’t offer their sons an equal opportunity and these young men are marginalised. Well, what goes around comes around, doesn’t it?

In all the Somali regions of East Africa, we marginalize and discriminate our own Somalis because of their tribes; so why would I feel sorry for any Somali that the white man discriminates. Perhaps, we Somalis are having a test of our bitter medicine. As Somalis say, “Dacar ninkii walaaqaa layidhaahdaa dha dhami; or you ask the person who stirs the liquid from poisonous wild plants (Dacar) to have a test of the poison.” So for any Somali person in the Diaspora who whines about discrimination—I shed no tears for you. Xejiso waa markaagiiye; or it is your turn to face discrimination, so stay strong.

That is, to a certain degree facing discrimination and marginalization are true. But if they [young Somali men] feel alienated what incentives do they get from bludgeoning one another to death? The challenges they face supposed to give them the extra energy to push harder.

Let’s not blame the system; but, ourselves. For example, today I am not a millionaire. It is not because the system has been holding me back, but it is because I chose not be a millionaire; I don’t have a PHD either because I chose not have it. I settle for jobs that don’t pay well because I chose to do so. I don’t worry about discrimination because I discriminate my own people based on their tribal lineage. If I could chose my destiny and my evil acts so could everybody else. Life is all about choices.

Just as my success associate with me—not with the system—so too my failure stay with me. The system will only fail me if I allow it to do so.

Also, the Somali young men back home have never seen peace. On the other hand, the ones in Canada who have never witnessed a war murder one another at will. Some of them are over 30 years old. In fact, a 36 years old Somali man shot dead a 21 years old Somali man in Edmonton because a drug deal went wrong.

Also, in 2006 I met a group of Mooryaans acting like gangsters in Toronto. To my surprises, one of the Mooryaans used be a captain in the Somali National Army. He was around 40 years old; yet he was acting like a gangster and hanging around with 17 years old boys. Wonder what the excuse would be for this middle-age man to become a menace to himself and to society! For reasons that baffle the sane people, the 40-year-old man was trapped in a 17 year-old boy’s mentality.

Just watch this video clip which demonstrates how mindless Mooryaans act when they get an opportunity to better themselves. The video will appear after the advertisement is finished.

Coming back to the drawing board, I am disappointed with Mr. Togane that he has not addressed these mindless raccoons that are turning the streets of Canadian cities into a warzone. Shame on you: Mr. Togane!

Also, associating the Mogadishu terrorists and warlords’ savage behaviours to anachronism and cannibalism is an underestimation. Why? I have more respect for those who practice cannibalism than mindless Mooryaans in Mogadishu. To portray Mooryaans’ shameless destructive role as cannibalism is outrageous and a total disrespect to those who practice cannibalism around the world. Mr. Togane owes an apology to the communities around the globe that still practice cannibalism. How dare you compare the reckless Mooryaans’s behaviour to cannibalism

On a positive note: I salute the countless hard-working young Somali men—the ambassadors of our society and their devoted parents who won’t take their eyes off their kids. Equally, the courageous Somali women—the breadwinners of our society back home—and the jewels of our Diaspora communities deserve standing ovation.

Luckily, Somali girls in Diaspora remain successful. Somehow the “system” does not discriminate them; nor do they bludgeon one another to death. While they enrol in Universities, their male counterparts spend time in the notorious prisons in North America.

By the way, see some of my articles and my opposition to the terrorists and Mooryaans of Muqdisho or Muuqdisho.

Thank you,

Dalmar Kaahin

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  1. Cool article I enjoyed that, I have seen this Togane guy around, he looks like a beast yet humble. What a mistery guy, nevertheless I thank Dalmar for shedding such difficult subject on some light.

    Dalmar if your from Togane's school of thought, i salute you! Canada's warya are out off control. They should be deported surely they are the real terrorists instead of chasing innocent men like the two that just returned to Somaliland from Gitmo.

    Useless western countries, they let them fail then later the youth they supported their failing turn on them. They never learn.