By Osman Muse Mohamed

Talks between Somalia and Somaliland have taken place in Istanbul, Turkey. Afterword, the delegations forwarded what they call Istanbul communiqué which states 9 principle points.

Overall the communiqué is superficial and the conclusion says the government of Somaliland and the federal government of Somalia have to reach agreement on future relations. The negotiations have ambiguous points and shows clearly that the talks have failed. The leaders of the current governments are not telling the truth.

 Leaks and rumors say there are secret talks taking place. Talks between Somalia and Somaliland have been conducted in two ways; directly and indirectly. The one that’s carried out in Istanbul is a direct talk, but on the other hand President Hassan Ulosow, president of Somalia, hinted that the engagement of private talks between Somalia and Somaliland have been ongoing for a period of time. Those talks were indirect talks.

Deception and hidden agendas are not solutions. The Somaliland people have conducted the referendum and casted their votes. The decision to withdraw from the failed unifications between Somalia and Somaliland has been approved by more than ninety percent of those votes. Therefore, the people of Somaliland will not be ready to repeat another referendum again. If the hidden agendas exist, it would create turmoil and disaster.

If the pressure comes from the friends of Somaliland then the only way we can get separate between two of us is to accomplish a new referendum with the witness of the international community. Somaliland would have difficultly refusing that proposal, therefore the current government must prepare seriously.

There is a sign that shows us how the federal government of Somalia is making preparation for that upcoming vote of the referendum. Look how the new prime minister selected his member of cabinets. The important portfolio has been given to those who are from Somaliland, particularly those from Sanaag, Selel, and Awdal. What does that meaning?

 One of the principle points that have been agreed on between Somalia and Somaliland was the committed atrocity against the people of Somaliland by the Siyad Barre regime. This government is the only one that shows a little remorse to the people of Somaliland. This is not bad, it is better than nothing.  But what happened to the people of Somaliland is more close to genocide. The killing of the people was based on targeting only certain ethnic groups


  1. I always claim Somaliland must be ready for new referendum under IC supervision in all side of territory. We only need 51% as per IC rules majority of people in favour for re independence what could be easy to reach.This sell out minister from SL now in Somalia only represent themselves as they are not allowed to come back in their hometown.

  2. Somaliland long quest for recognition was blundered simply because we don't recognise the rules the international community made in regard to statehood. Once you elect government you entrust it with all power to make decision on your behalf. Since Somaliland unilaterally declared its independence from Somalia in the beginning of 90s, somalilamd successive governments have not played significant role in persuading the IC to recognise Somaliland as an independent state. Almost a quarter of century has lapsed since we made the first sole exercise of independence. That didn't bear fruit. We have to pause here ask ourselves why the IC reluctant to accord somalilamd statehood. The answer idles not require a rocket science knowledge. The only reason we lost the attention of the international community because we have convinced ourself that we are selfsuffient and contended with ourselves. That must be questioned once a quarter of centure has gone by with no result in that front. Whether we like it or not we have to follow a standardised procedure to reach to an outcome we all desire. Somalilamd might have conducted referdum in the past. However, that referendum has no international recognition because it was not conducted in set procedure. 20 or more year ago if Somaliland initiated a similar approach, I bet by now it could have got the international community. Don't panic we have enough time to start the campaign from the scratch. I would have even given the southern to campaign in Somaliland for unity or independence. Our bargain chip should be our civilisation and impressing the IC that we are little bit different from our southern brother and sister.

    • I think this guy understand the recognition game better than any other northern person. You need to play act for the international community for them to give you the time and day. Locking yourself away from the IC will not hand you the recognition you want. I'm Southern man and I personally want the North to go its own way. I understand that in the future the world will fight over water instead of oil and the North is dry and will leech the water form south. If we can help you get recognition we will not have to provide you with water and that is always a plus side. Have another referendum with the IC present then go your own separate way inshallah.

      • Huur Nidar
        jealousy, animosity and hate is your culture. Allah has gives his water and his mercy but not you. and the only reason you would not have peace and tranquility is you black heart. I am asking Allah to change your heart and be a good Muslim.

        • @ Ali I think you are the most reasonable Lander that posted a very reasonable comment so far, I like that proposal, Let there be another referendum and the condition should be that all Somaliland regions should vote 90% yes for any any succession, example Awdlians should vote 90% yes and Sool and Sanag should vote 90% yes plus the rest of Somaliland, Hargeisa, Burco, Berbera etc, but if Awdal and SSC vote no to less than 50% and te rest votes yes to 100% then they shouldn't be any succession since good junk of the population said no even if the majority says no. again its possible that people in Sool and Sanaag and Awdal might vote yes and that will be a game changer. But you cannot hold a referendum with the minority rejecting your agenda, I have no beef with my brothers but we have differences and we feel we have been mistreadted so let it be a referendum.

          • Wadani
            You look stupid. do you think the IC is stupid like you. Somaliland and Somalia is different. the vote must be 2/3 or 1/3 not basic with tribal vote.

          • Wadani,

            That shows your ignorance. Where on earth you heard the rule of referendum being based upon the how the majority populations in a region votes and not on integral votes of the whole country? It is called a referendum, because the whole country votes and referendums are either rejected or accepted on 51% bases.

            For instance, the last Western country that held referendum was Quebec, Canada and the secession of Quebec was reject with 51% against and 49% for secession.

        • What are you on about? I agree that you people should go your own separate way after a all inclusive referendum and you chat about something else, go get help.

          • If you are talking to me i was just replying your point about not providing water to the North. No need disrespect!.

      • How about if Somaliland people say we will drink dry stones! just leave us alone, as we will never let again our people massacre, abuse or oppression. It is over!

  3. The rule should not be "The end justify the means". Rather the way we conduct ourselves should strictly complying with a set of standards. If not what make us different from our southern brothers and sisters. We should also more vigilant how we treat our fellow country man. If current Somaliland government did not treat its citizens equally and becomes a tribal state as it happen in Burao , I doubt the quest for independence has no meaning and will receive a slap on the face if any referendum is carried out. That may be the reason Somaliland did not want to follow the set procedure of international world.

  4. Somaliland is supported by the majority of Somalilanders a few siyad barre supporters and participants in genocide in small pockets in the eastern regions does not and will not define our independence!

    They will go the way of all their horrid leaders with shame

  5. Hassan Shiekh Culusaw, the president of Somalia, is an enthusiastic fan of Somaliland recognition if you not only like it. LOOOOL – laugh out loud. The Istanbul communique is very very ambiguous. Or am I just remembering wrong?

      • Fail to undersnad what you you are trying to reach or even refer to. Fee free to be speific. I hate those who fear to express what they exactly mean.

        • Kuluc

          There is no appetite for useless arguments, we are fed-up and tired of useless speeches, which take us nowhere. Come up with an alternative useful option or save your energy and our time.

          • New meanings and mentality are what we all need to hear. Appreciate if you have any? Otherwise do not waste your time in this forum. And why you are so angry, seems that you have something else in your mind that you fear to tell

          • Kuluc,

            With all due respect, you contribute nothing new, only good in personal attacks and you are annoying and confrontational that is why people don't like you here. Take a positive attitude and stop your gloom and doom speeches. I'm not singling you out, I just do not like pessimistic people.

          • Gaasgaani/Hassan

            That is exactly the response that I was expecting to receive. The problem with somalis is that they blame each other and that everyone wants just to hear what he/she likes to hear. People do not iike you here does not make a sense. Who care? Like and dislike have nothing to do with contribution and positive attitude.

          • Gaashaamo iyo Hassan haddii ay wax islahayaan oo nuxur lagu guuro leh badka ha soo dhigaan. Halkan lagaama jecla, macaamilkaa bedel af rag ku hadlo maaha. Labada ninba guulwadayaal idhe, guulwadeyn iyo nin jeclaysina looma baahna, ee dhaka kale keena.

          • Kuluc,

            Could you say anything positive about the Somaliland government? A true patriot will support his government when it does something right and oppose it when it does something wrong, but opposing the government wrongfully and rightfully is cheap and destructive. It is sinful and unpatriotic and damages ones credibility and moral standing.

            By the way, my name Gashaamo , stop calling other names. Calling people other names shows your true colors.

          • First, you are not gashaamo,but someone else – o.h.d, might be.
            it seems that your sick and suffering from inferiority complex. I noticed this from the first glace at your comment. Leave my name alone and never response or react to my comments, please please please.

          • Gashaamo,

            Yes indeed that wasn't me, but you also need to tone down. There are ppl taking advantage and using the names of others. I do not know their motives, but anyways who cares. My suggest that we attach a reason to all our future arguments?

          • Waaryaa

            Noo daa magaca oo ha naga sheegan. Gaashaamo waa magalo ay leeyihiin qolo.
            Nin noqo oo magaca ay hooda kuu bixisay sheego, nacas yahow.

          • @ Saahil ceebeya

            Naag xun baa la yidhi xumaanta daa, markaas ayay tidhi ii dhakhsadda rag baa i sugaye. Na jooji fidmadda magacan noo dhig oo xishood.

  6. Not to worry much folks; the GOSL is there for all of you and worries much than you worry for the good old Somaliland quest. Keep your fingers crossed and keep smiling exposing your strong African
    while teeth to the brinking levels of kkkkkkkkk.

  7. Hornid,

    What all sides you talking about? The referendum will be in Somaliland and Somaliland only. That is the international rule for referendums. Don't worry, we will get there through the negotiations and our government is prepared for all eventualities. This is the full time job of Mr. Mohamed Bihi Younis, All we need to do is to support him and defend our country if and when needed.

  8. Thanks for nothing another round of stalemate talks over in Istanbul.Stop this nonsense and return the decision making to the people let them decide on a IC supervised referendum. That will surely be some foreign policy achievement to thank.

  9. Hey folks what's this new proposal for yet another referendum? SL had gone thru the referendum in
    2001 with overwhelming 97+% majority supporting the full independence of SL.
    Therefore those of you suggesting yet another referendum are hopelessly wasting their time.
    The GOSL has many other options overridding the on-going negotiations between Hargeisa and Mogadiscio and therefore the question of another referendum is out of the equation criteria.
    The SL quest is in strong stance and has nothing to fear.