Your city will rise again and the UK will do what we can to support Somaliland’s rebuilding effort”

This was stated by  United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson in reaction to the Friday night fire that completed destroyed Waheen  the main market situated in the Hargeisa  central business district.

The fire that resulted in the destruction of over 2000 stalls and employees close to over five thousand people also saw a loss of goods worth millions of dollars.

” Am Saddened to see the aftermath of the fire in Hargeisa with such destruction in the open market that is the economic heart of the city, affecting many small and family enterprises” commiserated PM Johnson in a tweet that read


In reaction to the UK sympathies and offer of support Somaliland President Muse Bihi via his official twitter account @musebihi said

“Deeply grateful to @BorisJohnson support at tragic time. #Somaliland has no stronger friend than🇬🇧. #HargeisaFire destroyed central market & thousands of businesses. Assessments of needs ongoing. Will share with @10DowningStreet & @FCDOGovUK to help rebuild lives and the market.

Also to offer support was British MP Stephen Doughty who chairs the All UK Parliamentary Group on Somaliland .All UK Parliamentary Group on Somaliland .

Taking to his official twitter account MP Doughty said he was Shocked by the scenes from #Hargeisa #Somaliland – hoping and praying lives have not been lost.

Adding that “I am already in contact with @FCDOGovUK in @AppgSomaliland capacity + urge international community to do all can to provide urgent assistance to tackle disaster + consequences”