Date: 18 Feb 2016


Press Statement

The Somaliland People and their State have long established their Credentials to Fight Terrorism


The Somaliland Republic’s credential for anti-terrorism and as a bastion of stability and democratic culture is now established beyond doubt. What are not established are the credibility of the recent dubious claims to mar that record and the authenticity of their proponents.

  1. The Somaliland people have demonstrated their capacity and commitment to overcome the imported conflict and hostilities from the powerful dictator- Siyad Barre regime. The May-1991 all-clan Covenant for peace and reconciliation signed in Buroa is still the bedrock of Somaliland peace and stability, which allows its citizens to lead a relatively fruitful live as compared to their Somalia compatriots.
  2. The Somaliland people chose a democratic form of governance, with a Constitution that guarantees fundamental freedoms of its people and enshrines human rights principles in its articles.
  3. The Somaliland people have established their own state and a government system that is democratically elected and is under the watchful eye of its citizen, and is in no way looks like the way this orchestrated smear campaign proponents would like to portray it. On the contrary, it is a constitutional state which has proven beyond doubt its pivotal role in the stability of the region.
  4. The Somaliland state and people have committed their partnership with the international community to fight terrorism, piracy, human trafficking, war-lordism and war-profiteering culture and behavior.
  5. The Somaliland people suffered in the hands of regional terrorism, more than any other Somali territory other than Mogadishu: at one moment the Somaliland Presidency, the UNDP office and The Ethiopian Representative Office in Hargeisa were bombed in a synchronized and coordinated operation to cause maximum casualties and panic within the society; other incidents involved killing of international personnel and Somaliland citizens by terrorist; hence, the unwavering aversion of Somaliland people and its state against terrorism and violent ideologies, which kept Somaliland on its chosen path of peace and stability and full cooperation with its regional neighbors and the international community against terrorism.

In conclusion, the Somaliland people and state’s track record in peace, stability and democratic governance show the Somalia citizens that they can also do it and should not languish in a climate of war-profiteering, terrorism and self-serving political elites. The Somaliland state is expected and mandated from its citizens to ensure their security, to uphold the rule of law and to follow standard international norms of immigration and control of its borders.

We would like to remind those bent to harm Somaliland and mar its image that we have shown the world our resilience and capacity to stay on our course in building a peaceful democratic society and state. All our energies are now focused on advancing our democratic process, to complete the ongoing Voter Registration process, and to prepare for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections set to take place at the same time in around a year’s time, on March 2017.

The world should know that we are hosting Somalia citizens running from the scourge of terrorism, war-lordism and the pariah governance practices in their homeland; we share with them our meager social services resources, gave them sanctuary to settle and enjoy stable family life as our citizens do; we gave them opportunity to trade, to seek jobs and to earn a decent living in our country. On top of that, we support and encourage the slow recovery process in their homeland and the role of the international community to help them stand on their own feet.

Therefore, any distraction from that goal and any attempt to destabilize Somaliland will only prolong the misery of the Somalia people and is only serving the interests of war-profiteers of both international and local nature. We assure the Somalia people, the neighbouring regional states and the partner international community, that the Somaliland people and their state are struggling with the challenges of consolidating their democratic achievements and therefore, have no room and desire to accommodate terrorism. We would not allow being distracted from our unwavering pursuit for recognition and commitment to further build our credentials to be useful members of the world family of states.


Rt. Hon. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi.

Chairman of WADDANI Party