Hargeisa, 15 July 2009 (Somalilandpress) – If we look back into Government handling of this anticipated Sept.27,2009 election from 2006 to-date, We will be able to tabulate known Government policies of pre-delaying major hot issues to the last days or months proceeding the Election date!! The philosophy behind this unusual deception was to give the presidency’s Ally -The Guurti- a justification to extend the period on grounds of in-adequate time remining from the pre-set Election Date!!

This stubborn behavior was often followed by Constitutional crises, terrorist acts or inter-clan conflicts orchestrated through Gov,t covert activities!! Readers should be remembering the Daror, Ceel- garas, Yeyle, Berbera’s Dubar area, The Cement Factory crisis, Hargeisa empty spaces, local-made bomb detonations, where no body had been hit or injured and no creminals detained for those, but were blamed by Gov’t on the opposition, to twist the facts!!

Of those dirty trick operations, the sole benefactor of events was the Gov’t only and not the Opposition Political Parties to the fact that the Administration was trying to establish a fact on the ground that the National security was in danger, therby indicating to the Guurti to extend the Presidential Mandate by exercising the Constitutional Article, 83 !!
This was foiled in it’s all attempts by the opposition confronting the Administration with beyond the call of doubt facts, and at times with demonstrations!!

Now that Sept 27th, 2009 is only two months away, We do remind this Faqash reminents, Intelligence Officers lead Administration, please stop those old dirty tricks, that made your Russian Experts to shy-away of it and seek memberships in joining the E.U, because of the benignness of their policies, which only instigated hatred on them at every country they applied those dirty tricks at, that lead to chasing them out of Africa and Parts of th Middle-East as well.

The Bardaale conflict , was a covert political operation meant to destabilize the Country, You could see the installing of Federal flags of Somalia at parts of Borama and Laas-Anod!! More concretely, a delegation lead by Mr. Haabsade, the same colonel, who chased allegedly, President Riyale from laas-Anod and occupied that region with feeble Puntland Militia of Puntland for three years reached Borama two days ago , what for?!! to recite qur’aan there?!! We can’t take it any more Sirs!! , nor could we believe in this Administration, unless we see a sanctioned, ranked to file National Armed forces, with clear identification emblems demonstrating their regiments in the Somaliland National Armed forces, and formal Chains of command, but not , those mostly illetrate and undisciplined UNDP Kaki dressed with those of TNG Militia as i the case now, to be exploited on martial order and not through lawful Army Chains of Command controlled discipline and not, as is
now happenng at Bardaale!!

If the truth in any Dispute is not put into spot-light, any solution habhazardly uttered, will only lead to failure and may aggrevate the situation!! If we believe in honesty, We got to execute , the many judgements over Bardaale , last of which was the Guurti indictement. Instigating chaos at Borama , Laas-Anod and Berbera this time, will not be of any significance, because of the public knowledge of Gov’t election time Old-tactics!!

Dr. Ali A. Mohamed

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  1. Change must come for Mother Somaliland. The people of Somaliland have been patient and suffered a lot. It is time we honour and embrace change with open arms. The current leadership have done their time good or bad. They must honour 'Time' and leave in grace before the tide of change takes them down.

    Mother Somaliland has spoken, her children must embrace Change whose wings are peace and love.

    In solidarity, change must come for Somaliland.

    Long Live Mother Somaliland.

    Daughter of Somaliland.