“The Armed Forces have the marching orders to restore order, uphold the peace and protect property and the lives of Somaliland citizens-President

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Las Anod-H.E. President Muse Bihi, Abdi has called for an immediate cessation of hostilities between two clans which has cost the lives of at 58 persons and dozens injured in the district of Dhumay, in the southern fringes of Sool region.

The President underlined that the hostilities and tensions as unacceptable, especially when the blood of innocent Muslims is being spilled senselessly, thus my plea to those fomenting enmity to cease their ill and wicked intentions bent on dividing and sowing the seeds of hatred among brotherly people who are bound by flesh and blood, Rest assured my government, we will do our best to end the tensions and hostilities, H.E  President Muse Bihi Abdi, said.

The President further urged local elders, religious leaders, intellectuals from both side to do their utmost in difussing the hostilities, which caused the contentions in the first place.

Thus , My resolve as the Head of State and the powers bestowed upon me by the constitution and the Chief of the General Staff of Somaliland Armed Forces , I do hereby order the armed forces to take the necessary steps to counter actions with respect to threats the peace.

The fighting which broke out on Monday evening has claimed the lives of least 58 people including women and children as well more than 100 injured during the two days skirmishes, according to local residents.