NAIROBI, (Somalilandpress) — Kenyan security forces have arrested three suspected terrorist in the capital Nairobi on Thursday.

Sources say that the suspects were planning to leave Nairobi for Somalia’s war-torn capital, Mogadishu, where they were to meet Islamists groups fighting the transitional government.

“The three suspects are being questioned to establish their activities
in the country. They are being investigated over terrorism
activities,” said a police source.

The three suspects include Dr Suleiman Ahmed who originally hails from the disputed Sool region, he is believed to be behind serious bombs in the town of Las Anod that killed a number of Somaliland military officials.

The arrest come barely after a suspected terrorist of Australian
national and Somali origin, Hussein Hashi Farah, escaped from Kenyan
police cells.

A police officer who is privy to the investigation against the three
suspects said they were in possession of Kenyan, Australian and
American passports respectively.

“There are no specific charges against these three, but they are under
investigation. We will let you know of the progress and if they will
be charged in court,” the police source added.

“I am not aware of that,” said Anti-Terrorism Police Unit Chief
Nicholas Kamwende when contacted.

Police officers at the Wilson airport said the suspects were picked up
by anti-terrorism officers who whisked them away to their offices in
Nairobi Area.

The name of one of the three was almost similar to that of a terror
suspect who fled from a police station in Busia town that is at the
Kenyan –Uganda border, sparking anxiety amongst police officers who
arrested him.

“We have since established it is a different person but we are still
interrogating them,” another officer said.

On Wednesday, four other suspected terrorists were arrested in Mombasa and were due to be flown to Nairobi for further interrogation.

by Abdulaziz Billow
Nairobi, Kenya

Somalilandpress, 26 March 2010


  1. Just curious, what is the relationship between these guys and anti-Somaliland terror group who met in Kenyan capital last year?

  2. Apparently this guy Saleebaan Ciise Xaglatoosiye a former refugee from Ohio USA is the ring leader of the super duper Qusuusi who will liberate Las Caanood from evil Somalilanders.

  3. Dr Saleban is the terrorist ring leader, his group works along side Al Shabab and ONLF and they need to be investigated and the US needs to monitor him since he holds US citizenship.

    Somaliland delegation in the US need to discuss these matters with the Americans.

    • Dr Suleiman is a well respected Somali-American politician. He have hugely invested in his country and has built hospitals and clinics. He's the man who built the largest modern hospital in both PL and SL.

      He's a well known by the US gov't and officials. He regularly holds meetings with US officials in the Nairobi Embassy. So, quit your the so called terror suspect and mind your bussiness.

      • How do you know whether he is a double agent for both USA and Al shaitan?
        Where else did he get money as you say to build Hospital in SL and PL. and then, fund terror group in SL.?

        • Where he got his money from? Are you serious? Why do you care about his money? I mean would you care about the owner of The Ambassador Hotel and ask where he got the money from too?
          Be nice and don't bad mouth the people that you don't know. Dr Suleiman is very rich and he worked hard for his $$$ here in the US.

          • He made his money by lying to people whose ancestors were from sool and other part of Somaliland. Who currently live in diaspora.Some of them worked in a hard labor jobs and this terrorist use their hard-earned money by buying weapon to terrorize his own people because they happen to support and live peacefully under Somaliland authorities which he and the like-minded can't stand.

          • I personally oppose his policies, but don't call him names. Because he happen to disagree with your separatist dreams doesn't mean he is a terrorist. He is a SL native he has every right to express his opinion.
            And yea, The people of SSC don't buy clanism sh#t like yourself. If they did they would side with Somalia and destroy everything that SL stands for. But instead they chose to live with all Somali tribes with peace and they welcomed SL instead of PL. So, don't attack people just because they belong to an other clan!

  4. This guy is a US Citizen and the Kenyan Police just wanted a $$$. They were mistaken for other war mongorers. They're now under the care of the US Embassy. He also closely works with the US Govt.

  5. You cal label him whatever you want but he has our support and backing went it comes to the issue of our land we are not part of SNMLAND we are SSC darwishland. Your dream of SNMLAND is over neither Darwishland nor machir state will join you so take your own land and declare ISAAQ_GubiirsiLAND(DIRLAND).

  6. Let us not take this issue personally, the story says that this are just suspects and are not convicted but are undergoing investigations.

    And a free piece of advice to all of you, lets stop this disease known as tribalism or Qabiles,it will take us no where and thats what caused the problems Somalia if facing now.

    Thank you all.

  7. There should be mechanism to edit these comments and stop them before it appears in this column. People should not read and see this unwanted comments.

  8. Saleebaan Ciise is a flight 13 who made money stealing from the state of Ohio. He and other dhulbahaante in ohio created bogus care clinics for the elderly, this is how it works they claim X is taking care of eedo Y so the state pays X for services rendered to Y when in reality X does nothing for Y and the check arrives at the end of every month from the state of Ohio. These faqaash were brought up on somebody else's dime usually Somalilanders now they are stealing from the Americans and the people who welcomed them after Aideed and his USC chased them to Kenya, some parasites they are.

  9. Saleebaan stole alot of money from the state of Ohio by establishing bogus care agencies claming to care for elderly Faaqaash when in reality they just collected checks from the state of ohio for services never rendered.

  10. Saleebaan stole alot of money from the state of ohio by claiming to care for the elderly when in reality they just took the checks and never rendered any services.

    • Elmi, NOBODY steels from the United States, NOBODY!!! The US is not like that and nobody dares to steel a cent let alone millions. Very few people do but they pay a very heavy price. Therefore, suggesting that Dr. Suleiman stole and got rich from poorly funded Ohio State fundsis laughable. gET your facts right before you breach LIES!

      • Really. Then how do you explain the non-existent services Saleebaan and others billed the ohio dept for? this is how the trick worked, they claim X is taking care of Y(keep in mind X and Y are related) the state is billed for it but X never works stays home and Saleebaan or others get the check at the end of the month pay X a little bit and pocket the rest. All along the state of Ohio is duped into believing their scheme.

        • Elmi, what you're saying is totally not true. I know how home care system works and you can't tell me I'll get rich by fooling the State. That's just funny rumor. Maybe it would be better if you made up some other stuff cus this one is not working.

      • He made his money by lying to people whose ancesters were from sool and other part of Somaliland. Who currently live in diaspora.Some of them worked in a hard labor jobs and this terrorist use their hard earned money by buying weapon to terrorize his own people because they happen to support and live peacefully under Somaliland authorities which he and the like minded can't stand.

  11. Dawaco… FYI, most of the darawiish were isaqs, They were mostly habryounis from Burao and Erigavo so you people need to stop claiming a war which mostly my people fought.

  12. Same fakash tactics different day and different country and almost all of the poeple who steal from the US govt are former flight thirteen refugees the USA resettled in fear of retribution from USC forces who drove them to Kenya in the first place.

  13. IIDOOROOW inaad go'daan ayaad 20 sano rabteen, hadana go'itaankiina daarood ayey ku xidhan tahay. Darroodna Somalia kala goyn maayo, Idinkiina Daarood naceyb baa idin ku jira. Markaa waxey noqonaysaa riyadiinu "Ha Fadhido farow" Hawiyana kala adkaan waa. War ha gumoobinee Daarood naceybka joojiyoo wax wada qabsada! Good luck

  14. I wonder where did he got the Dr degree from, because last time I remember he had 1 year in Lafoole University which was back in the days in somalia. Somehow he was refugee living in Ohio and he end up being called Dr Suleiman. We need credential from him stating from where he graduated and got the Dr degree?