HARGEISA, 13 September 2009 (Somalilandpress) – We watch on the news and read newspapers about the political crisis going on in different parts of the world. In 2007-2009 there are so many political crises in the world; we can see Honduras, Barma, Thailand and Afghanistan. In some parts of Africa political crisis were tainted in to civil wars, From Somalia to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Sudan sons were bleeding and bullets now replace the rain.

But take a minute or may be even ten to think about it. People caught in crisis are just ordinary people who have an identity, real lives, dreams, hopes, fears and desires. They want the same things that you want in life. They want to live peacefully and prosper.

Closer to my home, the people of Somaliland are no different. The small child is crying with hunger. Thousands of young Somali Landers are drowned in the seas with little hope in life. Years of neglect and poor leadership, water is precious than the gold. Social infrastructions are dead and functionless. Public health clinics have no medicines and fail to meet the needs of growing people. With out life supporting needs thousands of children spent their coolest nights at the big towns in Somaliland.

For a decade and half Somaliland is an oasis of peace and tranquility in the horn of Africa and moving increasingly towards consolidating democracy. Somaliland has done amazingly well in managing electoral process. Peaceful, free and fair elections were held to convince the international community of Somaliland’s bonafides as an independent state. Today, time is tough and political temperature in Somaliland reached a precarious echelon. The concept of freedom, democracy and rule of law was misunderstood by most of our politicians.

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Somali Landers are not normally enthusiastic the actions of National Electoral Commission. Reflecting the postponement of Somaliland presidential elections many people suggesting to change the election commission, unless there is a change some members of the commission, peace in Somaliland my also in jeopardy. If we are thinking clearly, we are widely blamed NEC for this political crisis.

As a Somali Landers inside and outside we have to look for what is going on our country today. Lack of constitutional interpretations is one of the major causes of this recent political calamity. Though the constitution is formulated after wide public discussions and is the highest law of the country, its using remains flimsy.

Today Somaliland is in the road of danger and the question is about power. The UDUB party is preparing for its third term in office but the euphoria has now giving way to worries about the dominance of the opposition parties. It is some thing needs to be worried that the government take the law of the country in their own hands and make interpretation of their own to fit their political interest. It is clear as the day that the regime is creating more problems and puts as back in the hands of war and chaos. “Stop not thinking Mr. Riyale”.

Where are Somaliland intellectuals, where are Somaliland Sultans & Aqils, Where are the Somaliland young educators and where are men and women who devoted their blood for the existence of this country- the parliament house was under siege again by the government.

In conclusion, we will not accept this kind of dictatorship. We paid very high price to get back our government and we will not parley our peace, stability and our freedom of existence to any one or other group. It is the time to end political argument. It is the time to close the eyes the foreign interventions. You Somali Landers tighten your belts, it is you and I, lets build the nation.

Long live Somaliland for ever.
Written by Farhan Abdi Suleiman (oday)
Hargeisa, Somaliland

Farhan Abdi Suleiman is a social worker, fresh graduate at University of Hargeisa and also youth activist. He can be contacted at: oday1999@yahoo.com

Views expressed in the opinion articles are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the editorial


  1. We all wrong for putting the blame on one man, there a lot of our fellow somalilanders who are supporting these action for different reason mainly tribal, but the point that they miss is that the road the government is taking will lead to the ruining of our way of life more worst our precocious country.

  2. I don’t think is crisis has created by one person or two but more than that. Yes, leadership and Udub is on top to take the responsibility of some of the problems but Kulmiya and National Electrol Commission have their share of creating this mess.

    First Udub and Mr. Riyale didn’t do their job and they continued to avoid election. They were buying time by dragging their feel by not holding the election. They misuse power either taking no action or taking an action that harm citizens.

    Your constitution says no election should be hold if there is unstability in the area. Who ever made this wasn’t helpful because anyone who want to stay in power could create such things to his advantage.

    Is not may backyard thinking. Two months aga when we had gunmen stop travellers berween Borama and Hargesa and beheaded four innocent everyone say it not may backyard so who care is. It maybe Udub who behind this because knowing what your constitution say about election and they decided not to take action there is question. You should know what had happens in Borama and any city wouldn’t be isn’t my backyard.

    Kulmiye is also huge problem for you because when they could get election they trying to ousted Udub and has no plan. Ask Mr Silany if he has plan other than telling people to continued clash between them and the police. All he care is the chair but if his action destroy one of the beautiful Somali city just to sit on the chair he is had solution.
    Mr. Silanyo and Mr Faysal both rejected holding election without voters’ registration. Didn’t S.land hold election before without it. Besides, the process was so bad that one person or thousands of people registred themselves more than 20 times. It was Internation community who was helping us and we have no way of correcting so why dont Mr.Silanyo and Mr Faysal move on, although Mr. Faysal is more understandable than Silanyo.

    I feel sorry poor Somalis who has uses by tribal minded politition and loose their lives for nothing. why risk your life to help dishonest politions.

  3. The NEC in Somaliland are Incompetent people who are University Students in Hargesia, who want their own interest, and are rejects, and bums, I think that they need experinced people to be in the NEC, and the country is full of unemployment, the university students do know anything , I think it is wise for the them to be fired that post because Education is more important, than wasting valuble school time,

  4. Do not Know nothing, those University Students and that the post should go to people who are educated but currently are not in school and are currently unemployed, for the NEC,

    • I was saddened to read your negative reaction to the university students in Hargeisa. NEC is not university students, they are seven persons nominated by President, Opposition parties and Elders. Most of them have experience and a high-quality education but they are not effective owing to the political driven. You need more information about the NEC. Your ignorance brought to say NEC is university students who don’t have much experience towards their work.

      I understand how upset you must have been when you see advance made by university students in Hargeisa and Iam not exceptional. To prevent for future oversights, stop this unfortunate misstep that will jeopardize our brotherhood.

      Iam remorseful your self-indulgence in this matter.

      Farhan(oday), is a graduate at University of Hargeisa
      Hargeisa, Somaliland

  5. Exucse me Farhan Don't be rude about that comment, just calm down and don't look for trouble, if anybody is talking about who is ignorant it is you, and I have graduated from a far better of University than U, and I know a lot about the Information of the NEC,

  6. You guy , university students in hargeisa are brighter than you. There is a somali proverb wich says nin is faanshay waa ri is nuugtay.


    • be polite learn your manners, and don't tease him, and everybody is bright, and aggroance like what you said Hayle is not the way, and for someone saying that someone is brighter then you think again, the Word is spelled Which, not wich it is close to witch, it means the wicked witch ,English Proverb. so think before you do, before you do the action, although Guled comment was aggrasive, and that name calling or tensing won't solve anything, just deal with it in a civilized not in a nomadic way like in Reer Badyo way in Somali, I know that you are upset about the comment, but calm down, Ismail Lalolo, already solved the problem to Farhan and Guled as the mediator in this argument, so please and please be kind to others, and your comment to was very rude, I know that you are upset that's not the way to solve the problem it will make it even worse, everybody is all bright, whether a person goes to Penn State University, or University of Hargeisa, everyone is all the same, so that University of Hargeisa students are intelligent and they do have bright future head of them, God Willing Inshallah, so do not be negative to Guled, so deal it in a good

  7. Hey Guys Both Hayle and Farhan lets deals this way in civilized manner, I Know that Guled comments were totally unexecptable, but do not be rude, both you guys, it is ramadan and (Allah won't expect both your behaivours or your fast won't be execpted, and that Guled your comments was very bad, young man,

  8. Farhan I spoke with the Guled about this incident involving the University of Hargeisa Students, Guled was very upset about the situation, and that he himself is a university graduate too, and could not get a job for the NEC, because of his skills,

  9. So Farhan and Guled I want both of you to make together we are brother of Somaliland and we should not be fighting about this incident, and we should stick together, and now we have bigger problem know, and that the University of Hargeisa students are smart and are gifted, and May Allah bless them for the hard work,

  10. Hey Guled and Farhan I meant that I want both of you to make peace together, we are brothers of Somaliland,

  11. Manythaks Ismail laloyo,

    Iam so sorry for the way that Guled spoke about the university students in Hargeisa. My response was very insensitive and Iam sure that our relationship can survive misunderstanding like this. I hope you will forgive me and try to understand how something like this might happen when there is incomprehension each other.

    I have tremendous respect for you and Ismail. Your relationship is very valuable to me..

    Hargeisa, Somaliland

  12. What is an education and what it does for you. This is just personal view and I’m not picking anyone. Education will help you for shure but the brain is gift from Allah. Education just inlight your brain but doesn’t give you brain.

    You could be holding unaccountable digrees but youngmen who graduate from High School could be far more smarter than you. Education is not to show off and tell everyone you graduated from this and that. Your ability first education second but if you keep telling people you are this and that is it crab.
    If education is always find you jobs, how come Borama there are too many educated people but lack off opportunity they are living poverty.