Hon. Ahmed Abdi Hussein Abdidere, the second deputy chairman of the Kulmiye party, called upon the opposition parties to shun tribalism noting that a section of a tribe can’t reign supreme hence the head of state is elected by all people in the nation.

Hon. Abdideere said that the people of Somaliland, didn’t choose President Muse Bihi Abdi, on tribal grounds, but was voted for throughout the country.
Ahmed Abdidere said, “Every family and every person in Somaliland has the right to be elected President, and the current president was not voted for only by his own clan or family, but by universal suffrage across all communities”.

Hon. Ahmed also pointed out that President Muse Bihi has been elected for five years. He said that elders have said that they are mediating.

“The incumbent president has been elected for five years and he has the right to run for re-election. Kulmiye party is ready to sit with the Opposition parties, at a venue where Somaliland media is present and there will be two things to contend with: the Presidential Election and the new political organizations’ elections, as to which would precede.”

“We in the Kulmiye party are happily ready to sit down with the opposition parties and discuss the election processes. As for demonstrations and protests, you have to request permission, as per constitution hence without a permit they are illegal”, he underpinned