Last year Turkish foreign policy towards the Middle East was largely determined the constraints of the Syrian problem. Despite this Turkey managed to increase its influence in the Middle East by creating a strategic relationship with Egypt. Meanwhile it is now virtually essential that Turkey increase its foreign policy involvement in Africa in order to protect its interests.

As for the countries which were not affected by the Arab Spring, they are currently experiencing serious anxiety about how they should preserve their stability. In all these tremors, Turkish diplomacy undertook active initiatives of approching somaliland because of it’s stability, in order to undertake humanitarian and political tasks. In some situations lost by Arabs. Because of the troubles in somalia,Turke is convenced the undeniable chance that can be created a bond of friendship that opted out by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to develop its relations with Somaliland as part of its search for new allies in the East Africa ( Horn) to protect its interests. The clearest illustration of this new relationship is the flow of visits by senior government officials in both Somaliland and Turkey. The two countries and the economic and strategic agreements signed as a result of them..

Turkey and Africa

Ankara continues to support the political process in Somaliland and Somalia. Mr Ahmet Davutoğlu, Turkey Foreign Minister, has had the honour of being the first foreign guest ever to address the enemty between tow Somalis. As far as humanitarian aspects are concerned, Turkish institutions and organisations are continuing to send aid to both countries.

At the same time, it is also abundantly clear that the fact that Turkey’s position in regional affairs is steadily growing stronger has made certain powers anxious. There are also some tribal leaders and “war chieftains” who object to Turkey having such a role. A glance at the history of Somalia shows that the situation there has to do with the interaction of regional and national short-comings and that a struggle over its security which is totally different the situation in Somaliland.can be discerned coming over the horizon. It may be recalled in this context that an armed attack was carried out in October against Mr Mustafa El Haşimi, Africa Chief of TIKA [the Turkish International Aid Organisation] in the town of Galkayo in central Somalia and details of it have never been made public. Then there is the fact that a Turkish petroleum company made an investment of $1 billion in Somaliland, and that some officials in the region have interpreted this as support for the Somaliland declaration of independence. Another section of opinion in Mogadishu believes that the investment was aimed at detaching that region from the other Somali territories and shuold dealt only with Somaliland and Somalia.The crisis was obviously chiefly about the desire to strengthen bilateral economic relations, most importantly over petrol of Somaliland.

Talk of the point now reached in Turkish-African relations takes us on to the greatest market crisis in Africa, So Turkish foreign policy towards the Horn of Africa last year in general developed within the constraints of the Somalis ( Somaliland & Somalia) problem. Despite this, Turkey extended its influence and creating a bridge of strategic relationship with Africa to protect its interests affecting in both the short and the long term.

By Fuad Ferhavi, Researcher at USAK Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies.

*The original version of this piece was published in Turkish ANALIST Journal on January 2013.



  1. Abdi-shotaly….Stop misleading the people. Their is no first advantage, as they are one. The funds will go through the Federal Government, who then will distribute the funds equally across whole of Somalia, from Zeylac to Raskamboni.

    • BS union is dead in 91 and IC know that as all funds for Somaliland is granted directly to his gov.UK and EU get his policy and US pledge to continu his dual policy Somaliland and Somalia even after official recognition of HSM gov.

      • Bro, if you don't believe me go and look up yourself. Lets stop this division mentality pleas. It will not benefit you, me or the future generation. As for this recognition you seem to think is coming, believe me it will never. Without the will of the Awdal and KHaatumo it will never. So pleas let's just work towards building good institutions and juridical system that will protect your interest and mine, instead of arguing for another 20+years, which will only set us back from our neighbours.

        • Why don't you go to faqash site and just leave us alone? You are not wanted or welcomed in here.

          Please go and don't come back. Otherwise, stop your bla bla and jump on the bus. What a dugaag waxid…

          A coodu billah.

        • Somaliland does not need recognition from any entity; all it needs is to be strong enough to fend off its enemies and to develop its economy. Those of you who think that Somaliland has only two options, get recognition or re-join Somalia, are deluding yourself…like my brother hornid stated, the union died in '91; correction, in '88 and may be even prior to that, so, none-Somalilanders should be using their time in a more fruitful way rather than dreaming of a reunion.

  2. I would like to tell these guys Truth10, Telmethetruth and others to come out and show their real names instead of camouflaging with this fake names.

    Let me guess who you are guys, you can either be disoriented Khaatumo Seeg or those who are missing the real status of Awdalites.

    • Even though I'm none of those, you should know together they inhabited and own more than 90% of the so called Somaliland. I'll advice you to not ignore their wishes, otherwise it will only haunt you back , as it is already.

  3. Listen I have been acussed of abusing others on this site, the fact is Somaliland is not going away any time soon. We need to face the facts The Gov in Somalia is struggling to find its feet, the corruption has not gone away. I hope this will change very soon, but I am starting top look to Sh Shariff goverment with affection.

    Kayse ultra-Nationalist

    • Somali-Union without Majority loyalty is like dragging a DEAD donkey behind you. Total wasted effort for those promoting it and merely an obstruction for those not interested.

      What will never work is PLEASE LET US UNITE and only with our own terms 🙂

  4. Turkish Senior government officers had paid several visits to Somaliland during last year and promised that they would contribute the development projects that are going in Somaliland. They also promised that they would set up an embassy in Hargeisa, and that the Turkish Airline would fly two times per week but that has not been accomplished and remains to be seen.If the Turkish government wants to succeed in establishing state in Somalia; they have to deal with Somaliland separately and work how Somaliland and Somalia be two separate States. Somaliland wishes to hand of brotherhood, constructive cooperation for a better future.
    Offering diplomatic recognition to Somaliland by Turkish government would make easy lasting peace in Somalia. Somaliland people are the only people who can reach them and penetrate into their hearts, eradicate the evil and plant in its place the affinities that have held them together

  5. Turkey who isto a big TOM-Hawk in the AL/OIC World is also a big important ally of the big TOM-hawks
    of the Western IC actors/shakers/movers and therefore playing it safe and sound in dealing
    seperately with both Govts of Somalia and Somaliland without interferring in each others affairs.
    In that the Turks are smart enough and rightly so in good control of everything. The question of
    whether Somaliland and Somalia could reunite or go their seperate ways is purely the affairs
    of the two Somalis. This should be clearly understood and put into context.

  6. somaliland uniting with somalya consecuently is long gone broken dream thats not gone come back, look at the other somalia such kl5,nfd and djubuty theyr doing fine on there on so i sugest the haters of somaliland motivated by envy dont look back in anger and fix ur side of somalia the way others or done

  7. somalilanders need jobs not a recognition the evil united nation org…
    just google about iceland and the world bank.