UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The U.N. Security Council agreed on Wednesday to partially lift a decades-old arms embargo on Somalia for one year, allowing the government in Mogadishu to buy light weapons to strengthen its security forces to fight al Qaeda-linked Islamists.

The 15-member council unanimously adopted a British-drafted resolution that also renewed a 17,600-strong African Union peacekeeping force for a year and reconfigured the U.N. mission in the Horn of Africa country.

Somalia’s government had asked for the arms embargo to be removed and the United States supported that, but other Security Council members were wary about completely lifting the embargo on a country that is already awash with weapons, diplomats said.

“What we have tried to do is draw a balance between those who wanted an unrestricted lifting of the arms embargo and those who felt it was premature to lift the arms embargo,” Britain’s U.N. Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant told reporters after the vote. “It is a good and strong compromise.”

The Security Council imposed the embargo on Somalia in 1992 to cut the flow of weapons to feuding warlords, who a year earlier had ousted dictator Mohamed Siad Barre and plunged the country into civil war. Somalia held its first vote since 1991 last year to elect a president and prime minister.

“Yes there are major challenges, but we are now … moving away from international trusteeship of the situation in Somalia towards supporting the government’s efforts to address its own problems,” Lyall Grant said.

The Security Council resolution would allow sales of such weapons as automatic assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, but leaves in place a ban on surface-to-air missiles, large-caliber guns, howitzers, cannons and mortars as well as anti-tank guided weapons, mines and night vision weapon sights.

It also requires that the Somalia government or the country delivering assistance notify the Security Council “at least five days in advance of any deliveries of weapons and military equipment … providing details of such deliveries and assistance and the specific place of delivery in Somalia.”

“The progress achieved (in Somalia) does not justify so far the lifting of the arms embargo,” Guatemala’s U.N. Ambassador Gert Rosenthal told the council after the vote.

“We believe that the Security Council should have adopted a phased approach to prevent the possible repercussions of an abrupt suspension of the embargo which could subsequently compromise the stabilization efforts in Somalia.”


The Somali government believes lifting the embargo will help it strengthen its poorly equipped, ill-disciplined military, which is more a collection of rival militias than a cohesive fighting force loyal to a single president.

“The support is a vote of confidence for the government of Somalia given the improvement of the security situation in that country,” Argentina’s U.N. Ambassador Maria Cristina Perceval told the Security Council.

The AU peacekeeping force – made up of troops from Uganda, Burundi, Kenya and Ethiopia – is battling al Shabaab militants on several fronts in Somalia and has forced them to abandon significant territory in southern and central areas.

The militants, who affiliated themselves with al Qaeda in February last year, launched their campaign against the government in early 2007, seeking to impose sharia, or strict Islamic law, on the entire country.

The Security Council’s Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea, an independent panel that reports on compliance with U.N. sanctions, has warned that the Islamist militants in Somalia are receiving weapons from distribution networks linked to Yemen and Iran, diplomats have told Reuters.

A diplomat also said U.N. monitors had reported that some al Shabaab militants had infiltrated units of the Somali security forces.

“Clearly over the coming year if the suspension of the arms embargo is being abused, then we will take action accordingly in the Security Council,” said Britain’s Lyall Grant.

The resolution says that weapons and equipment “may not be resold to, transferred to, or made available for use by, any individual or entity not in the service of the security forces of the federal government of Somalia.”

It asks the Somalia government to report regularly on the structure of the security forces and the infrastructure and procedures in place to ensure safe storage, maintenance and distribution of military equipment.

Human rights group Amnesty International called one the U.N. Security Council on Monday not to lift arms embargo on Somalia, describing the idea as premature and warning that it could “expose Somali civilians to even greater risk and worsen the humanitarian situation.

Source: Reuters



    Where is smellyland AKA ethiopianland AKA qaatland?? looool

    Viva the government and down with the traitors!!! HANG THEM!!!

    • Rapeia, cannibalismia and trashia

      Viva Somaliland hand down with the thiefs and rapists.!!! Traitors sodomizing corrupt warlords .

    • Traitors? Who backstapped who in the first place?
      Ow and Somalia was once one of the strongst in Africa yet we Somalilanders fought back (jihad) and won because you where fighting for the wrong cause. And Allah saw that and you’ve got what you deserve.
      Try to fight us again while we did nothing on the south. This time we want stop on the Somaliland borders. If you want to side with the evil you should be treated just like evil and outcast you with them, for good this time.

      • the beginning of the civil was about getting rid of a dictator. SNM was not the only faction fighting the government. No one has a issue with the start of the war or original the cause. Because the real issue is when clans started turn on each other and each clan started arguing for their right to rule and lead. But the worst part is when sub-clan fighting started all over Somalia, creating factions within in factions with in factions, with no end in sight.

        one more thing SNM was a Isaaq militia and has nothing to do with Somaliland unless you are saying Somaliland is a Isaaq thing. Which many already believe. Also last but not least it was not only SNM fighting that over the government and defeated the army. It was them and other factions, with the help of Ethiopia. So acting like your militia was solely responsible for the victory against siade barre is ludacris. As F.A stated Somali was one of the strongest Army's in Africa. The most important thing I have to say is the original SNM was not about secession but about justice and equality for all Somalis and all regions of Somalia

      • F.A., there was never a war between Somaliland and Somalia mate, it was a civil war whereby militaias fought the military regime. And the military regime was destroyed by Hawiye, never by the separatists. Pleas don't bring Allah in here mate, because you cause of secession is not supported in Awdal and Khaatumo, and because of that many people still die. Is funny how you made this whole thing Somaliland ft Somalia, while you don't even have the support of all the Is@@q people for a secession let alone Awdal and Khaatumo. And pleas, don't even mention your fabricated referendum.

        • In conclution while every one else was ither benefiting from it or ignorent or scared. Isaaq was the bravest to stand agenst siad bares regime of dictatorship one triap monoply, and the oppretion of the north somaliens specifcly the isaaq, When the regime got weak by the knock of the SNM then others woke up and realised they were descriminated as well so they woke up and smell the cofe and took up there uprising against the military regime.

          • You are probably right. But don't you think that Khaatumo is fighting the same one tribe monopoly as the Is@@qs were against Siyad? Don't they have the same right as you to choose their destiny?

          • no khaatumo is not facing the same injustice that were happening under siads rule khaatumo and snms struggle cant be compared snm was fighting against a policy of uprooting and cleansing of their people its even believed the ogaden wars real motive was let the isaaqs die in the war and weaken the strenght of isaaqs cuz we had the real generals who fought in wars overseas during colonial years not some guys that put stripes on their jacket and called themselves general which is why right after the war isaaq generals were being assassinated their was a campaign planned against us maybe because our aggressive manly northern accents intimidated southerners.

            nonetheless the khaatumo folks will be free to do as they wish and live as equals with their brothers in the noble somaliland cause. i dont see khaatumos interest in mog. they are a corrupt immoral group without decency who have watched their own ppls perish while pocketing aid money meant for the poor.

          • neo… For you to believe that the struggle of Is@@q is more important than Khaatumo, shows how irrational and hypocrite your argument is.

            You said, quote: ''nonetheless the khaatumo folks will be free to do as they wish and live as equals with their brothers in the noble somaliland cause. i dont see khaatumos interest in mog''………………..Why are you speaking for them? Would you want the south said the same about you separatists, in terms of living with the south as one nation? If not, then respect their wishes, the same way you want people to respect your wishes.

          • khaatumo is not even a viable state in federated somalia 1 of their 3 provinces doesnt even exist as one of the original 18 and the other 2 would be contested. thats if federalism ever sees the light of day. plus many khaatuumo clans are not e in agreement with the project.

          • You still are speaking for them. Sad, that you don't like to be spoken for but at the same time insist to speak for Khaatumo who clearly stated what they want. Your hypocrisy will only damage you.

          • truth10

            sxb thanks for arguing for the Khaatumo Cause,but these separatists will not get it. they think they can occupy Dhulbahante areas and expect the locals to support them.Let them be with their 97% fake refferendum.

          • You welcome bro, I will always speak for all Somalis. And will always speak against those who are committing injustice. Khaatumo are my brothers, same goes for all Somalis.

  2. Told you is was going to happen and now Somaliland is faced with two options. Stick with the same limbo and stagnation, or fire all their current leaders and put in people who know to get things done. People who have the best interest of the people of region on their hearts, instead of profiting from the limbo, while the average man and women suffer, not knowing how to provide for their families, the top tier enjoy a relatively good life.

    • Sort yourselves out first before you talk about other ppl man. You forgot you still need 2000 African troops to police somalia.

      • I'm a critic of all Somalis and all Somalis are my people regardless if they claim a none existing boarder or otherwise. So please sort yourself out first.

    • tellmetruth,
      If you would think a weaker Somalia could give Somaliland an ultimatum you must be dreaming.
      Let me refresh your memory for a sec, Somaliland had stood tall in aboard daylight on May 15th 1988 as it'd reclaimed it's sovereignty with a sheer bravery by defeating stronger Somalia military power in a matter of weeks, perhaps days then.

      • Why do you secessionist lie by pretending Sland defeated Barre no mister the SNM were a guerrilla movement from 1981 all the way to 88.

        Then the South got involved in 1987 starting with USC which by the way its 1st chairman was the SNM vice-president from 1984/87 going by the name AUN Cali Maxamed Cosoble Cali (Wardhiigley) who was a Hawiye from the Murusade clan then the SPM

        Don't even try to use the SSDF they were no real threat Barre putted them out of service in 85 only to reemerge in 88 so this motion of the SNM defeated Barre it nothing but BS you need to stop with the fantasy of that notion and face the reality.

        • samale project.

          SSDF they were smart enough not burn their houses. this issue of WHO deafed barre regime in reality TIME defeated barre Regime, because barre did have enough resources to run the country from 1984-1990 all AID cut the west.

          So don't tell moryaanos USC or SNM or SSDF finish barre rergime, they contributed parcially removing barre regime, but the real blow came when he lost all AID donors.

  3. The only people who are against this lifting of the arms embargo are separatists and others who undermine the progress somalia has made. Somalia like all other goverments needs weapons and arms to fight one of the most radical terrorist groups.The arms ebargo is lifted and the only blood shed will be that of Alshabab and their leaders.

    • kfc.

      I suggest you work with somalilan folks, because you don't have any commonality folks in mogadishu and beyond. stop going left to right focus on one direction..

  4. Wonderful news somalia has rejoin the international community as a sovereignty country representing Somalia from Saylac to Kismaayo. Somalia will go back to its pre -1991 borders just before mohamed siad barre was overthrown by Hawiya and Isaaq warlords who were trained, armed, and funded by Ethiopian to carry out clan wars and to divide Somalia to smaller clan-based regions.

    Only the government of Somalia can purchase weapons not tribal states like somaliland, puntland and jubaland.

    • You are being delusional or simply insane. What Somalia are you talking about? The skinny guys that hidding behind the Bantus are Mooriyaan who are criminals themselves. SNA is long gone and cannot be resurrected. The Mooriyaans will arm themselves to the teeth and guess what? They will come after Faroole. Mohamed Siad Bare was overthrown by Hawiye and Daarood. Isaaq only evicted him from Somaliland. It was Aideed and Omar Jees that chased Siyad from Mogadishu. Get your facts right. Somaliland doesn't have beef with anyone who does not interfere its business period.

  5. I think it is premature for the UN to lift the imbargo so soon, There is no SNA, the few militia fighting alongside the Bantus are Mooriyaan. The Mooriyaan will arm themselves and start chasing and invading Daarood lands, Guess what happens then, Kenya will arm the fleeing Daarood again and it will Dejavu all over again. Somalia is divided into tribes now and it will be very hard for Mahamoud Dhuxul to bring them together.

  6. Folks…you could celebrate on the partial arms embargo lifting and the extension of the Amisom for
    one year..however whether that is good news or bad news for the Somalia SFG roadmap signatories, the non-Somaliland SFG roadmap signatories which were operating outside the scope of the
    failed Somalia without functioning govts since the 1991, have nothing to do with this lifting and
    extension of the Amisom. The Somaliland quest is entirely a different ball game. Take it or leave

  7. Folks,
    We should think outside the box for once, and debate in a meaningful ways..to that end, it's foolish to think the embargo lifting is a positive sign for Somalia, I'll tell you why I said that: The reason to resume light weapon purchase for Somalia is a part of wide scheme that the US defense industry is attempting to dumb their excessive arsenal stockpiles into the 3rd world, especially, the poor African countries.

    The US defense industry will be in a dire situation of selling military items for the next 5 years resulted directly in the sequestration measures President Obama has proposed thus they'd like to see an alternative. The poor Somalia and alike may not have the financial means to acquire a huge weaponry purchases but since Somalia has particularly been recognized a government it eventually will receive an international aid as well as loans/grants from the West in which a portion of it can be allocated for military gadget purposes. Those of who are getting overexcited the embargo lifting for Somalia is a good….think again..

    • Amen to that brother.

      All the lands where Somali people lives in the horn of africa is blessed with lots of natural resources. Do you think that the evil who wants that we kill each other care about us? No!
      They only care about Somali oil and other natural resources. We can fix our own problems. The international community should stay away from Somali affairs.

      They started all the problems facing Somali people and now they are trying to “fix it”.

      Wake up people

    • The arms embargo lifting will only benefit the Government (Somalia Government, which represents from Zeylac to Raskamboni). No regional state or administration is allowed to purchase military equipment. It is the national military (not regional militia), that will benefiting this from.

      As for the Government, I hope they will be very cautious and apply measures that will seize any attempt to infiltrate them.

      • Well let s see if ur so called army could enter into Somaliland. Not sure they will receive flower for welcome. Lol

      • Thruth10
        Do you have to inflame the conversion. And how do you know who's allowed to purchase and who's not?

        • lol sahra didnt you read the article it clearly states "The support is a vote of confidence for the government of Somalia given the improvement of the security situation in that country," and “may not be resold to, transferred to, or made available for use by, any individual or entity not in the service of the security forces of the federal government of Somalia.”
          This tells you that ONLY the SFG can own and operate the weapons provided/purchased from the IC.

          @truth 10

          Mashallah you speek like a true patriotic Somali.well said bro

          • Kcf

            Don't ever patronize me inaadeer.Do you yourself know the previous government was given shipment of arms by the U.S.A. Next day they were selling the weapons in the bakaaraha, So the article means little if the behavior doesn't change, got it.

          • Sahra, this government has a majority well educate legislative parliament, who seem to scrutinize and hold the government accountable so far.

        • Sahra, it states clearly on the UN website. Beside sis, how do you expect the UN to give arms to regional administrations? Have you ever seen a country whereby regional administration have their own army within a government, even if it is a Federal state? They might have their own Police, but not that sis. The Somali army will be one, and they will be mixed with each other, for example the north one will be send to south and vice versa. I hope you don't support regional armies that are loyal to the region.

    • Osman Qaal.

      Going back your valid argument ,How much worth of weapon in terms of $$$$ can US sell to somalia? the answer is not even $1 billion. the other thing is not only US will supply LIGHT weapons to somalia but as well UK,France,China.

      Also these light weapons,uniforms,communication equipments will be supply all parts of somalia were the army is under FEDERAL SYSTEM.

    When a horse breaks a bone, the best solution is to put a bullet to the heat to take out of it's misery. Somalia is similar to a damaged horse, it will never get repaired..

  9. It is good news that the crippling arms embargo on Somalia is at last being lifted.

    Somalia like any other sovereign country needs well equipped security forces to defend its borders and to provide security to its citizens. Strong and well disciplined national armed forces are required to disarm the tribal militias that have proliferated in every corner of Somalia due to lack of central government and to defeat Al-shabab terrorists and its foreign Jihadists. AMISOM can help but will not liberate Somalia. Only Somalis can liberate their country and can restore the law and order of the land.

  10. To those secessionist that are constantly screaming that they weren't fairly treated politically in Somalia need to read this brilliant article http://www.hiiraan.com/op2/2010/jan/abdirizak_h_h

    Somalia whether a few individuals don't like it or not is slowly on its way to retain its lost democratically glorious days when it was a know throughout the world as the beacon of democratic success story in the whole of Africa.

    • @ Irir Samale brother, does Khaatumo able to access these weapons? AKA47 and few old pickup trucks isn't enough anymore. Government must make an exception, since Khatumist are the safeguarders of Somali Republic .

      • I'm afraid these weapons will be marked and if the UN found out Mogadishu were giving it to people other than the SNA they would put back the embargo quicker than you could even say the word.

        Remember this government is on a 1 year test and if they pass the embargo will be eased further and if they pass again will be fully lifted which might take 2 years minimum or god forbid 3/4 years max but i'm sure tho all the other weapons before that will be available even more than before to them.

        So unless Khatuumo comes under SNA i cant see them receiving these weapons but lets see what the may 7 conference brings hopefully Sland will be back into the Union fold and with Federalism Khatuumo can create a state with Sool and Sanaag cant see Cayn being part tho because the 18 regions makes them part of Togdheer so compromise will be needed i know but that life nothing is fair or perfect.

        • then how come ASWJ is receiving weapons and aid and other "Former" militias like the ras kamboni aswell?

          • Irir Samale, Cayn is the largest district in Togdheer, covers atleast 14 cities and new ones are being built, Shiekh sharif recognized Cayn as a region, but I believe Buuhodle should be the capital of Together. well, that's just my opinion LOL

            ASWJ were Marehan militias who used operate in Galguduud area and now they're joining SNA, which is good news obviously. Raskamboni don't have new weapons btw.

      • Don't worry inaader we are here for you, you gonna get whatever you need tanks, assult weapons name it.

        • LOOL that's what wanted to hear,,,, Sade, tell me again why we don't share borders inadeer?

  11. there"s good news and bad news in it.First I like to thank Government of France and great job they did it,Because if were not them U.S.A would have completely cripple what ever left nation of Somalia.As we all know this nation isn't lacking weapons. what's lacking is patriots and till we find that and meet half way solving our problem. The last thing we need it was a flooded with weapons , When can even feed our people or cloth them or get them out of camps, Therefore the reason I all sudden become more skeptic is look the last two reason decisions they made was to seeking more weapons when they have all this in their plate, And asking pardon for Gen. samater who's not even facing the penalty of losing his freedom or his life. Which he deserves in my humble opinion, Another word civil judgment was supposed to be the the top of list to do for this government, you ponder.

    • Sis, I thought you was aware of things, but it seems like all you know is what you are fed with. You wonder why there are no many patriots, when you yourself believe the BS view individuals are spreading about the government. Until you and everyone wakes up and says no to those propaganda, those who don't want peace for Somalia will always continue to use you and others for their own agenda.

      • Truth10
        If it works I will be the happiest person in the world, after all this is my people and I don't wish them bad on contrary I want so badly to find solution for their differences like civilize society. And get rid of their nomad mentality, but Truth' health skepticism is need it Specially what we have seen the past and the test it's not far off. Therefore the money they got from Qatar will tell us what kind of government we have. and I just hope they don't let you down, Because I still have my guard up.

        • Do not feal intimidate by ignorant people like this guy here. You are right to show your concerns and you shouldn't give heed to this warmongering – hate fabricating and loyal to criminals like Shirdon who made his fortunes from extorting goods and moneys from the poor Somali civilians, when his uncle ( Gaani) was the military ruler in Somaliland .

          Keep speaking your mind and stick to your Nobel principles, inaabti !

  12. Telltruth10. Stop bull******* 24/7 with some lame ass comments. UN just lifted very very light weapons from Xamar warlords. (PDf) already had heavy weapons we f***** have jet fighters modern weoponry ask pple what happened in Galgala. Culusow ain’t my f****g president and Sland ain’t fool either.

    • Mate tribal minded people like you, have no place in Somalia. Your time is up. People like you call President their President only if he is from their tribe. Sad ignorant individual you are. Keep cursing, is not like it is hurting me or the President.

    • @Puntlnad king.

      Agree with you, the lifting arm embargo is on strict CONDITION only light weapon which is very Good. imagine Moryaan with heavy weapon they will east each other. the UN aware somali issues.

  13. Folks..unnecessary cowardly arguments of tribalism 24/7 day-in day-out wont help at all, all
    somalis know that. The one important thing that you folks should discuss should be this…
    The unification of 1st july 1960 of the Somali Republic between the two de jure Govts of Hargeisa and Mogadiscio failed to function for the obvious whatever reasons and therefore no longer in service since 1991. Now after more than two decades, the two chief entities Hargeisa and Mogadiscio departed into Somaliland back to ex British protectorate post independence of the 1960s and enjoys democratically peoples elected govts and relatively peaceful when a new de facto Somalia not
    Somali Republic is in the works endeavoring to meet ends under the supervision, protection,
    and administration of the IC actors and the UNSC? All the semi enclaves scuffles only cause more escalating chaos!. Therefore the real political show down is between Hargeisa and Mogadiscio.


    The UN lifted one year arm embargo for somalia and can only import LIGHT WEAPON read the UN Resulation.

    This means not allow heavy weapon such as Tanks, Artillery, heavy Guns, air to surface missile, night vision Gogglas, anti Tank missile. mainly they will get proper uniform, light arms,proper communication network system.

    UK and france were responsible putting pressure on UN not lift heavy weapon, they succeeded. more than 60% somali popultion oppose lifting the arm embargo since somalia don't have PROPER ARMY, they base on tribal lines.

    Those folks who think one group of small army will go other parts somalia and tell what to do it will not happen specially states that already stablsih own arm forces. the UN,EU,US will not allow that.

    This shows somalia will be under control of for a LONG time to come.

  15. Allemagan,

    Somalia is not like any other country. It does not have a fixed population who are loyal to a central govt and you do not have fixed borders as the poeple themselves do not recognise what their borders should be. Somalia ceased to be a country with a defined borders or with a fixed population. That's why every govt ends up to be a tribal govt that seeks to impose its will on others. There basic tenents of state is complete missing so lets say Somalia is unique and that is why this arms embargo is extremely bad for Somalia.

    I can guarantee you if the members of parliament were not being paid they would have been apposed the govt on tribal lines. they are looking after their bellies.

    Reality is that western policy and it's unsavy political leaders kill Somalia before it sees the day of light and this has actually killed any revival.

    • Dhugtame with many different names, walee inaad daciif tahay. what is the point showing this video and also brain washing children.

      Isaq what a low life.

  16. I'm not Somali but having been to Somaliland a few times, I found it surprising that the embargo was only lifted on Somalia and not on Somaliland. I think the mistake the Somaliland made was to neglect to engage with the Muslim world. Democracy and liberalism interests the West as long as it's serving their interest and even the British which you have trusted so much is publicly endrosing unity and is no longer nuetral. My experience is people are very Islamic but your opponents have succeeded in portraying you as people who love the West more than the Islamic world which is not obviously true. I think this is paying off for Somalia as rich Arab nations are throwing their weight behind them and forcing others to follow suit.

    Having been there in person, I hope Somaliland gets what it wants.

    • If Arabs are anything but western puppets they would have stopped 'South Sudan' becoming an independent country from the the other Sudan but they couldn't because of America & the west. So you're talking nonsense.

    • Hamza…Mate Somaliland and Somalia are all one, and for you to even come here with your ignorant view, shows that you don't know what you are talking about. The south itself was called Somaliland, since the meaning of Somaliland is ''the land of the Somali people''. Stay away you filthy arab.

  17. Many Somalis are worrying the outcome of lifting the arm embargo, I don't know where I stand with, it's good news if Somali national troops are united and mixed from Zaylac to Kismayo. Insha'allah Khair

    • Somalilander take faqash military dress lol ur dream too much lady. Let do zoomalia what they want it not our business as long as their militia do not cross Somaliland territory.our national army should plan strategy how to kick them out quicly in case it occur. Not even sure Pirateland would welcom them. Kkk

      • Amirah,

        I do not know if you watch to days Aljazeera report in Arabic ( I assume you speak Arabic, but not sure). It talks 90% of the rape committed in Mogadishu is by the Police and Army. They also state the rate is up the sky now and has gotten worst since this regime took power.

        I hope you will know which side to take, when they receive their first shipment. Even now Darod men are in danger of being kidnapping let alone Darod women going there peacefully. Good Luck!

        • lol and where is your proof? How can aljazeera verify this because for the past few years they havent been on the ground..Stop feeding us what your clan fed you.

      • Hornid, dreaming is believing, it's hallucinations that I'm not too sure… Somali army will be ONE again.

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