Recently, the Obama administration recognized the United Nations-backed, nominal Somali government.

The so-called government was the byproduct of a scam perpetuated by the U.N. for more than 10 years. It involved billions of dollars in foreign aid and the blood of some of 17,000 African soldiers, who are United States’ proxy military against al-Shabab, the al-Qaida affiliate militant group in Somalia. Yet the country is no better off than when the United States intervened in the early ’90s.

The U.S.-backed, weak government’s survival still depends on African troops, despite significant training and equipping of the Somali army by the United States. Its leader, Sheikh Mahamud, has absolutely no power and little following.

In contrast, the Republic of Somaliland , the former British Somaliland, in the north, has had all of the attributes of nationhood since 1991. These include a functioning government, constitution, defined borders and a flag.

Instead, President Barack Obama decided to dictate the political outcome in this war-torn country. His position rewards Somalia’s rapacious politicians and their militias at the expense of the 3.5 million Somaliland people who largely have managed their own affairs.

Rather than reinforcing an illegitimate central government, the United States should support the only sources of strength in the area, democratic Somaliland and Puntland. These entities have functioning political institutions that are organic, having organized by the local people rather than the U.N.

Finally, for the rest of the former Republic of Somalia, a Turkish-run European Union/North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s trusteeship surely would be more beneficial for the indigenous people than the United Nations scam.


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  1. It is the ignorance of the "somaliland" goverment for the continued choas in the northern part of somalia. They frequently tamper with issues non related to them [puntland]. if somaliland wanted somalia would have been stable years ago achieving independence will not make them finacially independent by investors investing. Somaliland has no major tourist attraction no infrastructure to produce their own required produce, only a fair amount of natural gas reserves that will eventually run out and leave somaliland with out any form of income. but together with puntland and the many other somali states somaliland will prosper. Ignorance is something that can kill a person and somaliland has a lot of it.

    • BS Djibouti is a tiny, desert,few populated country without any natural ressources, and despite all that they benefit from biggest budget and GDP among other somali territories ( Somaliland /Somalia/Kil5/NFD). Djibouti has ultra modern ports, nice road and banking system and huge salary to their worker, attracting many investors. Conclusion Somali of Djibouti just prove us how to stay away from BS somalinimo love. Less somali in a defined territory mean less problem and better development.Viva 3 Somali states and 2 Somali regions.Stability and peace is most important asset to protect before thinking to economy.

      • For fk sakes because djibouti HAS PEACE. how can you have a good GDP when people get killed daily and Separatist and their followers are killing people just because they have a different view.

          • @hornid

            Have you seen the state of Djibouti? Djibouti's economy is lending its land to foreign armies, pr@stitution who entertain the french and american armies, charging Ethiopian for access to the sea AND THEY'RE SO TINY THEY CAN'T EVEN HANDLE ERITREAN.

            If you see Djibouti as a role model for Somaliland than I am afraid your leading your people in the gutter.

          • Your filthy mouth against Djibouti that is how you have been brought up by your parents. You have no respect at all are you really a gentlemen?. Secondly I am telling you that The Republic of Somaliland is a role model for Africa and The World knows that and the activities goes in the Beloved Country of Somaliland is something to be copied by many countries that does not exercise Democracy, Good Governess, Law and Order,Tolerance, Peace and harmony and many good that people will like freedom of speech, freedom of choice and many more. you stay as you are we have no heartfeelings Brother get the message.

    • This notion of creating Clan based separatist enclaves thus dissecting the Somali Pie into weak smaller pieces are what the enemies of Somalia wants and seem to have accomplished so far. A united Somalia still poses a fundamental threat to neighbouring countries primarily Kenya and Ethiopia and they said so in so many ways. It's known fact that the two major enclaves Puntland & Somaliland heavily depend on Ethiopia and seek their approval and reassurance for everything. Case in point is when Melez Zinawi passed away .. the leaders of this enclaves as well as South Somalia were expressing their profound elogoy as if their father died. It's also a known fact that these incompetent leaders are frequently called to Addis for a dress down.
      It's unfortunate but thats the current reality. It's to the advantage of these neighborly countries to keep Somalia divided and weak…. where is the honor and dignity of the Somali people??????

  2. i want those crazy oodweynes to leave in all honesty. i dont want to share a country with people who hate us. they blame southerners for what occurred to them but little do they realize 75% of the southerners were babies or not even born when the former dictator was ruthless to them. do they forget that barre was ruthless to not only northerners but reer mudug, reer hiiraan, reer banadir and reer bay iyo bakool?

    i support somaliland independence but in no way shape or form do i want somalia government to assist them in getting it. these people hate us so we cant asisst them. if they get recognition on their own, fine but hassan sheikh mohamoud, my dear president, don't approach these people nor answer their calls if they want to sit down and negotiate some kind of exit. ignore them. let them get their own recognition on their own.

    I call on all southerners to support somaliland independence but to also not support that they come to xamar to give them any recognition. 22 years they tried to get recognition and everyone said no. obviously only xamar can give it to them and we should still say no. we must help them.

    if you get you recognition, alhamduillah, and good luck. we are two different countries. this is why i am on somalilandpress right now… to call on reer konfuur to leave these hateful people alone. we cannot share a country with people who insult us by naming us wanlaweyns and we cant share a country with people who curse us.


  3. I'm surprised to see the depth of the Somalians hatred towards Somaliland. No my brothers and sisters we do not need your assistance to gain our sovereignty, because you have no sovereignty in your own capital. The poor guy you call President lives in an Ugandan armored car. The rest of the story doesn't need further clarifications. Now you all go and screw yourselves really hard.

      • I totally agree; I would not go as far as calling the site Faqashpress, but I always had my doubts that whoever is running this site are not true Somalilanders.

  4. So called s/land will never get recognised just keep dreaming forever. Somalia will get strong inshallah day by day and alhamdullah plus we know your hatred towards somalia and somalia should never recognise you too so stop begging it.

        • The historical acts of Somalia are too disgraceful too join them, arrogant people. This whole mess is their fault, losers who count see past their own gain. they destroyed our country, never again

  5. Honestly, Somalilanders have moved on we already view ourselves as different in every way. Whether recognition comes sooner or later it doesn't matter its like telling us the sky is blue or that chicken wings taste amazing. Its a given!

  6. like when America intervened in Somalia for humantiaran assistance in the 90s without deeply studying the country's mindset and the likely consequences of this intervention, it is again repeating the same mistake by recognizing a seudo government whose members are tribally and politically antagonizing and whose national sentiment is confined to their prersonal enrichment. Such a government cannot be dependable as a strategic ally for America. We Somalilanders believe that US is ill-advised in this matter and hope it will revise its policy toward Somaliland where real democractic values exist as the pillars of building a modern nation.

  7. Your answer is Somalia People have no honor or Self-esteem. Stop crying Daroods and smell the coffee, this really unfolding in front of your eyes. Do not panic just try your best improve your warlord-riddled Somalia. One day you will get to where Somaliland was 21 years ago.

    • Think striaght this has nothing to with Darood Jbert ismail need to understand. Hassan culusow is your President.

    • What's unfolding in front of our eyes sir? And what took place last three weeks? And who prominent individual son was arrested in connection of the assassination of well knowing shiikh inside of the nation that you don't want to part of it? And who change their mind sitting down with Somalis after two decade half of insisting that you don't want to be seeing in the vicinity they're around let alone sit next to them in a room? If you fair-minded individual you will see who's moving close to whom to their position. And this is not one clan thing, As you can see last two presidents of Somalia was not Daarood, So they had plenty of chances to even give you a hint of waning to ultra direction. But instead this is claiming of taking control of port Barber and sending you governors. That's not me is him.

          • Sorry, you are not Sahra. Sahra writes better English. Are you gay? then why are you calling yourself Sahra, while it is obvious that you are male in disguise as a women. I do not know what is going on in your letter heads, but I'm surprised to see this guy calling himself Sahra and Keyse calling dad.

            The anti-Somaliland guys are getting more and more perverted. Imagine trying to date a lady and getting a man in bargain price, this is what these people are advertizing now a days: Get two guy men from Somalia at the orginal price of one women loooool.

          • Dhugtame,

            Do not fall into a trap I'm sure this a Darood gay man ! Does the Eddy Murphy Coming to America club scene ring a bell?

          • Roble,

            Are you sure? I'm confused and I do not know whether you want to trick into losing Sahra or not, but some other guy was telling me not to trust women who frequent the internet.

            I do not what to do, I'm just torn apart.

    • Mr. Aaron, you and your likes are a joke. The entity in northwestern Somalia was part of a larger British controlled territory that does not want anything to do with your Satanic National Movement (SNM) or its dreams or creating Habasha country in Waqooyi galbeed. Bottom like it is you guys that are always crying. 50 criminals from your clan were killed in the civil war, so what?

  8. Hamza,

    you idiot, Why will we care about Somalia, when you are all on each others throat and spare no second without bashing and hating Somaliland. May you all go to hell!

  9. US should and shouldn't do so many things, but in reality why would they support half habashi creatures who could barely get a grip on 3 cities and call it "somaliland". The project of somaliland is fragile and could easily be dismanteled with afew stones thrown at your beloved "silaanyo". The people in that region, got no loyalty to your "sub-governing body", but respect the pease and do not want to get invovled with bloody civil wars again, as you may have witnessed how siveer it could be in the north.
    When somalia is cleaned from some puntland/somaliland terrorests, north somalia will not hesitate for a minute to join the stronger, and the better future for themselves and their children.
    Dear o dear then, more isolation, no recognition, no friends, locally and internationally.

  10. hold the f@@k down you want the united state of America to recognize somaliland? is this April Fools' Day?

      • @Puntland you should also know whoever wrote this article calls for Putlnad to follow suit, to become independent country as well, sounds to me people are getting confused big time. I wonder what country do we have that we are proposing to split it into min states. Seriously even Wagosha wants to become a country.

  11. Wonder why the Xmaaries are reading our papers and commenting it! Must be jealousy!
    the Green Monster is why Somaliland can't get recognition. Haters!
    What makes it even more funny is that the article is about Somaliland And America NOT Xmaar!

    Do you see the British people reading Polish newspapers. NO! they have no common interest.

    I never read Xmaari newspaper or care less about Mosquito, sorry I mean muqdisho so why should you care about Somaliland??

  12. The muppets who are referring somalilandpress as FAQASHPRESS are crying little babies who can't defend themselves and resort to name-calling because they lack intelligence to participate in civil discussion So, they bring out the only thing they have insults and name calling.

    Let me educate you MUPPETS I am the son of a Faqash and the pure blood of Faqash runs inside me veins. I don't need to come to your virtual website I LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD, I live in me own city (hargeisa) with me wife who happens to be issaq and three kids.

    • Are issaq women and men trophies for darood women and men. Do darood people consider marrying an issaq the ultimate success. Why are your women dating Nigerian and Jamaican males.

      Answer me you goat gynecologist

  13. The west is so hypocrite they hate to see an African country functioning without their direct help. That's the only reason why they're holding back to recognise Somaliland. There is no other explanation!

  14. If Somaliland is accepted by the USA, i will accept Somaliland . I am starting to realise I have been wrong and need to apologise to all my fellow Somalilanders.

    • You have to understand when you built a house from Laxoox (aka Clan) you end-up with a house of Laxoox. United States and for that matter the beloved British will recognize when the a fair and honest referendum is executed for all the settlers of the North regardless of Clan affiliation. When basic rule of law and rights/freedom for all are implemented, when its recognized and condemned the violations, crimes and transgressions committed in the name of our respective clansmen, when people stand up to the racists, demagogues and charlatans from our respective clans, then there might a slim chance of pulling through.

      But as things stand even among the ruling Clan in the North, there is a severe competition based on the sub-clan level, maneuvering, hustling and jockeying based on where the perceived clan interest is deemed to lie, and then justifying as national interest.

    • Kayse,
      Your flip-flop views no matter anything to Somalilanders. We have a handle on our own destiny, Somalis on the other hand, receive matching orders from outsides forces. The USA had left Somalia in the 90's as it was deemed a hopeless State. Somalia's deep rooted social and political conditions won't be resolved over night whether it's recognized as a government or not..
      Kayse, why did you change your stance this time? Did the Somalis refuse to offer you a warlord post in Villa Somalia? let me know if you would need a referral, it only a phone call away.. as you might know everything is handled underhandedly in Mogadishu.

        • Just chill, this aint kayse this guy usually writes a few paragraphs to get his point accross.

          btw How is M.cheers?

          • M.cheers is probably pretending to be Kayse, unless Kayse doesn't really exist and M.cheers, Buuxiye, Die hard and all these suckers were one in the same. Did you ever think that ?
            Because to to me Buxxiye and Kayse are two sides of the same coin.

          • no actually buxiye is irritating and you can differentiate the way they write but M.cheers has alot of names and he is a blind follower of this failing project unlike buxiye doesnt like to admit the truth. Buxiye could be M.Cheers. but not kayse.

  15. The Article was not written by a Somalilander for it makes not sense for a Somalilander to campaign on behalf of Puntland-Province of Somalia to also gain independence.

    It is a Majareer article and it is a cry of help.

    Puntland-Province is a Road-Map Signatory along with Galmudug, ASWJ and TFG(who ever replaces them). Since Puntland-Province accepted the terms of the Road-Map to end transition period there is simply no opportunity or avenue for Puntland-province to raise a grievance. As part of the Road-Map Signatory process there was consensus that no signatory would ever become a "Spoiler" of the post transition period.

    To avoid being labeled "Spoiler" Puntland-Province advocates have resorted to campaigning for Somaliland-Republic while attaching themselves as form of political Lice(INJIR). It is disgracefull to witness great political masterminds resort to political bottom feeders of the Somali political scene.

    I am looking forward to the day when Faroole and the puntland-province political actors raise their middle finger to muuqdisho(Look Killer) and once and for all follow their own political trajectory.

    1. When Puntland-Province accepts Somaliland's 26-Jun1960 borders, our sovereignty and territorial integrity i WELCOME Dialogue with the administration in Gerowe, likewise Galmudug and any political actors in the Somalia-Italia sphere. Until then they are all represented by Hassan Mahamoud.

    2. I advice those in Puntland-Province specially considering the somali history of recent and past. There exists a grudge against the people from the Bari, Nugal, Mudug Sultanates who oppressed certain people all the way as far as Hobyo. For that matter puntland-province must begin to respect the neighboring country of Somaliland-Republic in the event that one day your people may be forced by Somali-Security forces to flee to Awdal, Sool, Sanaag, Salil, Saaxil, Oodweyn, Cayn, etc…

    If history teaches any of us anything it is that over confidence has killed many Somalis and just like Siyad ended in Nigeria Faroole could find himself in a Hotel in Hargeysa. It is thus conducive to build a relationship with your only neighboring clan that has no desire or aspirations of controlling your land in any form what so ever.

    Find an alternative exit trajectory other then the Indian ocean or the gulf.


    • This article was written none other than a desperate Issaq who has realised that no one is going to rescue he's abandoned mud village of Hargeisa. Issaq normally get angry when their expectations are not met, obviously the person who wrong this article is pretty pissed off with the American recognition of the somalia's government and the shunning of the Issaq dissidents classified as "traitors".

    • Faroole is begging to join somaliland once we achieve independence?

      The Idps in puntland exceed 250k there is no need for invasion it will be more of an internal take-over!

      The only terrorists in eastern Somaliland are those with pirate money that are funding and fueling unrest in the east.

      • Faroole never said want to join s/land region and even if he does Puntlanders will not approve because building this state it took a lot of effort blood and money.

        There is no point joining s/land region not even one GOOD REASON.
        -They lost direction Politically complete failure.
        -Lost face from IC and somalis as a whole.
        -Bad economy, everyone is running away from that region.
        -They ran 21 years with no real fruit.

        Puntlanders are not worry about Idps in Puntland, also they are not paranoid about people who are guest in their land.

        As we hearing the news lately already Mr waraabe his son arrested for terrorist charge this shows most leaders in s/land region they are connect one way or the other Al-shabab. now everybody knows where Al-shabab head office is. be ready BOOTS on the ground soon.

  16. For an American administration be it Obama's, or those who will come after him, recognizing Somaliland is in the USA security interest. If they do not see their own interest it will be to their own disadvantage and Somaliland which have existed for over 20+ years will continue to exist forever.

    For this article writer, tries to make an issue of Somaliland sovereignty with that of Pirateland state, we will remind him, Pirateland is and will be part of former Italian Somalia and please, do not try to hide under the Somaliland banner.

  17. Why should the US recognize you ? Why claim all 3.5 ,million are part of your project of secession? We know for fact that 3.5 million people don't support you ?

    Because if that was the case you would've got recognition a long time ago. Here's some free advice stop with half-clan secessionism orr except there will never be country called Somaliland, it's your choice how you want to play the game, but just know the current maneuvers will get you no recognition, in or out of Somalia.

  18. All Somalis and all the lands of Somalis need Quran saar, Insha´Allah then Allah will forgive us for hating each others based on tribes,

    “ O Mankind! Most certainly, it is We (God almighty) who have Created you all from a single (pair) of a male and a female. And it is we who have made you into nations and tribes, that ye may recognise each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is (He who is) the most righteous of you. „

    —(Qur'an 49:13)

  19. 1. U.S. recognizes the only legitimate government of Somalia and that is the end of the discussion. United States does not need to entertain the grievance of every Somali clan and respect the wishes of everyone for unrealistic independence because Somalia is a small country with small population. Now, if U.S. will recognizes every clan in Somalia as a state, I want them to recognize me individually as a state; I own a couple of hundred camels in the Somali desert, have my own camel well and I do not need any foreign assistance unless there is famine in the region.

    2. I want to tell the imposter who is making comments in the name of Kayse to stop the nonsense. Kayse is a man of principle and I doubt that he will change his position without giving enough explanation. The style of your writing and the fact that you can not compose more than two incoherant sentences tells me that you are not Kayse. I saw many situations where Kayse to tell you not to impersonate him.

  20. Honestly, Somalilanders have moved on we already view ourselves as different in every way. Whether recognition comes sooner or later it doesn't matter its like telling us the sky is blue or that chicken wings taste amazing. Its a given!

    And as an American-Somalilander no one can force a nation into something it doesn't want, trust and believe no one wants another war in the horn especially with al shabab running around. Somaliland will get its independence which it already has in the eyes of its people.

    End of Story

  21. You have not moved on because half of the Issaqs don't share you secession vision and the other tribes are either speaking against you or fighting you. Because your almost as isolate as North Korea.

    As I said before the only chance you have at Independence is if you convince all the other tribes and give them their fair share in ruling. But I think we all know now its too late, so continued limbo it is.

    • I'm in Hargeisa right now and pretty much EVERYONE here is on board with Somaliland. I have friends all over New Hargeisa [HY district] and they seem to be on board, and HA already know the deal, Arab do too. HJ is have this vision too. Along with all the other subclans of the KINGS OF THE NORTH. So if all the subclans of Isaa/q have the same dream and they seem to be about 3.1 million out of the 3.5 and along with the subclan of Dir – Geduburisi (or however you spell it) which are about 60 thousand strong seem to be with Somaliland and along with the other smaller ones and the only subclan against it seem to be the injir of Somaliland, and the army was told not to hit them with heavy weapons because they're our ppl but their diaspora want them wiped off the face of the earth so they supply them with money and weapons so they can get anilahated. Sad story.

  22. What will the secessionist do when their government excepts federalism. It's inevitable, if you don't believe me just watch. It's all about resources and Somalia has more to offer, which means none would risk recognizing Somaliland. Just to lose, believe me Somalia will never have diplomatic relations with any nation, that does. If your thinking we are weak at the moment, just know the future will be different just give it a few years.

    • Federalism is a fraud.

      Somaliland would have Max = 6 gobols
      Somalia would have max = 12 gobols

      Asking Somaliland to Reunite and accept half membership is just not acceptable.

      The only way Federalism would work to reunite the 2-Stastes would give both equal Gobols under constitution.

      1 gobol in Somaliland = 2 Gobols in somalia.

      The Constitution must change so that In Somaliland every Gobol can form a Federal-state. Otherwise it is just not possible to form any federal states inside somaliland because no clan has full control of 2gobols. Federalism does not allow for unity in any form what so ever.

      If federalism is used in Somalia it will not work for Somaliland therefore it is goodbye let us part company and go our separate ways.

      Unity is dead with federalism.

      • Your logic is confusing, Gobols are determined by the size of a territory, not by the wish full thinking. Come on think about about it how would SL look like divided into six. When in reality what your diverting is the thought that SL will be divided into two or three, Somaliland,Khatuumo, and Awdal state.

        Now i know your usually rhetoric, but just know Federalism is to stay and is Somaliland. If you disagree then ask yourself why is Britain you telling you to give it a ten years try, hmm.

        • faqash awdal is part of somaliland and kastumo is another failed attemt like makhiir to undermine somaliland strong like a mountain before u attemt to harm the mountain mind ur head

      • I thought your rebel territory consists of a part of Togdheer, Waqooyi Galbeed and couple of districts in Sanaag and Sool? I don't know about your math skills but that does not add to six regions son. One clan cannot hijack the Somali Republic and give 50 percent of everything to the clan that supports the Satanic National Movement (SNM).

    • Talk about resources; Somaliland has oil, gas & Livestock, Somalia used to have Banana plantation and now has nothing. They even burned the few trees they used to have and exported as Coal to the Middle East. Facts speak loader than BS.

      • With all the pages and pages of propaganda written by Buuxiye, this is the first time he says something sensible and reasonable. Unlike, some folks who will attack and who will always belittle the grievances of he people of Somaliland, I believe that it is invitable for the two regions to renegotiate their relationship anew but without dividing the country and its people. Good line of thinking Buuxiye.

        • Tell & Allemagan

          Renegotiation requires trust, it requires honest stakeholders without corrupt mindsets. 1960Union failed because the people of Somalia failed to understand the main attractive selling points of the Union then and they are still clueless why Somaliweyn was attractive and a Union of just 2-regions has failed after 30years of chaos and remains unacceptable 22years after failure.

          1. The concept of Union : which means to coexist in harmonious relationship CANNOT ever be forced on anyone!
          2. Union is a byproduct of the Marriage between STRONG-NATIONALISM & RECEPTIVE POPULATIONS… Both parents do not exist neighter in Somalia nor Somaliland.
          3. THe Partner wishing the UNION must make the majority of the Sacrifices to entice the less interested party… in the Somali logic it is Somaliland that should make the sacrifices in a Union they do not have any interest in… There is no genuine interest in creating a Union, instead there is a hateful political sabotage to slow Somaliland's development.
          4. Somaliland-Republic created the 1960Union to pursue the Hawd, NFD and Djibouti. In the process there was a reason for enduring the loss of (a) President, (b) Capital, (c) Sovereignty, (d) Educated and skilled population and (e) Independence… Since 1991 every "Leader" of Somalia claimed a 2-state Union instead of the intended 5-state Union… This is not the original dream of our gand fathers.
          5. Unionists of Somalia are promoting a Union based on Somalia(66% share) & Somaliland(33% share)… Somalia's Federalism constitution totally makes it impossible for Djibouti, Kilil, NFD or Somaliland to be interested in another Union and i suppose the reason being that this whole federalism project was created by Ethiopia and Kenya for mindless Leaders that have occupied the highest office of Somalia since 1991.

          I am not afraid of UNION our grand fathers made their mistakes, their sons and daughters made their mistakes and when our generation is given the opportunity we will call a spade a spade.

          It is my believe that there will never be another UNION among Somali-states:
          – Otherwise Djibouti would be at involved in ReUnion.
          – Somalia with more population and more fertile land will be asked to take an equal share to Djibouti.
          – Somaliland will never accept less then 5-Region Reunion and 5-way equal shares.

          🙂 22years are sufficient evidence that Somalia is seeking a Reunion when such an arrangement is not in it's favor. Somalia will loose out, Somalia does not want a Union in which everyone is equal or it is better off without the union.



          When we consider population, economy, fertile land, potential future growth… If all the 3 above are equals and share everything along a 1/3 split. Djibouti would pay the lowest taxes, grow non food, have less population then Beledweyne and have zero potential fro growth HOWEVER when National budget is split in equal shares 7Million people will be awarded the same budget as 700thousand people.

          🙂 I do not think UNION benefits anyone when it is created on the principle of equality and without equality it cannot ever be built… There is no Union without someone making a sacrifice and i think Somalia should make 100% of sacrifices since it is only them who seem to want it.

          • Look mate to make for you long story short, don't drag UNION issue into Kill5 and Djibouti tiny this is totaly different movie need to understand that.

            NOW you have no choice every venue is close even the british gave you separation letter, either you keep sailing with your small makeshift boat in ocean without captain as you DONE the last twenty years or bring different better ideas.

    • faqash what r u doing hear hiding behind a good word such us thruth were u dont deserve somaliland is moving on so dont look back in unger

  23. This article is absolutely ridiculous, not because its asking for US recognition but because its trying to undermine the Somali government to get recognition..Its one thing to ask for recognition, but why talk down and envy Somalia? Xaasidnimo wax ma tarto walaalayal.

  24. To: tellmetruth

    Talk about resources; Somaliland has oil, gas & Livestock, Somalia used to have Banana plantation and now has nothing. They even burned the few trees they used to have and exported as Coal to the Middle East. Facts speak loader than BS.

  25. You are to the point Buuxiye. These guys always panic and flood the Somaliland websites attacking us when they feel things are moving in the right direction for our country.

    Look how confused these people are. These Somalia guys can not base their argument on logic or facts as you do, but instead they resort to abusive language and falsehood. Add this two ingredients (abusive language and falsehood) you will get nothing out of these except rubbish.

    I do not know who on earth these people are addressing, Somalilanders have made their minds 32 years ago, when SNM was founded and the international community is dealing with Somaliland as separate country. Who the hell does this people are trying to convince? Because there is no one out there listening to them.

  26. It is funny that Buqlanders are here with names like "truthseekers" or "truthtellers", Why dont they just be honest with themselves and support Somalis who want to develop instead of getting angry or jealous.

    Reality is that if Majareerteen were Isaaq, they would never have taken their independence to a bunch of mugga mugga heads. But kept it like the greedy Issa of Djibouti who never share anything.

    The old "Somali Republic" will never come back as it took Somalis to become a republic. If Somalis are not happy with it, then it has no future. So unless the haters can make certain people as non-Somali or aliens as the former faqash junta did, well it failed and it will never be bought again in 2013.

    They must choose "Zoomalia" for Zoomalis, or shut up cos nobody wants to entertain a fitna ridden people and culture as legit. Because Zoomalia and Somali Republic are different. What the westerners are now funding is called Zoomalia.

    So who are the lazy stupids hallucinating on cambuulo or qat?

    SL people at least know where they are, but Zoomalia people dont.

    • Gosh, what are you a certified retard. It is Somalia, and for you to say ''zoomalia, shows how fitna ridden you are yourself. Beside, if you yourself are honest with yourself, you would have at least admitted that the separatists agenda is only supported by one tribe who doesn't even have the full support of its own tribe, let alone the rest of that region. And even if you had the full support of your tribe, why can't you accept the choice made by the people of Khaatumo or Awdal? Ignoring others wishes and insisting on getting your wishes only, is what I believe why you never had the blessings of Allah to succeed. And as long you insist on continue doing that, you will never get Allah blessing I believe, and of course without Allah blessings nothing will ever work for you separatists. It's called ''XAQ". And one more thing, you can not play majority / minority card when this is about land, a land whereby the majority is inhabited by a pro union tribe. 90% of the land you separatists occupy is another man's land. And it is for that injustice why you will never reach your goal. Mark my word!!

    • mohamed,

      reality is your words not making any sense. Mj and isaaq are totaly different ppl when it comes thinking ahead.

      – MJ know where they are heading, isaaq don't
      -MJ never try to divide somalia, isaaq do.
      -MJ politically mature, isaaq don't
      -MJ can negotiate and fight their share in somalia, isaaq can not.
      -MJ Created somali goverment,isaaq can't ADD 1+1 still crying after 25 years never move forward.
      -The IC respects MJ leadership playing good role while isaaq knocking every door"recognition".

      • I am sorry to puncture your hallucinations, but where did Majareerteen created a government?

        You are just as isolated as the Isaaq, but you are people who do not want to let go of the past. It is your problem if you cant progress, and progress only happens when people admit to realities on ground.

        The fact that the gaalo are not befriending SL is a blessing cos they only like bad blacks like rapists and robbers.

        • It looks your the one who is having big hallucination attack, because your clueless.
          -Ofcourse MJ did lay the foundation future goverment in somalia,Proof Road map one and two.
          – MJ they are not isolated as your are, they are very active.
          – Puntland made good progress the last 14 years, today everyone can see it.
          – You must be confuse person, there is NO gaalo Puntland territory.

          • You are happy with what you got now, and we are looking for something else much better. A bunch of Darood warlords gathering in Garowe to make a little Darood group is not progress.

            That is the difference between you and me.

          • Something much better? Like one tribe country? That's exactly what I mean with you separatists being hypocrites. Mate if you want something better, bare in mind that you can only take your little triangle with you (Hargeysa, Burco, berbera, consisting of Waqooyi galbeed, and north-west Toogdheer). The rest, you have no say in it.

  27. Mr ALI MOHAMED, you said: ''The so-called government was the byproduct of a scam perpetuated by the U.N. for more than 10 years''. Don't you think, the same can be said about your so called government (separatists government) too? At least the so called Government of Somalia is publicly supported by all the tribes of the south (evidence are the thousands supported who welcomed the President everywhere he went). yet the so called separatists government, is only supported by it's tribe and no one ells. That shows, your so called government is more illegitimate than the south. You can hide behind the name Somaliland as you like, but by the day, the world is slow but surely seeing that the separatists agenda is only supported by one tribe. Your tribe!

  28. Time of BS somalinimo love in 60 is over. Our close people and neigbourg country Djibouti show us how to stay from crasy walanweyn and faqash.Somaliland will fix.soon historic mistake of ours grand father by regaining his lost sovergnity.

  29. With all the pages and pages of propaganda written by Buuxiye, this is the first time he says something sensible and reasonable as he talks about Somali federalism. Unlike, some folks who will attack and who will always belittle the grievances of the people of Somaliland, I believe that it is inevitable for the two regions to renegotiate their relationship anew but without dividing the country and its people. Good line of thinking Buuxiye!

    • That will happen only in your wet dreams and you didn't get what Buuxiye was writing about. Get a grip Somaliland-Somalia union belongs to the past. " Waa sacabkaas oo timo ka soo baxeen" as we say it here in Somaliland.

        • Sahra,

          Don't be so confuse, i know your ginuine person who wants to express her view but bare in mind there are ppl use different names with different comments.

          ALL you need to do is write your comment but never follow anyone. samale also have multiple names.

  30. I agree with Buuxye, Faroole is trying to move with his in-laws in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The guy is married to a wise Isaaq women, she smells the coffee brewing in Buqlands and doesn't want her husband to end up in a hostile African country, where they will rape his kids and steal the little money he gets away with. She doesn't want him to suffer the same faith as Afweyne and Cabdillahi Yey, who were both humiliated in their last days.

  31. LOOOL Somalilandpress reminds me of this Xaafad in Ceerigabo called ''Yuurura'' where Islaamo used to come together after Asr prayer with their Ganbadhs and do their thing, gossiping, fighting, dissing each other and etc, every hooyo goes home that night satisfied knowing that they participated, but then everything is said never goes beyond the Yuurura suburb, next day, every day, at the same time.

    I guess we Somalis will always find something to fight over whether it's Qabiil or Political, but let us stop carrying around that heavy baggage of hate, I personally don't take Somali political serious, since it changes all the time. it's like the British weather, changes over a short period of time, in the morning you be like ah Thank God, enjoying your sunny day and by evening you're bloody dripping wet in heavy rain.

    btw any of you planning to visit Ceerigabo in the future Yuurura is the place to go, trust me on that one LOOOL

  32. Garowe is a secessionist enclave, Buqlisho is a secessionist enclave, Kastuumo is a secessionist enclave. Why just be mad about SL with a legitimate case of independence since it was a British Protectorate with its own parliament, currency etc.

    Did Kastuumo or Garowe use to have its parliament in the 60s?

    Shut up jealous ppl. You will never get anything without respecting others peoples first.

    • I believe you are the jealous one. Jealous of success of the Ciise. We just don't like to share the spoils with Is@q X@abashi like you, all others are welcome.

  33. @Hornid,

    Are you bipolar? Some days you are praising Djibouti, other days you are lamenting about its "one-clan" government.

    @P.Geezer: Have you seen your D@rood girls in action in North America? If I were you, I wouldn't say anything disparaging about Djibouti.

    • My lord "Djibouti frech Boot camp". everybody knows what Djibouti tiny dusty hot EXPORTS since they don't anyother thing to export.

    • Jabutawi don t make me wrong but I still consider ur country as one clan gov and very tribal state comparing to Somalia /Somaliland, only Kil 5 did worst than u. However I am not jealous like most of ur Issa clan in Djibouti toward Somaliland as I congratulate success of ur economy and peace of ur country. Ur clan are just lucky to not live with crasy Hawiye and Blood sucker Darood that ur President and ur clan want to force us again to join them only becoz of tribal reason. Salal issue convince few remaining Samaron who believe in Somalia to join their brother Issaq to create their own state, Somaliland. Ur country are more divided with Issa clan on one side and Afar/Samaron/Issaq and Arab on other side..

  34. Somaliland is moving on unreconised or reconised,haters puting forward obsticals or not Its united strong like mountain change of wethers whant do anything long live somaliland and may ur enemys perish in rage

  35. Somaliland is moving on with any opstical put infront of it if its faqash mentality behind wich changes like chameleone lizards such us proxy sub states phutoland,kastuumo or mahkiir what ever you whant call it or it be the out side sponsered undemocratic somalia with its propganda

  36. Long live somaliland strong like mounten change of whether whant do any thing to you and may your enemyes perish in rage if its propoganda claims from faqash mentality proxy border states such us phutopyrateland, kastumo,makhiir or southsomalia your still standing strong and tall like mountain with out sponser from out side long live