U.S. Embassy, Nairobi, Kenya

Press Release
July 17, 2009

U.S. Urges Release of Journalists in Somaliland

The United States government condemns the recent arrests in Somaliland of Radio Horyaal journalists Mohamed Osman Mire and Ahmed Saleban Dhuhul, and the suspension of Horn Cable TV (HCTV).

We call for the immediate release of the journalists, and we strongly urge that Horn Cable TV be allowed to resume broadcasting without impediment during this important, pre-election period.



  1. where did you get this news from?!!! does US government know the existence of these journalists? HCTV? or Radio Horyaal? lol

  2. I'm glad the US is concerned about Somaliand now. It is about time the SL government change its policies towards the media and improve its democracy system.

  3. I think someone emailed them – I havent seen this either on the Kenyan US site but you never know they might wanted not to add there. Just because it's not there does not mean it's fabrication.