foreign minister1By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland minister of Commerce and International Investment Dr. Mohamed Abdullah Omer speaking at a press briefing announced plans to establish a permanent Somaliland Trade and Investment promotion office in the UAE in the near future given the increasing interest in the whole region, it is the ideal time for domestic and international investors to examine the vast potential in Somaliland.

“We have finalized plans for the opening of the proposed Somaliland Trade and Investment promotion office in the UAE soon to serve as a place whereby those potential investors and businesses looking to venture into Somaliland can obtain access to crucial information on investment opportunities.

Dr. Mohamed Abdullah Omer went on to say, “My counterpart, the UAE Minister of Economy Hon Sultan Al Mansoor has invited Somaliland government and also promised to support in hosting of the first ever Somaliland investment summit in unspecified location in the UAE soon and whose objective is to promote the positive economic trend that is taking place across Somaliland and to bridge the information gap for local and international investors and stakeholders.

“The proposed Somaliland Investment Summit to be held in the UAE will offer a platform for local and international investors to engage with Somaliland’s economy in order to survey and with the aim of accessing the abundant investment opportunities available throughout the country. The summit is expected to attract leaders from adverse background mostly from the public and private sectors including international executives, academics, policymakers and investors will converge in Dubai to discuss opportunities, share best practice, forge strategic partnership and showcase the investment prospects available within Somaliland”, he said.

The Minister of Commerce added “We have invited a number of UAE business groups to visit and invest in Somaliland abundant oil and gas-exploration opportunities, and our fisheries industry and as you’re all aware of Somaliland has made many impressive gains in creating a favorable investment climate, but more investment support is needed.

Dr. Omar said, “Investment opportunities in the oil, gas and fisheries industries had been presented to the Emirati’s.

The UAE and Somaliland have developed close cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, the fight against piracy and regional affairs.