By Richard Lough

MOGADISHU (Reuters) – In a sign of growing optimism thatSomalia is winning a struggle against pirates and al Qaeda-linked insurgents, Britain opened an embassy on Thursday in a set of four metal cabins at Mogadishu airport.

It was the first such move by a Western power since Somalia began to emerge from more than two decades of conflict. Turkey and Iran are among others vying for influence in the Horn of Africa country, with growing commercial ties and diplomatic missions already up and running.

“It is a symbol of our confidence and belief in the future of Somalia,” said British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who flew in on an unannounced visit to watch the Union Jack flag hoisted above the cabins, generator and satellite dish within the airport perimeter fence.

“This is a sign of where Somalia is now heading to,” said Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

“Somalia is going back to the international arena,” he added, expressing hope that other Western states would follow suit.


The country is enjoying a delicate recovery but remains heavily dependent on others for its security. An African Union military offensive has driven weakened al Shabaab insurgents from bases in Mogadishu and other cities, and piracy in the strategic sea lanes off Somalia is at an all-time low, thanks largely to a heavy foreign naval presence.


A stable Somalia would boost regional economies like Kenya and Ethiopia which have been rattled by their neighbor’s insecurity, and would reassure Western capitals which have long worried Somalia provides a base for militant Islam to flourish.

The British government says now is “the best time in a generation for Somalia to get back onto the road to recovery.” Britain will host an international conference in London on May 7 on ways to bolster security, impose the rule of law and rebuild the nation.

At the new embassy, due to be fully operational from late July, diplomats will live and work for a few weeks at a time in rotation behind two big blast walls, squeezed between the airport runway on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other.

Other countries with embassies in Mogadishu include Turkey, Libya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen and Iran.

Britain’s previous diplomatic mission lies in ruins: it closed in 1991 as a civil war broke out that led to first warlords and then Islamist militants stepping into the political vacuum.

Once written off as a failed state, Somalia now has its most legitimate government for decades since Mohamud’s election in September. But the government still struggles to exert influence beyond the capital.

Foreign diplomats say they are spending more time in Somalia and will not be far behind the growing number of U.N. officials and aid workers slowly moving to Somalia from Kenya, where many organizations have been running their Somali operations.

 Source: Reuters


  1. Finally,we are back in business.
    Ala karuura kuwii fadhiyey soo kulaala ayaa yiraa. eey yaaa eey eey yaah …….


    Ishii bugtaay kubikaacsoo…..waardee waynu duulnay dee!!!!!

    • GalMudug I offer you the hand of peace let us unite from now on for sake of our beloved country.

      • PuntlandCheezer, Why should we be offered when we can have it all to ourselves. We can have you as our submissive slaves and servants for lifel, that is if you are willing to just live otherwise we will exterminate you.

  2. While this was happening Hiiraale a former warlord and his troops managed to sneak their way in to Kismayo to reclaim it back from another warlord called Madobe

    Sources not the one above are saying that he would also command the Ceelwaaq troops that are already stationed there.

    Now i'am staunchly against what Madobe is doing but this highly dangerous game needs an intervention asap with Madobe recognizing the FG as his boss or else sadly this is exactly what is waiting for that region… .

      • @Geezer, how much sh…te can talk. You are full of it. Au troops won't be in moqdisho for long.

      • Arrest i don't know whether to take you seriously or ? this guy didn't just decide one day to come to Kismayo nah he came well prepared with troops of his own helped by the 100's of troops from Ceelwaaq that are already stationed there.

        PIS i've told you this many times patience is the virtue to success our government is negotiating with the separatist first for them to come back under Mogadishu peacefully if that fails i'm sure Mogadishu will start arming Khaatumo to the teeth so until then they have to hang on there i'am afraid.

        • Our government is negotiating with the separatist?????? People are being slaughtered here in Buhodle of Khaatumo State and our madaxwey is entertaining those involved in the death of these innocent Khaatumo people.

          hasan sheikh mohamud should be chased out of Mogadishu the guy is useless

          • When TWO-sovereign heads of state SIGN a binding contract under the watchful eyes of the international community who facilitated the dialogue process that lead to the binding agreements the minorities who are opposed to PEACE and PROGRESS will be afforded their rights while the majority are respected to RULE with the law of the land.

            The Day Terrorist militia groups are entertained or armed is the day all hell breaks loose.

            A people who covered themselves with the Somaliweyn flag that bares the 5-pointed start representing Somaliland, Djibouti, Kilil, Somalia and NFD who while wearing the flag like garments proclaim Kenyata as a friend and a brother, who support the jubaland divisive project is it any wonder the Somaliweyn flag is nothing more then toilet paper???

            See for yourself this is the nature of the modern Unionists, Ethiopia and Kenya and Djibouti are friends of Somaliweyn but Somaliland-Republic is the enemy??? Ina iley is still mourning the death of Melez Zenawi that made his people langaabs.

            That is why the UNION is dead and will always be dead…

            Dabodhilifs killed the Union and it will forever stay dead!

            🙂 That is the reality…

          • I don't insult Somali females.

            But the Women in Talex were wearing the 5-pointed star as they were singing for Kenyata. If you call the politics it is no wonder Talex looks like aa caveman settlement dead and burried by sand dunes in the desert.

            Sing for Hitler too if that makes you feel good. The reality is somaliland-Republic is moving on.

            Ismaeal Samatar has resigned from somalia-Italia-Politics to return to his home…

            Ali Galydh will makes his stand in Muuqdishu even after Hassan Mahamoud tells him he has no place… The people of Ali Galydh will become third class citizens because of his decision.

            Peace is the way forward those that are against it and the TWO-STATE solution will have to move to Dadaab and dollo Ado or invent NEW refugee camps where ever they like.

            That is the future… join in or be left in a refugee camp. Somalia-Italia will never allow Dhulos to touch Jubaland that is a promise.

        • Irir
          I try to explain to you but the comment was deleted by the administration and there was no bad language.kkkkkkkkkk

          • Yes, I was surprised when they deleted my comment as well and there was no foul language in it either. Perhaps a misguided algorithm is randomly deleting certain names like madoobe. I am surprised they are ignoring people like PuntlandGeezer who insults clans all the time.

          • Ali Madoobe,

            PuntlandGezeer, he/she is part of Gang call five using different names. the other issue is Barre hiirale he is under strict instruction not to make problem, if does he will pay heavy price. this order comes from Jubbaland arm forces+AMISOM troops station in kismaayo.

          • @Ali Madoobe & yaasin

            lol Somalilandpress has welcomed me with open arms because I am in a long-distance relationship with a Isaaq woman from Hargeisa.

          • Sahra what lol how whats so bad about you explaining how he got arrested ?

            Buuxiye keep spinning the same theoretic's over and over again you might not think so but what Silanyo signed with Mogadishu is the same as Puntland but more privileged.

            The most important 1 is the Aid money which Silanyo agreed will be given to them by Mogadishu in essence admitting that they're still part of Somalia.

            PIS and that's why i hope people like you never become 1 of our politicians because you clearly haven't got a clue about the art of politicking.

          • Sir. I put a detail commented for you. And how things unfolded and who was behind the whole thing and how he get arrested.But they the administration are holding on to the comment which they have no business of doing. Therefore you know me very well by now, If I say something and the person ask me to explain it I always do that.So for you to say I have no clue the art of politicking is asking for me to be harsh with you and my respond is no thanks…

          • Sahra we shall wait and see but in my opinion someone has lied to you badly there's no way the fake administration of Kismayo could ever arrest him without triggering violence.

            Maybe if you had said the Nairobberians had a word with him would of been believable anything else is BS

          • Kismanyo has well-trained police force and do you know how long ago this processes started four years ago. So who's BS….

          • The man that's forcefully in charge of Kismayo now is the same man that partially controlled it under Shabaab 4 years ago till there was an internal struggle resulting with him being booted out not only from Kismayo but the whole of the Jubba altogether lol

            That process you're talking about warlord Hiiraale was part of you're so self defeatist through your own words do you know that Sahra

          • The latest news from, Hassan Culusow he's heading to Kismaayo crown the new president of jubbaland Endure the meeting. this ORDER came straight from IC and AU.

            The purpose hassan NGO went to Mombasa is TO hear what the world has to say his leadership hindering federalism, not allowing two or more regions to form own local admin.

          • Those were mostly from the Dhobley Ceelwaaq troops which Nairobbery abandoned for Rastraitors.

            Some of those very same troops are said to be the one causing havoc in Garissa now.

      • I don't know what's going on in Kismayo Sahra, it looks like Mareehaan and Ogaden will start fighting again, it also seems to me that Kenyan Bantu army is now neutral in this conflict. Its game on all over again. Bare Hiiraale is a warlord and Madoobe is a Somali Eithopian. How did Hiiraale manage to go to a town governed by Madoobe supported by Kenya. Madoobe lost soldiers fighting Shabaab to protect Kenyan interest since Shabaab was a national security issue for Kenya. Now it seems Kenya doesn't care anymore.

        • Wadani
          You have it wrong but as I said before that this place isn't allowing people to explain.

  3. Embassy inside 4 containers!!. I guess it can be removed swiftly if things fall apart again, and it is by the airport. On the other hand the UK office in Hargeisa is made of bricks and mortars. Sometimes it is better to forgo such "photo-opportunities", and say, come back and open a proper embassy in the fullness of time. Only Somalia could accept something like that. Total lack of respect. Is Matt Baugh going to sit inside the containers.

    • What you talking about there's no UK embassy in Triangle-Land stop being delusional.

      • Matta Baugh will only have a Private toilet in the containers i think he will sleep inside an aMisom TANK.

        Muuqdishu does not have any toilets the people just go into an empty property where they can count the stars above them when the need to respond to the call of nature.

        Majeerteen want their properties back not realizing that they are being used as makeshift toilets for 22years. 22years of hardcore excrement will never wash off.


        • Container is better than what Hargeisa will ever achieve tell me after 20+ years how many embassy's are there none .

          Haha coming from those that go outside to sh!t in a plastic bag should stay quit in that department.

    • @xaaji, good luck to Somalia but they are doomed.Somalia has cancer which hasn't been treated probably but it has been prescribed slowing down pill in the form of au troops.

        • Irir- , there is a UK office in Hargesia made of bricks and mortars. You know nothing about the country and yet you continue to talk about it. Inadeer miyaad hinaastay? Get the facts first and then talk…There is so much co-operation between Somaliland & the UK that you don't know about. If you are going to troll the Somaliland websites get the facts first…

  4. kkkk, Samale

    Barre hiirale/huurale the people who get rid of him are in charge in Kismayo today. the problem is you don't know this part of somalia. secondly, in Kismaayo more than ten thousand well equip arm forces are station there so Barre hiirela have no chance.

    Any Somali person can go stay or visit kismayo but those who try to destabilize will deported on the spot or kill. those believe Jubbaland formation can be derail they are dreaming, no one can stop.

    • Saaqid shirdoqon is the Pawn that will be used to address the Jubaland project. Nobody can accuse him of being qabilistic against his own people.

      🙂 $Millions will be spent to ensure Somalia-Italia-federation SELECTED government remains in control of the Shabab invested region. Hassan Mahamoud does not need to negotiate with any spoilers he has the full mandate to exercise his authority in Jubaland with full support of Amisom. Strong stance is required to close the project down on account if it's divisive strategy and for the sake of long term peace. Hassan Mahamoud should hold a conference in Muuqdishu inviting all the inhabitants to have dialogue first prior to a proper agreed SELECTION process where the rights of even clan can be fully debated prior to any SELECTIOn process of the Governor of the Region.

        • @ sahra you are typical angry faqash girl. I am sorry situation isn't much better then what it was 22 yrs ago in your zoomalia. Now days you need 20 000 African troops to keep you alife

          • It's unfortunate when a man critical thinking hasn't evolved more than two decades and it's stuck in the mind-set of faqash and he's obsess of dividing nation that's the size of Texas where half of the people of everywhere of Somalia are seeking better life in other nations. And thousands die every other day in the sea, Just to give the opportunity basic necessity of living before they pass to the other world.So if that doesn't make you skin coral and your stomach turn than something is wrong with to you begin with it and you have no right to call yourself a human being the period…….

  5. Documentary showing the genocide committed against Hargeisa

    1.It shows Colonel Yusuf Abdi Ali (Tuke) dowsing gas and lighting fire on his victims with their hands and foot tied all while smiling and enjoying the cries and pleas coming from his dying victims just like the Nazis.

    2.Shows Generals Ahmed Warsame Mohamed, his deputy General Siyad Daud giving orders to massacre them all including the wounded. Kill them all but the Crows orders General Ahmed Warsame Mohamed.

    3. Shows General Awees Geedo, an artillery specialist, instructing his various artillery divisions the types of missiles, rockets and other armaments they should be shelling at the city of Hargeisa.

    4.It also shows general Morgan giving orders.

    You can watch this documentary here:

    And then pray for the victims of this inhumane genocide.

    • Daljirka,

      They are paying the price now.

      Look what hawiye did to them in Xamar. Also, look how they are treated like no class citizen in the south and north as well. This is the way Allah is punishing them in this dunya and akhira cadab will be the sever one.

      I always said Isaaq people are the best. We are in a position to level lascanod and garowe with the ground but we choose not to do so.

      What can I say.

  6. @PuntlandGeezer
    I agree with you brother.We must unite for the sake of our kids the next generation.Long live United Somalia.

  7. To all Welaweyn listen carefully, you can't build a village let alone pacify it for almost tgiry years. You are wasting your time. the world has already decided that you can't ever become a country againt. if you build one successful reggion will be a miracle. The reason our president was officaily invited in istanbel and WAshington is the world is about to recogize the sterling Republic of Somaliland. They will tell the walweyn you know you have no power to chllenge us becasue you are powerless and fragmented. Therefore, they will tell you that the Republic of somliland is a soverign Republic because they know that is the only hing possible. Walweyn you are still in comma, and going through a major surgery and youthink you are well. Somaliland Republic is here to sty, and the destiny of its people is in its hands. look for solutions from where else forever, because you can't resolve your problems. keep dreaming forever, Long life the Republic of Somaliland

  8. PuntlandGeezer you need to watch this documentary to see how those who experience genocide feel.

    Documentary showing the genocide committed against Hargeisa

    1.It shows Colonel Yusuf Abdi Ali (Tuke) dowsing gas and lighting fire on his victims with their hands and foot tied all while smiling and enjoying the cries and pleas coming from his dying victims just like the Nazis.

    2.Shows Generals Ahmed Warsame Mohamed, his deputy General Siyad Daud giving orders to massacre them all including the wounded. Kill them all but the Crows orders General Ahmed Warsame Mohamed.

    3. Shows General Awees Geedo, an artillery specialist, instructing his various artillery divisions the types of missiles, rockets and other armaments they should be shelling at the city of Hargeisa.

    4.It also shows general Morgan giving orders.

    You can watch this documentary here:

    And then pray for the victims of this inhumane genocide.

  9. @Daljirka

    why re-ignite clan conflicts what you gonna get out of this anyway? Somalis had history of killing each other a clan against clan, a sub clan against a sub clan and a sub sub clan against a sub sub clan.

    Mohamed Siad Barre (May Allah have mercy) was not a tribalist but a nationalist leader who believed that Somalia belongs to him only him and no one else this is classified as dictator like that of Bashar Assad who is using chemical weapons against his own people or Gaddafi who referred to the residents of benghazi as rats and ordered his forces to cleanse benghazi and thats when the french planes entered libyan airspace to push back Gaddafi forces from benghazi.

    Mohamed Siad Barre (May Allah have mercy) sent SNA troops which composed mainly of the Isaaq soldiers into North Western Somalia since the crisis in Hargeisa quickly escalated because the Ethiopian backed rebel (SNM) were attacking SNA positions with guerrilla warfare tactic hit and run and then hide between civilians. Most of the casualties were from the SNM since they were all wearing civilian clothes.

    What Siilaanyo is doing today is the worst thing ever to happen to Somalia killing an entire tribe (Duulbaahaante) from left to right and displacing them from their home's and sending them into makeshift camps this is ethnic cleansing. Siilaayo Isaaq militia have committed crimes against humanity in Khaatumo state a campaign to drive Duulbaahaante tribe from their land.

    We can't go back to 1991 Somalia has moved to a new era of peace but we can immediately end this genocide unfolding in Khaatumo state If only we stand side by side and fight the SNM the real enemy of the state of Somalia.

    • Have you run out of your senses I have been reading some of your comments and came to find the type of person you are . All of your comments are useless and meaningless your just a child playing in the pond of sheets and no one is concern about him infect your really disgusting and you look hooligan. at least you should give something to urge and not to incite hatred among the human being. and you should understand that Dulbahante are not living in the Mars, they are living together with other clans in good harmony and do not try to incite hatred among them. This shows that you're not among us please stop this foolishness.

    • Always big mouth with same nonsenses. The Dhulbanate 10% of the Somaliland tribes
      with no seperate demarcation borders in Buhoodle,Sool and Sanaag should not be a big
      conflicting affairs for the 90% other Somaliland fabrics. Besides the cream elites of the
      Dhulbahante tribes are Somalilanders. Marginalized isolated big mouth dissidents like
      Puntlandgeezer(PIS) keep braying and crowing can not make big differences to cause
      harm against the solid democratic foundations on which the Somaliland keeps functioning.
      You are not dealing with the SNM but instead you are dealing with the Somaliland
      Democratic Republic. Keep entertaining your evil soul spirits with false mirage delusions.
      MR Big mouth!!!

      • You shut up dhuloz have more land than you do and whatever you're selling the world isn't buying got that………..

      • hahahaha since when is dhulbahante 10%? Isaaqs are pissed of ever since Statistics were released showing that the majeerteen(a subsubsub clan of Darod) was bigger than them. But you can continue to lie to yourselfs and believe that 90% of northern Somalia are isaaqs.

    • Abdinuur

      I don't know how you allowed to say all this but I can say half of that in this place.Unbelievable!!

      • Sahra,

        What do you mean how you been allowed to say all this? this is free press people debate here as long not using offensive language keep short effective comment. my comment it's not large it's within the range of somalilandpress rules and regulation.

        • Abdinuur
          Don't take it the wrong way walaalkiis.You're one of my favorite person in this website.My question was more toward to the administration than you.Because earlier I was conversing with Irir and I was explaining to him what Mr culsoow was doing to stop the legal processes that is taking place in kismaanyo, which is their right under the federal system that we all agree and he himself was selected and how many destructive way he try and failed to stop something he has no business of doing it.So to make long story short I put a comment they deleted and with held and there was no profanity or bad language in my comment.

  10. Straight from one of the horses mouth: one of the OG elders in Kismayo is admitting that from the start the conference was hijacked by his people with the help of Nairobbery/IGAD and that now even the few none OG clans that really thought it would of been transparent or were bought off have now all left even some OGs themselves including him are also starting to leave.… listen to the audio for more.

    And people on here were trying to discredit me for telling the truth nothing but the truth by using clannish talks even to my surprise Tellmetruth now let see how they will manage to hoodwink this one.

    • This is lie what you download here, Jubbaland conference will continue if Moryaan and their Gang samale project think they can off truck this fast moving train than they wrong.

      One THINK is for sure Jubbaland state of somalia admin will up and running soon no matter what Moryaan brainless try to do.

    • So i see – Mr clueless Wamo no other comments this finally did the trick then into convincing the daylight robbers cheerleaders of the real situation or at least the evidence left them gobsmacked and so kept schtum

      • There is no trick or magic here mate, Jubbaland progress is real one not fake. you guys can go left to right or center but Jubbaland formation is bullet train i hope no one stays it's truck.

        All these are garbage,

        > ooh someone left the meeting

        > ooh fight will break out in kismayo than Moryaan+ their thugs will come back (it's impossible)

        > ooh Sierra Leon army will take over Jubbaland, even if they do Sierra Leon HAVE to follow AU rules also aware who is the majority in Jubbaland, they do not want to become statistics or suicidal.

        > ooh Barre hiirale will go kismayo make trouble, as now barre Hiirale is under strict condition slightest move he will be arrested or shot.

  11. Container, Tent or buul-caws! whatever you name, its an embassy in Mogadishu and Hargeisa is part& parcel Somalia.

  12. Hey, is it me, or at there so much moaning and whining going from the last tribe of Darood? Isaaq iyo Hawiye heeshay, only Daroods are left to scream in the void. Hey, that is the price you pay for Siyaad Barre and Cabdillahi Yusuf. Man up!

    • It does not concern what so ever Darood Jaberti Ismail if Moryaan and diluted Isaq have agreement nothing will change. as you know the two STATES Darood control in Somalia Hassan culusow his orders does not work there. so, you tell me now what is the point if they make agreement because their agreement will not effect Mighty Darood. Darood is major tribe almost six million live three different countries, the reason up to now Hassan culusow could not make any solid progress is confronting lion Darood it's suicidal.

  13. @Irir Samaale

    I am a fan of Centralised government all these tribal regions like Somaliland, Puntland, Jubaland etc are immediate danger to Somalia's sovereignty.

    Hasan sheikh mohamud should take most of the blame because of his poor political background for a start

    * He congratulated the separatists Isaaq knowing that they occupy duulbaahaante land and are at war with majerteen and warsangeli,.

    *He negotiated with the Isaaq separatists in Turkey and sold duulbaahaante land on the process.

    * He 's too close to Somaliland and siilaanyo.

    Harti Darood are suspicions of this close ties between Abgal and Isaaq so this is probably one of the reasons why the Harti Dared are in hurry to establish Jubaland for strategy regions to counterattack the Abgal and Isaaq with one sharp arrow.

    Ogaden get to control Jubaland and Majerteen will get its share of pie on a financial assistance for a future war with Isaaq for the liberation of Khaatumo state.

    Can't you see we came back to stage 1991 all over again.

    The only solution is for the Isaaq to withdraw from Khaatumo state.

    Remember Isaaq want Darood & Hawiya to fight so that they achieve their white trash recognition.

  14. The Somalia government wants to make it easier for people to be involved in decision–making. To find out what this means for you, take a look at the policies featured here and Somalia is One Somalia noooo Somalia land nooooooooooo Punt land all are Somalia weyn thanks to understand that !!!!!111