HARGEISA, 10 September 2009 (Somalilandpress) – A delegation led by the United Nation’s envoy to Somalia arrived Somaliland today. Ahmedou Ould-Abdalla with senior political and humanitarian officers were welcomed at Hargeisa airport by the Minister of foreign affairs and other Somaliland officials.

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The trip which was not officially announced is believed to the current situation in Somaliland. During his stay, the UN envoy will meet with the government, opposition parties, parliament and Guurti members as well as others. Sources told Somalilandpress that the envoy will try to mediate between the government and opposition.

Thais is the first trip of Ahmedou to Somaliland since he was appointed as the UN especial envoy to Somalia and Somaliland.

The visit comes when the political crisis in the country is its highest where no solutions can be seen to the deteriorating political situation in Somaliland.



  1. This delegation is coming not to mediate but to make sure the crisis isn't resolved, why because if Somaliland fails that means, more chaos in the region which leads to big juicy budgets for the UN, WHO, UNHCR, the contractor NGO, also to help get a military intervention that will boost not only the budget UN and AU etc, but is a boost for the military Industry in these times of financial crisis, call it conspiracy theory if you want, but answer this why wasn't UN fund justly divided between Somaliland and Somalia

  2. I believe all of this is setting the stage for something to come and the so-called president Riyaale is not the one who is pulling the strings but those who claim to be Somaliland friends and international organizations are the ones who are interfering and dictating the situation. Its ironic that we are witnessing officials arriving in Somaliland and holding talks with all three parties. I think Somalilanders wherever they are should be aware of them and their agenda.

  3. At this critical moment of Somaliland history we have to mobilize all of our resources to save our country. Bloodshed is not an option, and therefore we must have a compromised solution on the table. This is a Somaliland issue. There must be people’s agenda for solving this problem. We have to be proactive. Following is a suggestion to solve the problem: 1- President Riyale to resign and transfer power to his vise president (VP) (but he will participate in the upcoming presidential election). 2- Opposition parties to withdraw all their conditions. 3- Parliament and Guurti to establish temporary law to form interim government for six months that will be headed by current VP. The ministers will be made up of professionals who are not affiliated with the political parties. 4- Parliament to issue amnesty for all the current government officials and ensure no criminals charges are leveled against them in future. 5- Form new NEC. 6- The interim government main function will be to ensure that the NEC: a- Review and complete voters registration in all provinces of S/Land. b- Hold the election on the agreed upon date. 7- Finally, the interim government transfers the power to the winner.

  4. the people in that part of somalia can`t rule themself and can not be ruled
    first it was siad barre now they are attacking dahir riyale, the people up there are fitna by nature due to their habashi ancentery
    the people in somalilanbd are 60% uneducated nomads who used to dwell in grassing erea called hawd in ethiopia

    blame everbody but yourself, you distroyed somalia and now you are sitting in a foreign country sowing the seeds of distruction for the enity called somaliland

    you identical to your rebellious forfathers who would only except to be ruled by the british colonist as african americans would say they where a good house n*gro

    orphans of the british queen

    • The Somaliland people choose to NOT be part of Somalia almost 20 years ago but Somalia is a failed State so how can you claim that Somaliland has destroyed Somalia if that is the case why is Somalia still at conflict and it's unable to reconcile with one another?

  5. The NEC are the only people are pulling Somaliland into a dangerous, and that the current NEC shall be replaced,

  6. NEC are putting Somaliland at risk and that the NEC shall be replaced,
    and that the NEC are the trouble makers here causing this mess of moving the election everytime the election is near by, this the fourth time of the election being postened, and that everytime they make a new excuse, and I think it is an outrage,

  7. wow muna. May Allah cure your heart from the sickness..I love you nevertheless as your brother from Somaliland

  8. I get the feeling that Mr.Auld Abdallah and his crew are in Somaliland, just to 1.Justify their existence
    2. To make it seem that Somaliland is going to follow the hellish path of Somalia.
    3. To be utterly useless in every aspect, the UN, politically is a joke, agencies such as UNDP, WHO,FAO, UNESCO, UNICEF, and UNHCR do great work, but the UN political section is like one of those pathetic people who just wanted to be liked and made to feel important.

    A word to MUNA, the people of Somaliland didn't destroy Somalia, Afweyne destroyed Somalia, along with his henchmen, get your facts straight..were you ever in Somalia? or are you one of those kids born in Arabia and expedited to US and Europe after the civil war…The people of Hawd are strong, skilled and hardy people, not some soft and wannabe intellectual like yourself.

  9. Excuse me Muna we are not attacking Dahir Rayale he is attacking us, why Mr Rayale and his adminstration has posteponed the election a number of times for the past 18 months, and that we have been patient enough already,

  10. Why is it only death will remove a polatition from office?
    Shouldn't elections? the three mean parties will have the same leader and till each is dead.

  11. I think that the MP's in Somaliland who had a huge fight that included that monster who pulled a pistol at another Mp, I think their behaviour was totally unexepectable, So what you guys think.