The Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health chair by Congressman Donald M. Payne has invited Somaliland’s Foreign Minister his excellency Abdillahi Mohamed Dualeh, along with Puntland President Dr. Abdirahman Farole, Dr. Crispus Kiyonga Minster of Defense from Uganda and Somali’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Omar.

These leaders were invited to attend an open briefing and hearing of the Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health with regards to Somalia’s prospects for lasting peace and a unified response to extremism and terrorism.

This is the first time that such an inventation has been extended to the east African countries. For more information you can check out the website of the Committee.

Source: SomalilandPress


  1. This will not change any thing; yes it is great the publicity, but this invitation is general invitation for all Somalia that is why they invited other ministers from Somalia. I only hope Somaliland decline this invitation because it will not bring us closer to recognition. In political view, we are taking step back and if we want to be a country we have to act like it. If USA or other countries would like to invite Somaliland and discus Somaliland issues they should not include other countries.

  2. I think Somaliland should accept the invitation and send their representative in Washington to give our point of view. There is no need of our minister to sit in the same room with a traitor defector. The invitation is welcome and the rest will come without any reference to this meeting. Somalia exists only in minds of the beholder. Somaliland is a reality. Somaliland didhoo dilaac!

    • "somalia exsists only in the minds of the beholder"????

      excuse me lady, i know you're very proud of your deposed, UNRECOGNIZED nation, but there's no need for you to talk like that about somalia which not only is a soverign nation but also a recognized country and RESPECTED entity of all somali territory. that is much more than i can say for a de facto, gang administrated inclave.

      next time you decide to talk shit about somalia, remember the condition of your own state.

      • My god you should be on Comic view. Are you serious?

        "Next time you decide to talk shit about somalia, remember the condition of your own state"



    • Dear Huriya
      Your pen name means in arabic " freedom" but it contracts with what you write about somaliland, whose people gained their freedom from the past and present atrocities taking place in the places you call soverign & recognized state.
      Please either change you pen name or stop the hatred you have.

  3. This doesn't make any sense for visiting washington Ahdulahi Mohamed Dualeh he is one of the worst Minster of Somaliland because he said three years ago Somaliland is a Secular Country,so the reason that they call American to refresh the ideology of Secularism, so we are advising the Senators of Somaliland to look cariousity the outcome that meeting, and if he said again we are secular to take an action insha allaah we will see what will come and the Senators of somaliland they said we rule islamica sharia law and am congratulating the Somaliland Senators.

  4. I think you are wrong about Minister Dualeh..He is a strong minister, I wonder if you have ever seen him in action. As for this session, it is better for Somaliland to be represented and to remind the US Congress, that there is a serious and democratic ally in the Horn of Africa.. As for Mohamed Oomar, it is a shame, a scion of a prestigious and well-known Somaliland patriot chasing after the dollar. I know his siblings Raqiya and Rageh, they must be devastated..Still, he joins along line of dollar-chasers, Buubaa, Sifir, Cusmaan Kaluun, Jaamac Yare, etc, they have not and will never hurt Somaliland.

  5. Somaliland people and their government will do what we think is wright for us .

    any comments you can reach me