President Barack Obama cleared the way Monday for the U.S. to arm and train Somali forces, taking a step toward normal relations with the East African nation as it works to build confidence in its newly recognized government.

In a memo to Secretary of State John Kerry, Obama said he has determined that supplying defense equipment and services “will strengthen the security of the United States and promote world peace.” The move doesn’t immediately provide new assistance to Somalia, but allows Kerry to consider taking that step in the future.

Somalia is trying to preserve fragile progress toward establishing its first functional government after two decades of chaos. The U.S. formally recognized the African nation’s new government in January — the first time the U.S. had recognized a Somali government since 1991, when warlords overthrew longtime dictator Siad Barre and then turned on one another.

“The United States is committed to being a long-term partner in assisting the defense forces in Somalia defense to become a professional military force,” said National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden.

A relative peace has returned to Somalia’s war-battered capital of Mogadishu since African Union forces ousted al-Shabab — a militant group loosely associated with al-Qaida — from the city over 18 months ago. But al-Shabab rebels are not yet defeated, and the U.S. remains concerned about the threat the group could pose to the region’s stability. The U.S. designated al-Shabab a terrorist group in 2008.

Obama’s decision was not tied to any new threat assessment in Somalia, said a senior administration official, who was not authorized to discuss security assessments publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The move follows a decision by the U.N. Security Council, after an appeal from Somali officials, to partially suspend the arms embargo on Somalia for 12 months. The council preserved a ban on exports of a list of heavy military hardware, including surface-to-air missiles, anti-tank guided weapons and night-vision weapons.

The U.S. government has provided funds and training to African Union forces fighting al-Shabab in Somalia, and has also provided more than $133 million to Somalia since 2007 in security sector assistance, intended to help the country build up and professionalize its security forces. Obama’s memorandum on Friday opens the door for military-to-military relations, allowing the U.S. to provide equipment, training and other assistance directly to Somalia’s government and military.

Source: ABC OTUS News


  1. Hey Secessionists

    What would say, are going to curse it????? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. This is another wrong US policy. if you look back US foreign policy for the last sixty years all of them were wrong Accept second world war two when they start fighting against the Nazi Germany. but all other foreign policy towards the rest of the world such as Middle east,Vietnam and most african countries.

    Whether your Secessionist or non Secessionist that is not the case. but the question why US want to arm somalia? ask this question yourself. US said weapon will be use against Al-shabab. Al-shabab they don't exist anymore. the question is, what this 20,000 AMISOM doing if they are not fighting against Al-shabab?.

    There are alot of issues to be solved before arming somalis, because these weapons could be use to harm other innocent people.

    • Are you scared? Well you should be, hahahaha. I know what certain Isaq secessionist are going to say "We have a army and 1970 weapons", well my friends we have 21st century weapons and America on our side. If we decide to do a little house "cleaning" I'm sure our friend Obama is going to turn a blind eye and let us get on with the job. I am so happy today, I can see the faces of the secessionist, time is running out and the chicken are coming home to roost. God bless Somalia including her Territory North Somalia and down with the secessionist.

  3. There are many country's lining up just to arm this government our little brother Djibouti kicked it off Cairo will be next with Ankara not far from behind and on and on and on.

    Many traitors within the country tried their hardest to resist changes to what is now known as their much loved old Status Quo deceiving and using their gullible members especially from the diaspora to go against the first government that is actually trying to get the country back on its feet instead of the usual profiting from it.

    But after using every trick in the book Alhamdulillah these crooks have realized to no avail.

    • Irir the only traitor is Djiboutian who refuse Union and you even welcome their soldier in your own ground so as to save u how could u dare to promot BS union unity after that.Shame on u.

  4. the monkey hawiyaz need food and medical help not some light weapons….stop fooling yourself you are jus few lights weapons…even if we get the best weapon on this planet you will never ever get to eat muufo in gabiley…you got that faqash

    • abdiwahab lol

      I've never seen you speak like that against the Hawiye people that actually freed you from an open cage talking about monkeys.

      The pressure must really be getting to you bro don't worry your Triangle-Land will not be forced well not militarily from Mogadishu (cant say the same through Khaatumo) so chill and take a pill.

  5. Don't worry Slanders. These new toys will be used to obliterate Daarood first, before we get to you. So, relax a bit. Let us be done with these other guys first.

  6. "Cow that belong to the man that sleeps give birth to a male cow" is a Somali proverb.The secessionists snored for two decades, but woke up when the flood reached their back yards, Now it is too late to divert it or do something about it.

    • We crushed 30,000 of your fufu soldiers within days and evicted you from our country permanently it is unlikely you will ever unite among yourselves so long as you fight of your petty land expansions. Every bullet given to you will be a bullet to be used against one of your own people.

      If you failed against us when you have a proper Military, air force and we only had civilians, if it is taking you since 2006 and being a colony of 20,00 Au troops to free yourself from 5000-Shabab youths i doubt your people have any chance of being a threat to anyone outside of your own borders.

      Hawiye is the NEW Master of Somalia-Italia and we have no issue with that. We have no disputes over land with them However we all know what Abdullahi Yusuf did to Abgaal and Muuqdishu.

      The Arms stolen from Hassan Mahamoud's vila is already in deployment for Hawiye benefit as a result i think you should seriously review your own strategy of survival.

      Utango-Part-II is in production.

      • Keep talking big my friend, we have encircled you, putland to one side and khatuum to the other. Alshabab have all been defeated except for few here and there. The AU troops plus somali troops are for you. American companies and royal dutch shell have the right to oil exploration but you peasant khat eaters have been selling it on to other companies. America is not happy little isaq boy, your time is near. I personally don't want a bloodless union, I want blood to spill, because I know in a few years time if things are not smooth you peasants will try to secede so it's best we finish this once for all. 10+ million somalis vs a few khat eating peasants, betting is haram but if it was allowed I know where my money would go loool things are getting interesting

        • keep on dreaming and putting your fake comments on websites that you don't belong I don't even know what to call you scum

      • Abdullahi Yusuf was Messiah, Somalia was hopeless until he step in and took the leadership role and slowly Somalia start to raise from the ashes if anything Abgaal are thankful to him for hunting down warlords in Mogadishu and unifying the locals by giving them a common enemy (Ethiopia). Like they say ''A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'' Alhamdulillah today Mogadishu is more peaceful than many cities. It is time that the tribal and regional militias are disarmed.

          • Abdullahi Yusuf a sell out Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, wait. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

            That man has done more for this Nation then any of your leaders and the saddest thing is they will never acknowledged or thank him. But he understood that. But the great man he was he knew that and so died away from his homeland foreigners land, when all his life he tried to do the best for nation. He was not a perfect man, But he was a great man and may god forgive him for any wrong he has done, ameen. May god forgive all the great imperfect leaders of Somalia.

            Many Somali Politicians, warlords and Generals, wish they had his Balls. Abdullahi Yusuf was the type of man to get the job done. With out him, PuntLand and Somali Federal Government wouldn't exist period. Maybe that's why you Secessionist and Darood haters can't knowledge his greatness. He is also the only known former Soldier, rebel, to say he regrets his part in the destruction of the Somali Republic.

            What Abdullahi Yusuf fought for and expect was the toppling of a dictator, followed by the installment of new Government. But that didn't `t happen did it. Who`s to blame for that.

            But I guess we all know that and the only game you people are interested in is the blame game and victim hood. Do sick small minded people not thing that Daroods being slaughtered by Siade Barre and then by Hawiyes . So lets be honest Somalis have suffered, but who brings up everyday.

            Also what's up with these fake Hawiyes SomaliLand PRESS speaking none sense. If the idea is to stir animosity, know this Daroods and Hawiyes will keep Somalia intact.

            Also no matter how bad the civil War was no matter how much we all suffered, we will move on and the process has begun. Do be not fooled by political issues with Clan War, those days are over. The current issue is what kind of Federalism. The Jubbaland issue will be resolved sooner or later and the Somali National Army will be rebuild but this does not mean they will be marching north for Puntland or Somaliland. Because if such a thing were to happen you can kiss Somalia good bye.

            Here are the facts.

            The president is Hawiye, The prime minster is Marahan, The deputy Prime minster and Foreign minster is Isaaq. Yet the Majority of Daroods support and will continue to support it. The past is the past, Somali Republic is dead. The only thing stand now is The Federal Republic of Somalia, Which all good Somali people will support even the Daroods you people seem to loath.

            Somali Clans have existed for long time and will exist even longer. Someday all the pain of Clan War and all the (I am the Victim) will be forgotten and only looked backed at as point of reference of what greed, selfishness and self hate did to us. When we stood together and fought for something good, only to have it turn in to a nightmare. All because a few sick individuals and groups put their Clan interest before the nation.

            You Know whats funny, Daroods, Hawiyes and Isaaqs, killed their own and fought serious Sub-Clan Wars but they never cry about that. But when you mentioned another clan they all cry victim.

            Hers some other the facts.

            Hawiye, Daroods and Isaaqs are the leaders of Somalia. So to the three mentioned clans shut your mouths and put forward your best leaders and tell them get to work or shuttt up with your victim hood. Because the true victims are either dead,starving or in miserable life with no help from diaspora.

          • 1978 Abdullahi Yusuf was the one who made Siyad barre very Paranoid when he tried to over throw him without success. Because of Abdullahi Yusuf any Omar Mahamouds born between 1979-1980 could easily be the children of the victory pioneers who were mainly Bantu.

            Abdullahi Yusuf was the main reason why Siyad changed a lot of his policies and began surrounding himself with Marehaan after 1978. Considering the Somali-Republic just came out of a War with Ethiopia it did not need one of it's Lieutenants to attempts a coup d'etat.

            If that is a HERO to you sorry but you are anti-UNIONIST

          • Bantu real. someone needs to help you to the emergency. So you can go through thoroughly examination of your behind and follow-up with aids test.

          • buxis.

            Need to see your doctor. how about when Barre came Hargiesa and burco with Bantu forces+Hawiye moryaan tell us what happen to those "ilka cas chicks"..

  7. I think it’s the right time for these warlords in Kismaayo are dismantled for good. Forget about Somaliland as along as I am in power for the next 4 years, no one could dare to touch them, they are stable and not igniting another civil war anyway. My concerns is about the Alshabab disguising themselves as freedom fighters or liberators for Kismaayo in order to carry out ethnic cleansing focused on the habitants of Kismaayo.. These Alshabab hangmen need to be destroyed before anything else is addressed by the government and it should stop them now as they are killing populations in Kismaayo indiscriminately. They have already killed the intellectuals who have opposed their brutal and indiscriminate killings.

      • First habargidir needs to respect each other. so the question is can saleebaan give back their big brother the city hobyo?

    • Hassan Mahamoud made it clear any clan militia that is against the government will be labeled a terrorist and attacked with Amisom troops just like Shabab.

      This guy is going to disarm Somalia-Italia 100%.

  8. Regardless of how much weapons they receive in donations, the artificially inseminated (gacan ku rimis) government in Mogadishu will fall as soon as soon as the African mercenaries return to their homeland because their house is rotten from the foundation and will collapse spectacularly like a deck of cards just as witnessed by afwaye regime which had one of the biggest armies in Africa thanks to S.N.M. Warriors.
    This time it will not take Somaliland three year to bring down faqash but less than a year after we dispense of Groowe militia and walk in to Mogadishu to liberate the people and bring in freedom and democracy to Somalia.

    • Ha! This is a novel idea. Somaliland forces coming to liberate Muqdisho! Sounds interesting.
      Does that mean, you're still part of the union or are you an invading army? Oh my… a lot to digest..

    • Go see a doctor, i think you have an advance form of fever it is messing up your judgment.

  9. Viva Somalia!! ……….but hopefully we dont become those aid dependant african/asian countries.

    We are rising from the ashes and HSM and his goverment should not even speak about the Sovereighnty and Territorial integrity of Somalia.

  10. @Buuxiye91
    Your not talking its the khat that is talking alrite drink a strong cup of coffee wallahi it will instantly sober you up and you would feel better and next time If gone chew khat at least have a coke beside you.

  11. First of all we all need 5to understand that if it wasn't for Shabaab not one single Bantu would have been in Mogadishu and Baydhabo, not one single dollar would have been spent in Somalia. We all know why the Bantus are in Somali, they are simply merceneries, funded by the west to fight extremism. No one cares about Somalia at all, we all know when thousands starved to death and people killed each other in Mogadishu. The solution to our problem is that we forgive each other and live in peace. More weapons are not the solution, its suppose to be the other way, disarming the mooriyaan who committed war crimes and letting the merceneries keep peace till we all somalis sit together and solve our problems.

  12. Has anyone wondered why siilaanyo is an hurry to negotiate? he's already in Turkey eating the turkey legs and yelling I am fat b@stard loooool.

    Siilaanyo has lost it he can't play he's usually game anymore which was somalia is chaos, no government, al qaeda sanctuary blah, blah, blah, blah.

    Somaliland simply does not exist therefore the SNM cockroaches your gaming session has ended Somalia demands unconditional surrender or I'm sure we can find another way to fix the SNM cockroaches.

    • Thanks for telling me that u would like to kill me. I knew that, shame u r nothing now. I hope America will make u a good killa.

      • mohamd let's clear this up I ain't got no beef with you or the people of Hargeisa In fact I live among them. My dear wife happens to be Isaaq I respect her and she never complains we get along just perfect.

        But the SNM cockroaches are Ethiopian backed rebels group from addis ababa and they are were behind the foundation of the state of somaliland.

        Isaaq are good people but SNM are cockroaches.


      But you tried the same thing 25 years ago and you failed, we made your horse look alike of a leader die in a Nigerian toilet . SNM is here to stay and you daroods will be made to come to Burco on a pilgrimage every year to pay your respects to your true leaders.

      • Your one of the few remaining hard-core Isaaq militants who probably wouldn't surrender but we have a medicine that will surly fix you up.

        • I am in garowe on a special assignment, so far i had to do haram things like sleep with lots of high ranking darood individual's wifes for information. Next week i am planning on seducing faroole's wife for top information regarding darood plans for somaliland and somalia.

  13. Habergidir fake or habargidaar.

    Forget about Kismaayo, kismaayo have more than seventeen thousand well arm forces. Hassan culusow NGO moryaan his orders does not work this part of somalia, also Marka people are picking up the pace ejecting any moryaan led mission from their land.

    Even as we speak Gamudug one suburb "BARAXLE" are in a mess moryaal will always be moryaan no matter what.

    • lol take your insults out the door ——————–>
      We are one people whether you like it or not hawiye are your Somali Brothers and HSM is your president.

      • kfc,

        Stop using different names. secondly Hassan culusow moryaan not my president. do not insult the name president.

        • lol what names? are you paranoid or something. Im just telling you not to split us along tribal lines.

          • Kfc, with many names.

            Since Hassan culusow NGO moryaan came to office somalis are SPLIT alone tribal line. no need to look futher see the situation in lower shebbele MARKA , Bay and Bakool, Juubaland.

            Give me one region that supports Hassan NGO FULLY accept Hiiran the rest don't. this shows Culusow moryaan is not real president of somalia, of course the parliamnet elected him they thought he could lead somalia but that is not the case now.


  14. Look at this so called somaliwayne nutt ers threatening us even before they get their arms shipments. Somalinimo my tush!

    23 years and they have learned nothing. Just look at the comments who in their right minds would want to join a people that want to kill you? No thanks! And just remember siyad he had much more than anything the us will give you and we took him down with nothing more than hungry teenagers

    • N.Lander

      No one intends to intimidate you because it is impossible. We are just talking to the secessionists irregardless of their clan affiliation.
      We telling them to stop looking things through needle holes which can only show them their selfish interest. You most them carry foreign passport and they are are on the neck of the poor people to whom they lie to divert attention. I am sure many of them run away to Mogadishu if their muster kit them out. You find them bluffing unity unity unity………
      Big M@fias

    • But you tried the same thing 25 years ago and you failed, we made your horse look alike of a leader die in a Nigerian toilet . SNM is here to stay and you daroods will be made to come to Burco on a pilgrimage every year to pay your respects to your true leaders.

      • I don't know why you guys over advertise the SNM to that extent. As far I know they were badly beaten by the Somali National army. Before Aydid invaded Mogadisho they were negotiating with the Somali Government for surrender,. This time where are they? 90% of them died miserably for two measure reason. The first one is due to drug addictions as result of their adaptation of VODCA tablets which they used during fighting. The second reason due to lack to support once their musters who spoiled their life failed organize them at least. The few guys who are alive now are people like head of the secessionists and few in and out of his circle and they are all nearing to the age of dotage. So what else? that drama is ended!!

        • You really like to make things up you lot, don't ya? First it was Somalilanders don't have a large population and siyaad and his ilk should be able to steam roll right thru em, that was wrong, the next thing was darood has su ch large populations all across Somali areas, that was wrong…….now its the SNM didn't defeat us, that is also wrong…….you do realize that people were witness to your ar se kicking right? I mean there were video cameras and actual footage… people just don't think…….like when some of you tried to claim the victims bodies were actually darood…..I mean you do know there is such thing as DNA right?

        • Gee@ you are topical Faqash because you people make up stories. Snm started the fighting against Faqash army in may 1988 and siyad barre government failed in 1991. Get real and tell me when snm were fighting and weakening siyad barre's army for these 3 years what was happening the other parts of Somalis. Answer is my friend they were scared and sleep. People in the south only woke up when barre was on his knees.

      • Xabi@, tell them how its. We will smashed them again. I remember as I kid Faqash soldiers fleeing from the Faqash army and just walking not knowing where they were going. Asking people how far moqdisho was and things like that but the interesting thing is isaaq people helped the same soldiers that forced them out from their homes and gave them food, assisting them on their way back to south Somalia.

  15. Once, arrow hit your heart, you can't save your life by shaking your body. Somaliland was the secessionist's heart, and it is taken hit buy poisonous arrow. They enjoyed the demise of the Somali people for the last twenty years, now it is their end. Adeer horaa loo yidhi geel caruuri qaaday ma foga "A camel robbed by children is not far" is a Somali Proverb.

    • Gee@ you have enough problem on your plate in your south Somalia and I think even though we are ready for you I don't you want mess with us.

  16. He is arming his bantu mercenaries from Kenya and not even Zoomalians. So good luck with faqash fantasies of styling American combat gear no matter how bad they look when they wear them.

  17. This sound familiar. I wonder what happened to every Middle Eastern and African countries where the United States decided to 'help.'

    Good luck, you cannot promise to help, then continue bombing Somalia with drones. Hypocrisy.

  18. when is the khaeeji currancy going to happen i though it was 2012 as a somali
    i think that it should happen soon

  19. I really pity my brothers Somalia you can not make a government of the people by having arms or a big military. The only way is a political dialog and good communication to the people and let them know what is a Civic, the rule of law and the meaning of democracy and tell the people the values humanity and values of peace and stability. instead of making a big army and buying weapons is a missuses of national income instead use it in a national building, invest more in awareness of your people in understanding the goodness of a Government, law and stability and a freedom of human being.

  20. Gee no one is afraid or intimidated, that is the same mistake you made in the 80s and you lot cant seem to learn a lesson to save your lives. Keep doing what your doing. We are always many steps ahead.

    There is a reason why Somaliland is what it is and that is its people are at a basic level different to those of Somalia. There is no hatred for you here, or wishing us some misfortune. That is why Somaliland will always be better. Keep on hating! Keep on showing the world the difference between us two.

  21. Obama is wrong on this one , fi he want help them he need to help what ever the peaple of somalia can benefits.

  22. Look at this so called somaliwayne nutt ers threatening us even before they get their arms shipments. Somalinimo my tush!

    23 years and they have learned nothing. Just look at the comments who in their right minds would want to join a people that want to kill you? No thanks! And just remember siyad he had much more than anything the us will give you and we took him down with nothing more than hungry teenagers

  23. Such ugly ppl like Zoomalians should be wiped out from the face of this earth. No point paying attention to their drivel and tactics of war against the ppl of n country of SL.

  24. I don't blame you, cuz you are the brainwashed generation of MJ ..driven by the fermented hatred of the disfranchised Dhulos in the diaspora, or the propaganda about non-existing atrocities reminiscent from those your forefathers committed against us and the manufactured lies concocted at coffee hangouts. No amount of lies would not transform the reality on the ground that Somaliland chose its destiny, has built incredible homegrown democracy based on the rule of law and democratic principles where everyone is represented using the ballot box.

    So please stop being spoon-fed lies that we are doomed….or oppressive or tribal….. Just go walk the streets of our capital Hargeysa and you will see all sorts of people of tribal affiliations that are interacting and doing business….you cant say the same about anywhere in Somalia from Garoowe to Muqdishu…..And Guys take ur hate for Isaaq somewhere else. Your Abu-Nijaases (like Siad Bare & the Mad-Cow) couldn't exterminate us, despite trying. I wonder why you are so threatened by the Dir especially the Isaq, who after all spared your Nijase lives more than one occasion (once after the Mad-Cow was hunted down and defeated and now when Siad Bare was forced to leave and rot in foreign land…….If Somalilanders wanted to exterminate you they would have done so long time ago, but consider ur selves luck because we believe in human rights even for apes like you …our name, humanity and self respect is worth more to us than to committe what you would like to do to us century after century….Look wher it got the Germans….their name ruined for ever……even closer in our backyard, look how the Hutus like your forefathers became the hunted after comitting such a horrindous act. This should be a lesson for u. AND WE WILL NEVER STOOP TO UR LEVEL, NOR AFFLICTED BY YOUR DISEASE

    • Abu nijas abu wasakh adiga ah nacala xayaatag. If Somalilander wanted to exterminate you, they would have done so long ago.Who do you think you're? All mighty merciful Allah, Somebody need to reminded you Hitler try wiping whole community of this earth.and he had one hell of army behind him and the latest weapons at time even thou he caused unimaginable pain he couldn't accomplish his goal.Do you know why ?The power to do so is only in the hands of god And what's so amazing the name you're using and the meaning behind.For gods sake think twice before you exposed the rest of us shrinking mind.

  25. A Somali elder said "I never lost a case", because i first prove my self right or wrong before I go to the tree (traditional Somali court). The secessionist team go the tree blindly without reading their case first and why they were losing the game over the last twenty years repeatedly. The worse thing is the persistent lies they tell to their people.