MOGADISHU, Somalia—The top United States State Department official for Africa is urging Somalia’s government to do more to protect its most vulnerable people, especially women, and to respect the rule of law.

Assistant Secretary of State Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who is visiting Somalia, said in a statement Saturday that Somalia’s long-term stability “requires more than just a security response to the threats posed by terrorists.”

The statement said the U.S. wants to see a Somali government that can protect its people.

Somalia’s government controls only small parts of the country and struggles to provide security and battle corruption, although there are signs of political progress following years of turmoil.

Somali lawmakers recently voted to oust the prime minister and his Cabinet, action seen by some as signaling the growth of Somalia’s institutions.

Source: AP


  1. You learn how to protect human right first, by accepting the will of the people of Somaliland. Stop lecturing others while you do not follow the will of the people of Somaliland.

    • What is the will of the people of Somalia-land? I guess there was never a unified will, there was never a referendum, so how can the world,s only super power recognize a dry enclave in Somalia to be a country within an existing country? The answer is no way, The USA stands behind Culusow government in Mogadishu though he is powerless at this moment but I think in the end they will not be a stalemate in the north. Culusow government or any other future government in the South will either have to take control of the entire country or stop being a government at all. having said all that I am not against giving the north self-rule like Iraqi Kardistan, trust me Sadam used chemical weapon against Kurds in the north but they are not declaring a country.

      • Sir
        Have you heard the majority rules? Did you forgot the 2001 referendum, when 97% of Somalilanders expressed their will very loudly never again?
        If you don't know please read the facts and do reasearch on Somaliland and then make comment or two.

  2. What is Culusow government? Please stop clannism and name-calling. You will fall to the same trap of those obsessed of dividing Somalia.