By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Vice President H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail, Ambassador Gunter Noote the special representative of the German Chancellor for African Affairs and Mr. Mohamed Ali Darood , the managing director of Hargeisa water supply on Monday presided over the tape cutting ceremony of a multi-million dollar 2nd phase Hargeisa Water expansion project.

“In order to address this water shortage, the Government of Somaliland, through Hargeisa Water Agency, has embarked on a vigorous programme aimed at improving  the water supply system by executing a series of activities to increase the amount of water available and improve the distribution network”,  said Mr. Mohamed Ali Darood.

The managing director of Hargeisa water agency further added that this additional water would targeted at the areas of Hargeisa currently not receiving water. Further, the additional water will see an increase of household connections and a sharp reduction in water trucking to the capital through un-hygienic water tankers pumping water from contaminated shallow riverbed aquifers.

Lastly, Mr. Mohamed Ali Darood added that the government has put stringent measures meant to make sure those agencies tasked with implementing the water expansion project account for every shilling and cent.

Among those in attendance were cabinet ministers, politicians, representatives of local and international NGOs  just to mention a few.