(SomalilandPress)-The Hargeisa Regional Health Board has been rehabilitating and rebuilding Hargeisa Group Hospital -the biggest referral hospital in Somaliland from 1991-up to now on a volunteer basis. The president disbanded and reprimanded them without consulting the community who selected them, or not even saying thank you.

This misuse of power tantamount to dictatorial tendency of President Riyale, and if not checked will damage the health of our nascent democracy, Democracy cannot survive without good governance build upon accountability, transparency and respect of law.

We say No to that, and no to a group selected by the government without consulting the people in Hargeisa region. Please sign this and add your voice.

Pls Click this link to sign: http://www.gopetition.com/online/35225/sign.html



  1. I wish to say few words about the dismissal of the Hargeisa Group Hospital's Committee that Mr. Riyaale has dismissed from their job. The Chairman of the Committee has done a lot for this Hospital, while this Government's Ministers were missed appropriating the public money. Mr. Mohamed Hussein Abby is sole individual who brought all that Hargeisa Group Hospital has now. He went to Kuwait to bring a project in which 4 state-of-the-art Operation Theaters, Oxygen producing Plant and many other important types of equipment for this Hospital which is the only Referral Hospital in Somaliland. He visit here in Doha and took the trouble to meet all Charities in Qatar, while searching help for the neglected people of Somaliland and its Health System.

  2. I am not a Rayale fan but this Samotalis blog just wants attention, that's all it is. It was a publicity stunt gone wrong – they acting like they care about the Hospital and it's staff but you can tell they are not and they are misleading people.

    Here is what you need to know people. I am one of the least Rayale supporters but Rayale saw that the Hospital staff and the Health Ministry were not working together so he replaced the Health Minister and few that came under him.

    He has also suspended the General staff of Hargeisa's Hospital because of their lack of cooperation with other bodies. I think bit extreme but sometimes necessary and in this case I must say Rayale did the right thing.

    Please don't be misled by this attention seeking "Samotalis" – petition my fat toe.

    There is no need for petition Rayale is trying to fix the management and shake up the whole health ministry. At least he recognizes there is problem and he took an action rather have nothing than bunch of useless men sitting there.

    If you want to do something for the hospital you can Rayale is not blocking you – no need for petition what you need is action. We spoke before so many times, we casted our votes, they all just cheap talk.

    This time Rayale is right.

  3. I like to add that, Somalis are naturally sympathetic to medical people and what we need to understand is these men in Hargeisa Hospital are incompetent and corrupted and the are the ones holding the nation back. When someone gets fired for not doing their job you cant say your boss is "dictator" – this Samotalis learned the word yesterday from Foxnews they think they can throw it any where and label anyone.

    Even in democratic nation, one has the right to fire his staff for under performing, lack of cooperation, etc.

    But new staff need to be named as soon as possible. We the people will fire Rayale too.

  4. Riyale's government basically comprises of ministers whom the president manipulates as he pleases. If any of them is sacked or rotated to a new position, they don't have the gut to argue with him or speak out because they are accomplices in the embezzlement of their country's public fund. They are already poisoned by their avarice. Another tactic the president uses is to convince their constituencies (in this case their tribes) that they are their representatives in the government. Thus he is following the divide-and-rule methods of the colonial times. Reshuffling cabinet ministers and switching between them is not good governance. Somali land needs people who care its problems, not people who are seeking their personal interests. As far as the dismissal of the Hargeisa hospital board, I don't see it different from the ones the president has used for this long time: dismissal or reshuffling to solve Somali land's big problems.

  5. The Hargeisa Regional Health Board is not a permanent kingdom that can hold power/jobs indefinitely. They can be changed at will by the President. This move could bring in more hard-working and better educated board and I think it was a positive move by Mr. Riyale!

  6. Somaliland Press,
    If your going to make such a claim by supporting the source, could we please have the other side's argument. I am interested to know why President Riyale fired these fine people. One cannot simply fire people without just cause and proof. If that is the case, then this needs to be investigated.
    Thank You

  7. What you guys are talking is not what people of Somaliland needs to heard, the President's action is that of in ability to rule the country. He cannot decide which side of the equation is wrong when the Minister Haibeh who is hungry to miss appropriate the meager help from International community provides through NGOs, and those Doctors who built this Hospital from scratch. His action was to safe his face by deciding to kill the helper and relocated the Minister. He still hopes that this Minister has a tag of bringing his clan to support him, and I believe that will not happen. Why don''t you see the matter on its merit, instead of beating about the bush? Let me tell you my countrymen, this committee was the only hope for Hargeisa residents and those Somalilanders that comes as a referral to this Hospital. The only think that we have in common with Arabs is that we do not agree on things, even if its something that affects our own people.

  8. Always pointing the fingers – before you jump to conclustion, ples understand what is behind the decision. From both sides of the issue. Don't publish for the sake of attention and hits. Thanks

  9. Mr. AbdiI believe I said the reason that you are talking about. Please understand why I said what I said, and this is what exactly has happened whether you like it or not.

  10. I am not a fun of the president, but let's be real here. Hargeisa Hospital is a Government Hospital. President Riyaale is the head of government. He has the jurisdiction to do what he did. If his actions are proved to be futile, he will be judged by the people.

    That said, it does not mean that we should outcast the good citizens who progressed the hospital. They should be recognized, honored and celebrated.

    We should all praise the volunteers and encourage them to continue, albeit in other private or NGO medical centers.