This sort of article is an oddity for this organization because normally we chose to focus on more pertinent issues that strengthen the bedrock Institutions Somaliland needs to augment in order to sustain itself; a strong and ?living? Constitution, independent and ethical Judiciary and Media. We also campaign for Somaliland?s recognition through media correspondence and back door lobbying.

But if one has been an observer of our nation?s slow but progressive political and emotional decline, one could not be blamed for seeking treatment for a sudden bout of depression.

Persistent nuisances detrimental to Somaliland can no longer be ignored. The ?silent majority? of Somalilanders can no longer afford to be oblivious to these problems as this

young and struggling Republic becomes unhinged. A ?vocal minority? who isn?t accountable to anyone dominates the discourse. They are mainly in political parties (politicians), media and are tribal warriors who are more concerned about their placement in our society than that of the nation.

They show no urgency for the immediate needs of the people and lack decorum by showing no restraint. As a consequence peoples divisions harden, the enemy list grows and tribalism is brought to the forefront without shame or contrition. And Somaliland media enables and perpetuates this tit for tat thus the spread of frivolous stories about individuals and groups that have no relevance to Somaliland?s development.

These three entities aren’t some unseen or ghostly like presence that come out of their shells in the dark of night to destroy our nation. We know the enemy, we have seen the enemy and the enemy is us!

Political Parties (politicians);

Generally politicians do what they need to do for their political survival. No more. No less. If those who support them aren?t demanding that they appeal to what?s best about people, why would they change? Why elevate the discourse? This constant trivial political pursuit and the daily battle for the never-ending election cycle have taken a psychological toll and almost everything else has taken a back seat. This is evidenced by the helplessness if not the malaise people feel. Politicians are simply a reflection of their society and until and unless that society demands better of itself, nothing will change.


It would be naive to suggest that with the snap of two fingers tribalism should end in our homeland. But it isn’t naive to suggest that we must begin somewhere! Every one of us believes?qabiil? is someone else’s problem; it?s not them or their family or friends who are contributing to this dilemma. If this is the case then who are the others? we always blame? Self-reflection and criticism have never been a strong human trait but we have taken this to another level and in the meantime Somaliland loses.


An independent media is one of the core principals of a developing nation. That independence exists to a certain extent. Unfortunately we have misused that right. To be fair, the media has generally done great work in bringing attention to the plight of our people and their immediate needs. Our intent is not to slight them in any way nor is it to challenge an individual’s right to free expression or the medias right to publish what they deem appropriate. But what happened to showing restraint and looking at the bigger picture? Or does the need to steer more web traffic or attract more readership to one’s publication outweigh the greater good? It has become, willfully or not, a conveyance for sensationalism in which tribalism, division and hatred are spread conveniently. Slandering and destroying peoples? reputations through accusations and innuendos must cease.

In this regard, the media could show restraint and leadership. Our intent, therefore preference, is to encourage them to filter through the noise and set a high standard.

We were once asked by Independent Diplomat (ID is a non-profit organization that gives advice and assistance in diplomatic strategy and technique to governments and political groups) why for such a small (population) group of people we always seem at odds since our nation is in dire straits? When we asked how they came to that opinion; the simple answer was researching and observing the people of Somaliland, their politics and media. That kind of response should be considered catastrophic to our cause.

Our purpose here is to awaken our senses and encourage all of us to not only self-reflect but to stop digging ourselves deeper into oblivion. It makes us feel better and righteous to blame a President or someone else, for that matter, for our problems. It won’t make a difference who we elect until we (individuals) change.

The first thing alcoholics must do once they realize they have a problem is to utter – out loud – to themselves and others that they are alcoholics. Our assumption? and more so to the point -is that this is done in order to get through the impenetrable human skull.

We find ourselves at a crossroads. Any more time we spend on trivial matters is time stolen from getting clean water to a mother and her children. Any more time spent on which Minister was fired from what job, time is stolen from building a hospital. Any more time spent on which political party is up or down, is time stolen from building schools and fixing our justice system so people aren’t treated unjustly by their own politicians.

We pray Allah help and show us the true path.

Mohammed A. Ali Baranbaro


Somaliland American Guild


  1. The answer is clear, its lack of recognition. Without, it Somaliland cannot confidently attract investors into it show. I hope the world community comes into its sense and accept Somaliland as a nation, that will never go back to failed union.

    • We can do everything we want pal, but unfortunately our leadership is not up to it! they lack the strenght.

  2. As the author stated clearly. The persistent nuisances detrimental to Somailand can no longer be ignored by the silent majority is a true and very valid statement.

    We Somalilanders both inside and ouside the country fought so hard to liberate our country from those ugly fagash, who intended to destroy us and take over our country by populating Hargeisa and Berbera with their own kins from Ethiopia.

    How on earth can we let this minority enemy within dictate to us the destiny we want to lead our modern Somaliland to? As the author stated we all know who they are and I think it’s time to stop them once and for good.

    The best way to do this to my opinion, is the Somaliland intellectuals should form a forum of nationalistic intellectuals who in turn should do the following: 1. Get in touch with the upper house (gurti) first and test their resolve and where each one of them stands as far as the sovereignty of our coutry is concerned.

    2. The interlectuals should take on themselves the duty of educating both the government officials, lower and upper houses and at the same time question them on any unbecomings.

    3. the interlectuals should force the upper house elders (Gurti) to take charge of their constituents and to not support the bad apples among their constituents, and at the same time this gurti elders should stand with the government in unison when one of their bad apples is caught by the government for doing things detrimental to national security.

    We the people should monitor their doings and hold them to accountability, remember we choose them and if they don’t represent us the way we want then we should speak out vehemently.

    With all that said it’s very unfortunate for us not to know to differenciate tribalism from modern politics and governance.

    If I come back to this so called modern day somali journalists, all I can say is they are just a bunch of little kids born after the liberation of Somaliland and they have no clue of what we went through to liberate our country and people.

    Most of them are the enemies Within, which the author mentioned in his article, though their are some who are good but the majority counts.

    Their lack of journalistic ethics and education is another thing to blame as most of this people calling themselves journalist have no any journalistic attestations.

    Anyone can get a website and start a so called news website and copy and paste news from all over. This is what this folks do including this fagash press.

    They are forgetting this same freedom of speech which they are practicing in a vicely method wasn’t found easily and instead of appreciating and defending it, they are using it to fulfill their tribalistic goals. Where is nationalism?

    What can they say to those who died and those who were maimed or handicapped while fighting the fagash government.

    What can they tell those little kids who are grown up now who lost both parents? One has to put alot of self asking questions before being an enemy within.

    Lastly I would advise all true Somalilanders that it’s time for us to defend and protect our nationhood from both enemies outside and within and to always remember what our cousins, uncles, mothers brothers and relatives went through and died for.

    We should not shelter or defend or stand with anyone who works against the interest of our young country even if he or she is a brother or sister. By doing so it will safe us from future enemy within wannabes.

    God bless Somaliland and it’s wonderful people. Amiin

  3. The abgal spoilers should not wreck the peace progress made in Somalia. According to Garoowe Road Map 1 and 2 Mogadishu is not the capital of somalia. The Garoowe Road I and 2 mandates were clarified by an agreement signed by then the president of Somalia Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Speaker of Parliament Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aadan, Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, Puntland president Abdirahman Mohamud Farole, ASWJ, the former President of galmudug Mohamed Ahmed Alim, UN Special Representative for Somalia Augustine Mahiga, and representatives from the African Union and the European Union.
    Puntland government press release.

    Abgal elders violating the Somali Constitution,

    The Garowe Road Map clearly says somalia should be in federal states and Mogadishu shall not be the capital of somalia.
    The Abgal elders should not sabotage the Somalia peace.

  4. Zoomalian primates be happy and get the weapons and kill each like mischievous monkey as that's what you are good at.
    once they get this light weapons 100 percent a lot of them are going to end up in the hands of Al shabab. We all know Zoomalians are heavily divided into tribes and no tribe trusts the other and as such the lifting of this embargo will benefit mostly the haweeye to say the truth. The So called Somali army consists of ragtag former tribal militias who are still strongly loyal and strongly affilliated to their tribal warlords.
    This so called Sna soldiers distrust each other very much, and any slightest chance each one of them gets gets on his hand on this weapon the next stop will be with his tribe.

    Britain lobby for this embargo lefting and this shows how they don't care about the zoomalia's population sufferings. They only want to please their choosen stooge hassan mofo who is their proxy on the helm.

    Puntland should start taking all pre cautinary measures starting today as they will bet the first to be affected