Somalilandpress- From militia disarmament, through reconciliations, building a national army, government institutions, to holding free and fair election for presidency, parliamentarian and local councils, Somaliland did all these in the absence of external donors. One thing that is attributable to this success was, unlike many African countries, the protection of its traditional democratic values and process from the domination of western liberal democracy. During the colonial period, Britain wasn’t only refused to rule directly but British children were not allowed  to be born in Somaliland as well.
The principles of democracy and democratic values are neither novel nor alien but rather
Indigenous to the African nations in general and Somaliland in particular.  Indeed, the desire for representation, inclusion, and participation in public affairs—essential elements of democracy—are universal to all humans; the difference rests in the methods of attaining these goals. To what extent a society “democratizes” is incontestably dependent on its sociocultural milieu, whether it is African, European, American, Asian, or even Islamic societies.
In Somaliland’s history, no election was more problematic than the upcoming presidential election which, after many delays, is to be held on September this year. This is due to the degree of donor involvement and their mindset. As a precondition for funding, donors demanded certain requirement to be fulfilled. These requirements are based on their definition of democracy and completely ignored the type of democracy already in place. Intentionally or unintentionally, it seems that Western democracy benchmarks are being used to evaluate ours. It is quite auspicious to ask: what do the Donors desire for Somaliland?  Democracy! What type of democracy and for whose benefit?
To some extend, Somaliland’s failure for international recognition was a bless in disguise. In its two decades of existence, unknown to the outside world, it prospered economically, politically and socially. I feel that there is a strong link between the involvement of donors in our internal affairs and the wind of political uncertainty blowing. Much of Somalia’s trouble, for instance, is external rather than internal. Should anyone asked me the after-before-donor  Somaliland, I’d surely choose before-donor Somaliland where life was easy and simple.
Hargeisa, Somaliland


  1. true somalilander i couldnt have put it better. we need people like you at the forefront of s/land po/tics.
    somalilnders first
    westerners last
    good on you ugbaad

  2. yes ugbad, but u have to know that we are done wat we will, but now we need them bcz still we are nothing.

  3. I never knew such women live in Hargeisa. Great work Ugbad and congratulations for the wonderful and objective article.

  4. dear brothers and sisters
    we somalilanders, cry for the moon, as far as im concerning b.c we built our nation from the scratch without any outside hand, we came together unifying the arm factions and clan groups, finally we created peace country during that time where the international community was, they were watching us.
    and now the burden is on us, we will topple Rayaale down peaceful replacing new Somalilander fresh Citizen, we will not break single bottle to this action insha alla.
    Mr Cajab you appreciated our sister for this, we expect more than that from her, we hope that we are flowers and future of this land and islam

  5. Well said Ugbaad. I fully agree with you, we are better without donors.
    It is common sense, I pay you for you to follow my orders. Mr Samura ( Interpeace Representative) dictated us up to the level to fire the Consititutionally appointed Commissioners. it is an insult to our intelligence. what i heard from people at the Hargeisa down town is that Interpeace became the fourth political party of somaliland lol.

    We have had enough of interpeace`s interference
    and my advice to every somalilander, whether you vote for Kulmiye, Udub or Ucid never favor any party between national interest and party interest. Always go for the national interest
    Regarding Kulmiye`s criticising the ruling party on Interpeace issue, i think we should stand clear about choosing between the Commission and Interpeace.
    if interpeace is fulfiling Kulmiye`s interest, we dont have to accept that or on the other hand we dont have to accept if the commission is biased. in this case what we need to do is that, first let`s kick out the Illegal interpeace that put us there. and than go for solving our internal problems.

  6. Ugbaad enough have been said about your article, it was truly to the point, concise and very swaying. What is also evident about the article is your genuine desire for donors to reconsider their stance and minimize their interference of Somaliland internal affairs by stating her article – before donor-Somaliland was less complicated and peaceful, and as many I agree with that.

    I think it is about time for Somalilander began to engage with international community and build bridges of dialogue, give and take consensus building based on mutual understanding and mutual respect, instead of waiting Donor’s ready made solutions that might sometimes indigestible to the norms of our land.

    I hope Ugbad will spearhead in this front with her persuasive writings and transform some minds in Nairobi and beyond for the good of all.

    May Allah(swt) Protect Somaliland as always and let it pass all the turbulence.

    Somaliland Independent ThinkTank