HARGEISA, 23 March 2010 (Somalilandpress) – In every corner of our country, mothers wake up very early in the morning and walk to work places and markets alone, sometimes accompanied by the song of some birds. These mothers are of all ages and their goal is the same. They work hard towards their goal even if circumstances are unfavorable. They have in mind that success has no lift but they should climb the stairs.

They know the situation back at home, the kids waiting to be fed, dressed and stayed with; the older boys and girls in schools waiting the payment of school fees and the bus fair. Many other things related to house pour like a heavy rain drops to the mind of the mothers while walking to the work. These things together occupy mothers’ thinking and a lot of uncertainties fill their mind. They ask themselves about the children, what will happen to them, will they manage to catch the school bus or not, will they be safe; even if there is some one else looking after them,mothers tend to ask themselves these and similar questions.

Our mothers are the back-bone of our existence, they are our everything and they are the source of courage, kindness and well being. In many cases, it happens that mothers work while fathers or the old boys are sleeping or chewing Qat. Surely, these men have neglected their role.They even don’t think that they should have worked and not the mothers. Mothers should have relaxed and enjoyed, they have already had many difficult years, starting from the day they gave birth to their loved children till they grow up. It should have been so, but why do they work? It may seem a little bit difficult to put all answers in a short and easily understood manner.

They work simply to earn for a living, for the betterment of their living standards and that of their children and family in general. Some work because of difficult circumstances forced them to do so. Reasons for working seem different and varied but their result are the same.All end in one point which is the struggle for well being, for better life and for livelihood. In reality it doesn’t deserve to be called a work, because jobs are paid and have definite working hours and conditions, but what mothers do to earn a living is just for survival and not a job. However, the terms work and job are more familiar to our ears and therefore I used them just for simplification purposes.

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Another important perspective is the working conditions and environment. They buy some products in some kiosks, shops and on wheel barrows. Many of them sit on the ground selling fruits and vegetables. They work in a sunny open space, very hot in the day and during rainy seasons unprotected from the storms and heavy rain fall. Dust is their best friend,overcrowding and noise and other pollutions are also their neighbors. Many times their few products are stolen by thieves. Passers by don’t care them and sometimes the police seem their biggest danger.

In many cases, police deal with them with anger and power, destroying and throwing away their belongings. It is a bad picture, yet many mothers never complain. They work under all these conditions. They have no proper places, and the government which should have helped them, takes some of their earning. They take tax from them, but they never get the reward. The tax and some other commissions they pay are never seen again. Those dealing with our mothers like that didn’t forget that they are their children, but their justification is not very pleasing.

Men on the other side forced women to work, many of them ignoring the importance of work, others cursing the circumstances and situations, then giving up. Many also throw an insult and bad words over the government and others blame themselves for not being lucky and born rich. Scapegoating is their only skill;many say that they lack available jobs. Unemployment is there, but they don’t know that they are the reason behind it. Yes, they are because many chew Qat and waste their time, not going to schools and acquiring knowledge. Others are busy with politics and useless speeches and debates in tea-shops.

They don’t know that they have let their mothers down, that they have put a burden so heavy over their shoulders, that they are spoon feeded although they are grown up. Younger girls and boys should have replaced them. Isn’t it disgusting to see seventy old mother working and her boys are loitering around. As far as the government is concerned it should have provided jobs, but it has its own reasons , perhaps right or misleading excuses. Mothers never ask the government about work, they never ever complain about what they are doing, they don’t curse the government rather they pray and ask Allah for leading their sons to the right path.

Our mothers wherever they are in our loved land are not in a happy situation.little do we know about their working conditions and their struggle, very few raise questions about their right for good jobs. The paradise is under the feet of mothers, that is what our religion teaches us. We should take care of them and answer their needs, otherwise we shall not live happily as long as they are working under these harsh times and environmet. Shall we understand our goals more, surely we will become good example and prosperious. Both men and women, we should act wisely, remember our mothers more, and become more responsible. Responsibility is the ability to respond.

Written By:
Ahmed Mohamoud Elmi-Shawky
Somaliland Education Network


  1. Thanks Mr Ahmad, this is the sort of issues that our whole country needs to discuss and do something about. I have been waiting to see such an article for some years hoping that Somalilanders will recognise our problems, and bring them to the table for discussion.

  2. Somaliland's unsung heroes are its women, our most valueble asset to date. Allow dumarka noo daa inlayn ragii waa kuwan qaad ka kici waaye

  3. This is very much true article, but remember all men are not the same. There are many women/mothers enjoying the stay inside their houses, and fathers workhard… this was our culture however such negative Phenomena shall be addressed.


    • Thank you all. I appreciate your courage and comments. Infact we must address the forgotten issues. There is no generalization and it can't be said that all women are like that and all men are like this, for every rule there is an exception and it is mentioned in the article. Thank you all once again and keep up the good work.