Hargeisa, 2 December 2009 (Somalilandpress)- A delegation from the World Bank arrived in Somaliland yesterday on a visit to hold discussions with the Somaliland government on a range of subjects related to the current development projects taking place in the country.

The World Bank delegation was welcomed at Egal International Airport by the Somaliland minister of Agriculture, Mr. Aden Ahmed Elmi, officials from the department of protocol and local World Bank staff.

Speaking to the media at Egal International Airport, the Somaliland Agriculture minister, Mr. Ahmed Elmi, stated that the main focus of the World Bank delegation will be on the funding of several projects designed to develop the agriculture and livestock sector of the Somaliland economy.

The World Bank delegation are expected to hold a series of meetings with various Somaliland departments and agencies, as well as, visiting the cities of Borama, Buroa, Gabiley, Berbera and other parts of the country in the next few days.

In a related event, the Somaliland minister for Livestock, Dr. Idris Ibrahim Abdi was presented with a certificate of recognition by the World Bank delegation for the leadership role played by the department in resolving the Saudi Arabian ban on Somaliland livestock which had been lifted recently.

Dr. Ibrahim Abdi played a key role in the construction of a new animal processing centre in Berbera which has contributed greatly the lifting of the Saudi Arabian ban.

According to sources from the Arabian Peninsula, the recent arrival of Somaliland livestock in the Saudi Arabian markets has been met with a positive response and a steady demand.

Source Qarannews


  1. IT is clear what is going on in somalia, it is called divide and rule. It is very interesting that Ethiopian officials ofte hold 'talks' with somali 'leaders'. ONe week the somaliland president is caled to Addis Abba, th enext week it is Puntland, then 'Sheik' whatshisname. I don't know if any of you have seen the Channel 4 documentary on how Israel influences (and perhaps controls) british politics, by loading british politicians on planes to Tel Aviv for 'talks'.