“This was the first time we saw a baby being born. So we were watching this baby and we were so happy. But suddenly we heard the footsteps.”

The footsteps belonged to a guard, who ordered the mother to drown her baby.

Jee Heon, survivor of a North Korean prison camp, said the mother was begging, “Let me keep the baby, please forgive me,” but the guard kept beating the mother who just gave birth. “And the mother, with her shaking hands she picked up the baby and she put the baby face down in the water.

This is just one glimpse into the cruelty the North Korean regime is inflicting on its own people every day. A UN report just presented testimonies like Jee’s in devastating volume and detail — painting a picture reminiscent of the worst crimes perpetrated by the Nazis.

It’s time the world said enough is enough — that we won’t stand by idly as brutal leaders turn on the innocent. Let’s show the people of North Korea we haven’t forgotten them and pledge to not stop until our leaders act– join the call now and share widely:


The evidence is overwhelming: North Korea is committing crimes of the worst kind and getting away with it. But just wringing our hands in despair and giving up isn’t an option — just like it wasn’t for those who suffered years of torture at the hands of the regime’s henchmen and managed to escape. This is what our community is built for, putting injustices on world leaders’ agendas until we see action.

It’ll take a massive global effort but it’s possible: the UN’s Human Rights Council meets in days — it has the power to pass a strong resolution on North Korea which would in turn spur the UN General Assembly into action. Some countries are already taking a stand — even close allies of China, which for decades has protected the North Korean regime. Together, we can make sure the world follows.

When our call reaches 1 million signers, Avaaz will challenge global leaders, the UN General Assembly and the Human Rights Council to show courage and start condemning the regime in bulk. Sign now and share widely:


From Burma to Syria, Avaaz members have taken action against human rights abuses by brutal regimes. Let’s not turn away from the plight of North Korea’s citizens — together we can make sure Kim Jong-un and his cronies don’t get away with murder.

With hope and determination,

Jeremy, Jooyea, Antonia, Luis, Mary, Ricken and the rest of the Avaaz team

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  1. Im amazed at how one human being can treat another human being.. People all around the world are desperate for children, surely there is no need for such cruelty. When will the world learn to respect and care for each other. We must remember that by commiting such acts god will repay you when your time comes and you stand at the gates of our lord!

  2. Start helping Palestinians,Iraqi, Afghani children first. Killed ,mutilated by supremacist empiralist west.
    Human rights watch…give me a break. Give me a break …western propaganda bias and hypocrites.