Welcome to 1st African Tourism Exhibition in Germany  „Soul & Spirit of AFRICA“

                                                17th – 20th July (4days) Tübingen, Germany


It’s an honour for me to inform you about the 1st African Tourism tradefair in Germany “Soul and Spirit of Africa ” with focused on AFRICA ONLY! This tradefair is  initiated and organized by AfrikAktiv org. in cooperation with chamber of commerce and Industry , International African Festival Tübingen and supported by  African Ambassadors in Germany, Lord major and city of Tübingen / Reutlingen

1st African Tourism Exhibition tradefair  “Soul and Spirit of Africa “ will take place from Thursday 17th July – Sunday 20th July 2014 at the African Village (Festplatz –Tubingen) near Stuttgart -South Germany (located in Baden-Württemberg and occupied by Swabian locals – Germany´s treasure of SME enterprizes, technocrats, Inventors, Global players in Automobile.. and Business Tycoons)

Please, be informed- Exhibitors dealing in Tourism goods and services to register and participate, so that together we can establish a stable plattform for Tradefair Exhibition with focus only on Africa in Germany. As experts in Intern Business Adm- Marketing, Founder & CEO -Intern. African Festival Tübingen, the biggest and fastest growing in south Germany, there´s no doubt that The 1st AFRICAN TOURISM EXHIBITION will attract thousands of professional and public visitors this year.

Join me,  let us make African Tourism accessible for global travelers – this is a golden opportunity and sustainable development for our continent and it´s people. Apart from Exhibitors, I look forward to partner with African trade & investment chambers, Tradefair organizations in and out of Africa.

Any country that wishes to gain more exposure, attract more visibility, to be seen as FOCUS COUNTRY 2014,  PARTNER, SPONSOR and SUPPORTER  should contact us for more VALUABLE INFORMATION. JOIN ME, lets´s make African Tourism accessible for Eurozone & global travelers



SUSAN TATAH  (Chief Executive Officer – AFRIKAKTIV)  www.afrikafestival.net / Email: tourism@afrikaktiv.de / Tel: +49 152 -106 -10374