By Goth Mohamed Goth

A humanitarian aid consignment made up of 1000 bags of assortments food stuff mainly consisting of mainly rice, flour and sugar will for the first time delivered through land and sea for the first time to be contributed to families living in Sahil region.

Today in a formal ceremony held in the port of Berbera, The governor of Sahil region Mr. Ali Gadh-Dheer and the Mayor of Berbera Mr. Abdi Shakur Idin received the consignment of food aid from the Ms. Amina Mohamed Diriye ,the director of humanitarian agency in the Ministry of Resettlement and Rehabilitation who was in charge for the distribution of the Presidential gift which came in form of the food stuff.

Also present at the Berbera port to receive the Presidential food donation were the Mayors of the coastal towns of Hagaleed and Laasciidle who were tasked with the distribution of the food aid to their constituents.

This is the first time ever in Somaliland that humanitarian aid has been distributed simultaneously through sea and land.



  1. May Allah help those who work hard to help themselves. Somaliland is a shinning example of good governance and togetherness.

    The world community should give hand to those who tried to pick themselves up instead of wasting its resources to a failed and corrupt government.