(SomalilandPress)-It was sunset and my memory strong-willed to participate one of the beautiful nights of presenting books organized by Hargeisa Readers Club. This club planned for mainstreaming the youth in Somaliland in the course of reading talent and exchange of Ideas connected with how to translate and present the books. Setting up a successful club like HRC is by no means easy in an environment that is known for its negativity. Creating a club that seeks to convey positive messages for youth to obtain the guidance and support they need in this challenging stage of life is even more difficult in Somaliland. On 18 December, 2009 at 7:00pm the club presented a book called; Diwaanka Qosalka written by Jamal Ali Hussein.

The ceremony took place in Mansoor Hotel in Hargeisa, where eventually the club holds its gigantic reading ceremonies. The hotel is in the west of the city where all most every body can have an easy access by taking bus. Countless number of men and women were seen in the ceremony hall and the corridors of the hotel. The ceremony opened with Holly Koran recitation by a member of HRC. Mr: Hamse was co-chaired the ceremony and started the speech introducing the book writer by all participants who came in the ceremony. Later on, the session began and people were listening attentively.

Mr. Jamal is a graduate of the Hartford University with a master of Business Administration accompanied with Certified Public Accountant (CPA). In spite of his young age, he managed to finish his degrees in professional accounting at the SIDAM institute in Mogadishu. Now he is the CEO Citibank’s branch in Ivery Cost and one of the 100 influence people of that bank. He is a hero in my life, students loves his success and believes he has a significant role model in his society. His role as a banker did not divest him from writing books and practicing social work. Jamal is great man, a role model to all Somali Landers, very brave and walking on the path of putting his nation on the map of the world

As Jamal took the microphone, people started laughing and asking each other what story that you read in the book called Diiwanka Qosalka might be including his presentation. All the people listening courteously what their comedic writer says. In that night people participating the ceremony where couldn’t keep laughing.

I first heard of “Jamal” more than 3yrs ago. He started in that time charitable activities by visiting various education centers including SOS Sheikh Secondary School. His aspire throughout these visits was to prop up the needed students and amend their lives for better. Jamal’s passion for helping his society upshot to offer a scholarship for two students from Sheikh School to go Uganda and study medicine. In fact, this observable success encouraged me to be a social worker and rivet charity activities. Involvement of society’s charitable purposes is not an easy chore, but needs hard work, devotion and strong will. You Somali Landers in and out, are you ready caring for orphans, blind and those with special needs through your pocket. We have to join our efforts to support students and help for those who are not able to pay the fee of Primary Schools, Secondary Schools or even Universities.
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As students we all have shining ambitions about the future we would like to success, but sooner or later, these ambitions began to lessen with out standing role models in our side except Jamal Ali Hussein who change and improve the lives of many students. I believe that any positive change in society can be done through Charity work.

We have to keep in mind that Hargeisa Readers Club carrying a huge responsibility on their shoulders empowering the youth in order to gain power and visibility. Though in Somaliland the importance of young people were not recognized by our societies, But the growing influence of young people as Hargeisa Readers Club attesting the community that their voices to be heard.

Last but not least, as Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) said, “By Him whose hand my soul is, Allah does not bestow His Mercy except on merciful one”

Written by: Farhan Abdi Suleiman (0day)
Hargeisa, Somaliland
Tell: 4401132

Farhan is a graduate of the University of Hargeisa and is a regular contributor to Somalilandpress. He is also a social worker in Somaliland.


  1. Mr Farhan Odey on behalf of HRC i am deeply appreciate the information and advice you have provided, and the contacts you have shared with us. Your encouragement has been invaluable to us .Again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your generosity.
    Khalid Jama