While the eyes of most pundits and spies are on the current Military Action in Yemen. The Situation on the other side of the Gulf of Aden needs just as must focus as there is currently towards Yemen. The Situation in Somalia does not show any sign of improving anytime in the near future. In recent days Al-Shaabab the Islamist Militia with alleged links to Al-Qaida has driven the World Food Program out of Southern Sudan. There are now reports that a Somali clan which has 300,000 Refugees currently sheltered in Kenya has stated that it will protect the Kenyan Border. In 2009 the Islamists threatened to attack Kenya for its support of the Western Initiative to restore a functioning government in Mogadishu. And the Situation regarding Somaliland cannot be ignored anymore either. It’s time for the long delayed elections which have been delayed so often to finally take place in Somaliland. Where are the NDI and the IRI?

Speaking of Kenya the reports that the ICC will be looking into the violent aftermath of the December 2007 Elections are evidence of a major problem. Despite the Current Government and it efforts to show harmony Graft is a problem and the reports of the influx of weapons into the Western Part of the Country do not bode well for the next electoral cycle.

Although it has not been mentioned by the US Media (Which is not a surprise to this reporter) Ethiopia and Eritrea had a border clash on New Year’s Day. Although this was a small scale firefight this action taken into context with a reported operation by the Eritrean Opposition and the UN Security Council imposing Sanctions against Eritrea for its reported actions in Somalia pose serious challenges for the Eritrean Government. It is now being seen as part of the Problem with tensions in the region and not part of the solution. This aspect will have to change for any Efforts for Peace in the Region to move forward.

Writing on Confused Eagle I raised Concerns regarding recent reports of actions that have been taken by the Ugandan Government particularly with Military Operations against the LRA and other actions taken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For far too long the US has provided a Blank Check to Uganda and to Ethiopia as a matter of fact. Both of these countries need some oversight within Washington.
This is a lot of information to digest. There are various US interests at stake here. It is time for the Administration to take the blinders off. There are other areas of concern here besides the Islamists in Somalia and Yemen.
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  1. If US government are really serious about lasting peace in the Horn region, should recognize Somaliland as an independent state from the rest of Somali. Otherwise,the American administrations whether those of Bushes or Obama's, were not truly care about peace for the people of the horn and for Somalis in particular period! They want the status quo to remain the same for some reasons that only they know.