This short film was emailed to us by one of our reader Rashid Nur, whom we would like to thank him for this video. Sheikh Mountains are part of the Golis Chain that stretches along the length of Somaliland. Sheikh is a small town atop the Sheikh Mountains, and to get there you take the Sheikh Pass. The veiw from the Sheikh Pass is spectular, as the mountains cascade into the horizon.


  1. Sheikh is a historic town. It is an evergreen highland area located between Berbera and Burao. The chain of mountains known as Golis from Ethiopia to Sanaag region, passes through Sheikh. this enables Sheikh to get a lot of rain most of the year.

    Sheikh is regarded as the oldest place in Somaliland. It has a number of regimes resided in it super headed by the colonial administration.

    We shall attain Sheikh district to the heights of sumptuousness and glory

    Hargeisa, Somaliland

    • its funny that you unite the Ethiopians who are 80 different nations in your comment, but divide Somalis who are one people i wonder why is that?

      • Where did he say such things? I don't see him saying let's unit the Ethiopians and divide the Somalis, all he said was the mountain range runs through Ethiopia and Somaliland.

        Maybe you got superman vision.

  2. Sheikh is a district head quarter and has the permanent office of a district commissioner and its council of members.

    The town of Sheikh in Somaliland lies on a plateau at an altitude of 1600 metres and, because of its pleasant temperatures in an otherwise hot and dry landscape, has always been deemed suitable as a place of learning. Sheikh School was built in 1937 and was the first intermediate school in Somaliland

    In 1957, the British administration constructed a boarding school for Somali boys and Girls with academic potential, who, it was hoped, would become the country’s leaders after independence. Indeed, its early pupils was Mohamed Egal, who went on to become the second president of Somaliland
    The district is large, if not the largest in Somaliland, it extends to about 1200 sq kms including 20 villages in this area, 61 kms from Berbera in the north and 75 kms south from Burao
    in the south, from east to west of Sheikh, it covers 125kms to the east and 75 kms to the west.

    The settlement took its name from a referred sheikh who lived here a long ago and having been mentioned as the mother of Somaliland education, for the first time in Somaliland sheikh was the first place where schools were opened during the colonial time in the 1930s.

    Being at the height, it has a cool climate all the year round and this made favourable place for education and learning centre, besides sheikh is a centre of an agricultural area of the Sahil region, cultivation is one of the main features of the district while pastualisms is one of the main activity of the people spreading in this area, there are no industries but the people of the town estimated thousands are dependant on agriculture and livestock.
    Majority of the people plough to a limited extent to produce for their survival in local food production and good example of this method is practiced in Calaacule village, west of Sheikh.

    The live of the people in this district could be descried as a mixed farming community the land is irrigated by natural rivers (streams) which is mainly prepare their home consumption growing trees bearing fruits and vegetable depending on rain.
    Abdirashid Ali Warabe (4441097)