A loose union between Somaliland and Somalia is being put forward as this third option in solving a 22-year-old dispute


Negotiations between the governments of Somalia and the autonomous breakaway state of Somaliland are set to resume within the next month.

The question of Somaliland’s status as an independent country or as a region within Somalia has previously proven impossible to resolve. However, a softening of attitudes in Somaliland and the appointment of Fawzia Adan, a Somalilander sympathetic to the desire for independence, as Somalia’s Foreign Minister is creating hope that with time progress can be made.

The two governments are starting talks from very different positions. Whilst the government of Somalia wants to form a united republic with Somaliland, the Somaliland government has long rejected this. Instead the government in Hargeisa has been attempting to gain international recognition of its statehood ever since it declared its independence from Somalia in 1991.

These attempts have been unsuccessful and Somaliland has made little progress in achieving its goal. Although many countries accept that Somaliland fulfils legal criteria for statehood, none of them have recognised it. In Hargeisa the blame for this is placed at the door of their southern neighbours and the geopolitical interests of the international community.

There is a fear that recognising the independence of Somaliland will fuel conflict in the region. Al-Shabaab is committed to a united Somalia and, despite the recent success in pushing the group out of major towns and cities, it still poses a significant threat. Regular bombings and assassinations indicate that al-Shabaab is launching an insurgency against the newly established Mogadishu government. Recognition of Somaliland independence may worsen this situation.

Discussing international recognition is a national obsession in Somaliland. People believe that the country will only develop if it is afforded the status of an independent state. “Only if we have recognition can we get all the things like insurance companies and banks, which will encourage investment to come here and Somaliland is desperate for foreign investment” explains Mowlid Mohamoud Ibrahim, Somaliland’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Somaliland certainly is in desperate need of investment.  The country’s infrastructure is basic at best but mostly non-existent; youth unemployment is estimated to be over 60 percent and a fast growing population is exacerbating these problems.

But it is not just economic development that people believe will come from recognition. “Recognition will not only help Somalilanders, but the whole region. For example, piracy and al-Shabaab cannot be solved without working together [with Somalia] as equals,” continues the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs. Although there is some truth in this, there is still the risk that recognition will destabilise the region. It will be necessary to balance these two positions if these talks are to bring progress.

Questioning whether a single-minded obsession with recognition is the right option for Somaliland is considered taboo, but it is a taboo which is beginning to be challenged. Abdifatah Tahir, a Hargeisa-based researcher on Somali politics explains: “Ultimately the possibility of getting Somaliland recognised by Somalia is highly unlikely.  Because of that Somaliland may reconsider its position. I think the talks are more to do with how to form a sort of union. People are sympathetic to that.”

This change in attitudes amongst many in Somaliland displays a realisation that a different approach is required. Somaliland cannot get recognition so is unable to develop, but the Mogadishu government’s plan for a complete reintegration of Somaliland into Somalia is unacceptable to the people. Instead, a third option is needed.

A loose union between the two states is being put forward as this third option. It would not involve a complete integration of the two states, but instead regional governments would administrate Somalia and Somaliland separately. Only on matters of joint interest, such as piracy and al-Shabaab, would the regional governments work together. It is hoped that this will be acceptable to staunch unionists in the south, whilst still giving Somaliland the legitimacy it needs to attract foreign investment.

Those in favour of independence argue that Somalia’s insecurity and undeveloped government make it incompatible with Somaliland. The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland takes this position. “Unity won’t work as there is no balance between Somaliland and Somalia.  They have nothing to give us in unification”, he explains.

However, the differences between the two may not be so great as to make a loose union unworkable. The newly formed government in Mogadishu is making significant progress in establishing formal governance in Somalia and an improving security situation is encouraging brave investors to look at the country.

Meanwhile Somaliland’s governance record has been tarnished in recent years.  The Parliament is increasingly seen as a rubber-stamping chamber, whilst the government of President Ahmed Silanyo has been accused of divisive nepotism favouring particular clans. The November 2012 local council elections were followed by reports of multiple voting and accusations of bias in the National Electoral Commission. This led to unrest in which over 20 people are believed to have been killed.

Questions are also being raised about just how committed to independence the Hargeisa government actually is. “I think the position of Somaliland is influenced by individual interests.  Someone wants to stay in power so doesn’t want to say that the past twenty years have not worked,” tells researcher Abdifatah Tahir. If the idea of a loose union with Somalia gains public acceptance, the official position of the Hargeisa government is likely to change.

A loose union between the two states may well be a workable solution and if stances continue to soften a more pragmatic approach to Somaliland’s future could be emerging. Yet it is highly unlikely that the upcoming negotiations will result in any agreement. Politicians on both sides are still mindful of the need to be seen to be sticking up for their people and this means not making any concessions.

It will take a great deal of time if the idea of a loose union is to gain widespread public support and until then little progress in resolving this 22-year-old dispute can be expected.

Jesper Carlsen Cullen is a freelance journalist based in Kenya. He recently returned from Hargeisa, Somaliland

Source: Commentator




  1. Somalilanders that are dividing the citizens of Somaliland through tribalism should remember the pain endured by Somalilanders in the civil war. Silanyo is using the same handbook Maxamed Siyaad Barre used and offcourse the people from his tribe support him all the way. Unfortunately the citizens of Somaliland will probably head to refugee camps once again.

  2. The author doesn't understand Somaliland and its people, we have made our minds almost three decades ago and there will never be a u-turn on our decision. THERE WILL NEVER BE REUNION WITH SOMALIA EVER! come high water or hell fire.

    Somalians must not entertain themselves with a delusive and illusive ideas, it is over for Somaliland and Somalia union Wiiiiiiiiiiif !! (end of the game whistle)

    • three decades?but you didnt exist that long. and if your talking about the 2001 ref it was a hoax because not one person from harti was included and you didnt even control harti land

    • Speak for you separatists Is@@q's. The IC and all Somalis know that the rest of the people of north-Somalia and the rising pro union Is@@q's are keen to stay with there brothers. If anything, it is the end of the separatists made up hoax.

      • Walloweyns take care of daughters and mother impregnated by the Ugandan, Burundians and I don't know how many other African nationalities before direct your dirty mouths towards Somaliland.

  3. I don't have much else to say than this: the author is absolutely clueless on the subject. Somaliland people would rather go to hell than have anything to do with Faqash and that illegitimate union.

    • Reer-Dunbuluq…….Speak for you separatists Is@@q's. The IC and all Somalis know that the rest of the people of north-Somalia and the rising pro union Is@@q's are keen to stay with there brothers. So go to hell if you (separatists) rather want that, because is over.

        • Kayse, thanks you for your correction. By the way when I say separatists Is@@q's, I'm talking about the minority, therefore I'm not foolish enough to think the majority of Is@@q's are separatists.

        • He is not Isaaq, he is Habashi Jelo like Dhiigshiil and Silanyo. They are not Somali but inbreeds.ahahhaa habashi jeclo

      • No loose union, we want a true unity. No compromise to maamulka isaacland, they are minority in Somalia. We will always reject the false independency claims of isaac kh@ldaans. Unity is the only wayout. LONG LIVE SOMALIA, DEATH TO THE ENEMIES OF SOMALIA UNITY.

        • We were a Minority when you were bombing the hell out of Hargeysa?

          In that case why did Siyad Barre died face down in a Nigerian Toilet?

          You still have 1.27Million of your population in refugee camps in Yemen, Kenya,Ethiopia and Dooxo Hargeysa… These people are going to be heading home soon to join the 1.5Million Idps in MUUQDISHO.

          3Million refugee as the population of the capital… there is no chance anyone will ever see their properties again!

          No wonder the Majeerteen are giving up on your fraudulent government. These people will be hingry, angry and filled with HATE as they have been abused fro a long time while prostituting their souls in foreign countries.

          With your Capital population so damaged i don't believe for 1 second there is any hope of every seeing peace in Moqadishu, as soon as amisom leave these 3million starving idps that have been abused for 22years in yemen, dadaab, dollo-addo and else where will canabalise each other like Zombies.

          • Representing the Majeerteens and Darods around the world Buuxiye you are not a Somaliland and prove it that you are a somaliland and isaq. They are the southners are our brothers yes but we are not joining with them and you are the faqash.

          • Buuxiye sensing from your writings lately tells me that these constant developing good but very bad news for staunch isolationist like you is getting to you badly.

            Bro calm down before you find yourself with a heart attack

          • Ibrahim what i am is non of your concern stay toned on the message not the messenger.

            Irir i couldn't quit make out your intention in that statement how is the ESOL classes going?

          • Hey listen Buuxiye you are my problem chump. If you lashing out on Somalia and Somaliland and you are praising majeeteren than you are a darod scum and listen here young lady you did have it to take it care personally and your not a Somalilander and Somalilander doesn't have your attitude faqash. Buuxiye say that again i dare you and i know who you are and where you are from and i am watching you. Irir has the right to speak and that is a basic human rights which you don't know cavewoman. Listen buuxiye lady ESOL is not a class moron, It is ESL. You came to the western world 5 years and you don't know anything so just shut up once and for all you bully.

          • What is this a cartoon stay tooned, Yeah everybody has a right to focus on the messenger if he or she says anything they don't agree on. This is reality Buxxuiye and stop using our flag and stop acting like a somalilander damn. You are darod and you just confussed because you said what i am is none of my concern that means you are darod.

          • Somaliland-Republic also belongs to Darood so i have no idea what has you irritated about the reality on the ground. Perhaps you have caught the wrong end of a statement i made?

            Everyman must draw the line somewhere and i draw mine here… I really have no further messages that could be of interest to you.

            Get >>>

          • NO Way so your darod afterall. Thanks Buuxiye and Let's not forget Somaliland belongs to Hawyies aswell.

          • You see Buuxiye the Zomaliland Republic you are shouting for all these times has a pre-requisit. You must be Isaaq! If you are not Isaaq you are not part of the fold of Zomaliland! Do you get it now. The Zomaliland show which is about to come to an end is run by one tribe and one tribe only! The don't get the land called Somaliland belongs to 5 tribes. Isaaq is just a one of the 5 not the majority. Hargeisa is just one City out of many cities in Somaliland. However scessionist call it their capital and it is where they spread most of their lies to the innocent people living there. From reading these comments it clearly shows by Zomaliland scessionist if you are not isaaq you are not from them but if you are isaaq you are. I suggest you don't waste your time and effort trying to defend a dying cause that has only few supports. Even Faysal Cali Waraabe is saying today "aqoonsiga dowladda Mareykanka ay siisay Soomaaliya uu yahay mid dhabar jab ku ah gooni-isu-taagga Soomaaliland" so the truth and reality is finally sinking in.

  4. The best article by far on these sensitive issues, well done. Somaliland must negotiate hard for it to emerge from decades of self isolation. I would make taxation as a base for starting the loose union, we must control all taxation matters. Secondly, we must control the policing, ports, and judicial matters from any Mogadishu influence. Education and development also must be a regional issue, so is tourism and any economical independence that comes with self jurisdiction. I think we have great chance of self governance while working within the partnership as long as we control our economy and law. Somaliland now needs the leaders to lead away from self isolation which is harming our people, do the right thing, negotiate with open mind but status quo is unacceptable.

    • Study what federalism is bro before you stating any demands. Taxations, ports and judicial matters are all Federal, although each state will have some level of judicial independence with in the federal judiciary system. There is no something called Mogadishu influence. Look at the ministerial levels of the Government, and tell what Mogadishu influence is there? We need to move away from this level of suspiciousness we've reached. It will not benefit as all.

  5. The only viable solution between Somalia and Somaliland which makes sense and what the entire world is hoping and encouraging is an autonomous administrative division called Somaliland within Somalia Federal Republic. Somaliland will basically became an administrative division of Somalia Federal Republic that has a degree of autonomy, or freedom from Central authority in Mogadishu. In the world there are many autonomous administrative division within a larger country and typically it is different because it is either geographically distinct from the rest of the country or populated by a national minority and example can be given to the model for the Kurds in Iraq. However in Somalia's case it is neither but we can argue Somalia doesn't also fit well with Federal system the root cause we have adopted Federal is because we are tribal people and at the end of the day the problems in Somalia are more trible issue than regional ie North or South or nationalistic issue. This autonomous administrative will give Somaliland a certain amount of self-governance within the framework of federal system and it is the best way to resolve existing or internal conflict between Somaliland and Somalia.

    • Somaliland-Republic is older then Somalia-Italia-federation.

      Somaliland territorial borders established 1884.

      Somalia-Italia borders established 1925.
      Prior to 1925 Jubbaland was part of British-Kenya.

  6. I totally welcome this aricle and it is a purspective that intellectual Somalilander's ought to think about rather than keep themselve in isollation. Somalia is nor a recognised government it will soon get financial support from the rest of the world. It is time Somaliland became part of Somalia to get a piece of the cake. Otherwise they will wait for a recognition that is not coming from Somalia Government nor the rest of International Community. It is your call. Whether you wait 100 yrs or you do it now you only have one option. At least this option you get to keep full authority over the land called Somaliland and it will be autonomous from the rest of Somalia but still part of Somalia Federal Republic.

    • No tnx

      – Separate Governments
      – Separate Military
      – Separate Currency
      – Separate Foreign policy
      – Separate Passport

      Just because your President that was SELECTED with 190votes he paid for went to USA does not mean anything… We have 22-years of peace while you are still a AU Trusteeship.

      • Lets talk facts. Somaliland tried to gain recognition from the rest of the world since 1991 and for 2 decades they have failed to be recognised by a single country even Malta or one of the small remote islands don't recognise Somaliland. This is a fact that can not be tolerated and ignored anymore by Somaliland people. Therefore the leaders of the so-called Somaliland recognised in Feburary 2012 London Conference their future lies with Somalia and they must neogiate their future with Somalia. Maybe just maybe their clinching to a hope that through this negotiations Somalia will recognise them as independant state. Hence declartion of unilateral independence in 1991 was not only a mistake but it islolated Somaliland from the rest of the world.
        Now realistically speaking the chance Somalia Federal Republic government accepting the breakup of Somalia is not only a slim and mere hope but it will dissolve the current government and undermine its authority throughout the rest of Somalia. Hence this option would be a suicide for the Somalia Federal Republic. Therefore the territorial integrity and existence of Somalia Federal Republic is non-negotionable.

        • No Thank you, your SNA are guilty of Mass rape of the idps in Muuqdishu they all need to be shot dead.

          – Stand on your own two feet without Amisom for just 1-year and i will personally listen to your naive sentimental concept of the possibilities of SOMALIWEYN…

          🙂 Reality Check!

          1. We have not been isolated the last 22years we have focused in sustaining the peace that has awarded Somaliland-Republic it's place as a fledgling democracy in Africa. We have developed a self sustaining economy which feeds the bulk of Somaliland's population within our own borders as opposed to bursting the seams of the largest refugee camps on earth.

          2. At the height of the famine that rendered the horn of Africa powerless and at the mercy of the NGOs we were in a position of extend a helping hand to Muuqdishu and Gedo with funds and basic sustenance.

          3. Somali-Republic fractured a long time ago when the aspirations of both our people were rendered meaningless and the grand vision of uniting all the 5-Somali regions substituted for oppression, genocide, mass graves and Ariel bombardments of innocent civilian homes. Somaliland-Republic reclaimed it's Sovereignty 18-May-1991 and will continue to develop on a political trajectory that is most beneficial for it's citizens.

          4. The original Somali-Union was born of a NEED not FORCE, it was NURTURED along as opposed to INTIMIDATED, it was supported with SACRIFICES not AGGRESSIVE stances, it had Majority demanding it not governments that bought 190votes paying lip service and it made sense to the people of both countries because they wanted to entice the remaining 3-Somali regions HASSAN and his government have signed away all possible hopes of a UNION consideration with Djibouti, Kilil and NFP.

          5. UNION was a concept affordable to all 5-Somali regions. Now every Somali leader is afraid to utter even the mere consideration of a Union involving 3-regions. Djibouti, Kilil and NFP as they Cannot, will not, shall not, have not, must not ever be even mentioned in the same sentence as Somali-Union. So then the Somaliweyn Concept is dead and if that is the case what is left?

          You tell me please?

          Hassan, Jawaahiri and Saciid-shirdoon ARE not men enough to even utter Somaliweyn what UNION song are they singing?

          Union of Who?

          Midnimadu waa Muqadis… Djibouti, Kilil and NFP are no longer permitted in this NEW-UNION?

          The day Hassan Mahamoud, or Jawaahiri or Saciid Shirdoon are MEN enough to say they still believe in the UNION of 5-Somali regions i'll take their Union sentiments seriously otherwise the UNION sentiments being expressed are mere fraudulent and bankrupt former concepts which stir the emotions of the suffering population while the politicians in Vila somalia-italia continue to siphon off millions and soon billions of state coffers into private foreign accounts.

          – 73 virgins was shabab's tactic to keep the loyality of your youth.
          – Somaliweyn and Union are the tool of Fraudulent government that is going to access billion in loans and loans that will turn Somalia-Italia-federation into a RIBA-Whore for eternity to come while Hassan will be living it large just like Shiek Sharif in foreign lands.

          22-years of non-recignition well maybe we need a further 22-years of independence from RIBA… Alhamdullilah one man's ill-faith is another's precious reward. Amiin.

          • Let me break it up for you like second grade school and make it simple and easy for you to understand. The reality today is clear as day light no matter how much people try to distort the reality and make up things that don't exists. Here are the facts and it is very simple really:
            Is Puntland a government? Is khaatumo a government? Is Gulmudug a government? Is Hiiraan a government? Is Jubaland a government? Is Somaliland a government? The answer to all those questions is YES. Are they a sovereign state? The answer is NO. What are they? They are federal regions part of Somalia Federal Republic. Somalia Federal Republic is a sovereign state in the eyes of the International Community and the rest of Somali people all over the world including in Somalia.

  7. There are two misconceptions in the minds of our brothers in Northern Somalia;1) That they suffered unduely more than any other in Somalia's civil wars, and 2) that this suffering affords them an open invitation to leave the Union.

    To most Somalis point 1 is both unreasonable and arrogant. All Somalis suffered during the war, and the South is still suffering under a terror organization that is led by men from Northern Somalia.

    There are very few Somalis who are untouched by the tragedy that's pummeled our country. It doesn't give the people from any part of the country to leave the Union.

    The legitimate Somali government should treat all regions with respect, but the time of fiefdom presidents and "foreign" ministers is over. Either we rise together, or surely we will all fall together.

    • I think you are being unreasonable, the south has suffered more than them. More than 1 million people death in the south, caused by civil war.

      • 2-STATE joined between 1960 – 1991.

        What happened to you After 1991 is not our responsibility nor do we care about your Dirty-Waqooyis or ina Godane that nobody has ever seen. Those you hire to work for you include Oroma and Kenya bantu muslims as part of your Shabab troops, there are pakistannis, bashtuuns and even Zanzibaris. Your people hired anyone willing to fight in their Jihad to capture ALASKA 🙂 muahaha

        90% of the population of Somali-Federation supported and still continue to support SHABAB. I am sure the Shabab troops of Abgaal infiltrated Somali-government troops during Sharif's term in office.

        As soon as Amisom leave your 1.5Million IDP-CITY of Moqadishu all hell will break loose. Considering the level of abuse suffered by your people at the hands of both Somali-forces and Bantu-forces. That coupled with what is in store for your government:

        The biggest single task that the international community expects from HASSAN-NGO =

        Repatriation of all the REFUGEES in the following Camps:
        – 600thousand in Dadaab-Kenya
        – 500thousand in Darbi-Yemen
        – 180thousand in Dollo ado – Ethiopia
        – 90thousand in dooxa – Somaliland

        Where will you take these Refugees??? and the countless that will be returned from across the world???

        I foresee a HELL about to open it's gates in your IDP-Capital when that population doubles to 3Million IDPS. Your people do not require any external enemies since you will crush each other to death like animals.

  8. i rather join any other african countries in the horn then southerners and faqash o god these people make me sick how can i leave my future children with xaasid humans like daahir calasoow and his like

      • Your already Habashi Jelo (HJ) so I am not surprised that you want to run away from those who made you give up on the raw meat.

    • misslovely….What about those who don't want to be part of you? You sick, and your kids will class you as sick in the future. Mark my word

    • Misslovely

      Talking sense as usual. Horn of africa is cushtic and not for half Congolese garbage. These monkeys should be deported back to congo and where ever in west Africa they come from. As for darood middle boys, wait few more years as their dirty women are mating with Jamaican and Nigerians in Western Europe and north america. Ayna hirsi and iman will no longer be tolerated

    • Nayaa go s1ck d1ck of german p0rnstar.

      No loose union, we want a true unity. No compromise to maamulka isaacland, they are minority in Somalia. We will always reject the false independency claims of isaac kh@ldaans. Unity is the only wayout. LONG LIVE SOMALIA, DEATH TO THE ENEMIES OF SOMALIA UNITY.

      Kh@ldaans wake up, we hawiye will never give you recognition. Darood hate you to death kkkkkkkkkk

      • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


        you are not hawiye


    • Daahir Bantu Olusow is a harmless puppet who regurgitates the dictations of his Master Abgaal and MJ. He lacks any independent thought or action and it is no wonder Shabab managed to recruit one of his people to always suicide attack their targets.

      🙂 Walaal the fault lies with us in assuming we are dealing with people instead of cannibals that operate like Zombies. They bombed our cities only to turn the weapons on each other in the end. They have yet to acknowledge let alone begin to heal from the crimes for which only Allah has power to stand over them as judge and executioner.

      They are in perpetual self contradiction in that they desire two opposing agendas:


      If we survived 1984 – 1988 when we were throwing bakoorado at airplanes to survive Today we stand masters of our destiny and all they can ever do is sti behind a Monitor like cowards and hurl insults 🙂

      Just like their Sayid-Siyaad-the Kaafir died faced down in a Nigerian toilet so will every single one of these cockroaches so long as there is even one Isaaq man left to complete that mission.

  9. Somaliland is here to stay and they know it! We voted again and again for separation and will do so again. End of story. This new Somalia president knows it and respects it and that is why we respect him. Let Barres clan cry themselves a river it aint gonna happen. Remember maslax and your other ilk didnt even get a vote. No one is interested in what you think anymore! Not that we were before either, bc you never talked sense.

  10. Mr. Cullen

    Mr. Cullen, Foreign journalists like you visit Hargeisa and stay in Al-mansoor Hotel for couple of days and then write a story that mischaracterizes a whole region. Had you visited Sool and Eastern Sanag and talked to the locals who were never governed by the administration of Hargeisa you would not propose a loose union of two countries. Also it is perpelexing that you seriously propose a country whose relationship is solely built on the fight against piracy and Al-shabaab.

    It is a fact that the greater majority of Somali people including those in Hargeisa will choose unity over petty tribal squabbles and regionalism. But as you rightly pointed out there is those in leadership position who benefit from keeping the people in the region in political limbo.

    It is wrong for those who want to divide Somalia into fiefdoms to force their desires on those who do not want to be part of this misguided secession project. If the separatists are claiming self determination to declare independence from rest of Somalia, they should also allow others to make their own choice.

    • When 80% of south and central Somalia-federation still support Shabab as opposed to the Christian project of Amisom perhaps your claims are out of proportion?

      International objective is to minimize

      – Piracy.
      – Spread of terrorism.
      – People migration.

      Non-Recognition of Somaliland-Republic is a direct aid to all 3-Above…

      Fixing Somalia while in the process dismantling Somaliland is counter productive to
      INTERNATIONAL OBJECTIVES for the region in peace-building, alleviating-poverty and strengthening functional democracy.


      1. Strengthening Somaliland-Republic's 22-year gains.
      2. Increasing Somalia-Italia-federation's Stability to a point where Dadab and Dollo-ado can be closed.

      • internationally recognized somalia's autonomous region of Somaliland must respect the constitution (4.5 system) as there are bodies representing their tribe in the federal republic of somalia''s cabinet positions.

    • Sorry its bias information its well known that Somaliland communities are still remembering the painful scars and take a little example how do the Israelis feels when they hear the German NAZI or Hitler who eliminates them and burned them the live, its same what we feel when we hear Somalia and Mogadishu so stop the lie topics and the fake reports come and walk all Somaliland streets they will tell you like this story we are welcoming who may want to know the realities.

  11. Garagland is the works of widows and their few sons,no one really cares about their whining. Somalia is one and will remain one, the US already told the sons of widows get over it. Somalia has one government and owes no apology to any widows.

    • You are so right Kayse. If someone wants an apology for the actions of Siyad Barre, they can go ahead and visit his grave in Lagos, Nigeria. Now is the time to live in the present and bury the past behind us.

  12. I know how to punish separatists and the day I take leadership of the SNA will be their last day. Unlike Siad I will not even leave behind widows and all their girls will be forced to marry the commandos and pear them kids, no kid no rights. I will gas the khat addicts by gasing the khat for them and giving it away for free. Separatists dont deserve to be treated like human beings.

    Real Garhajis

  13. Question to all secessionist.

    What gives you the right to the leave Union ?

    Second Question and all others are for every one

    Why did your clans make Political movements and Organisations to fight Siad Bare ?

    Was it simply to break down the country so all can go their own way or was there a bigger purpose ?


    Why after the ouster of Siade Barre didn't any of your Clansmen and their Organisations fight to re-establish a Government. Why did they move at a snails pace (21 yrs) ?

    Is it possible some of them found it profitable ?


    Why is it that majority of politics is based on Clan, yet every one denies being Clannish ?

    either your not and you should voice your opposition and fight to ouster them out Politics of all levels or admit your one them them, and stop the BS.

    one more thing I don't care for what white people think and I don't think they have any right to comment on any affairs of Somalis. Especially the British, Italians and French, they are the reason why Somalis have this attitude of your better that one and why Somalis are being abused every day by Ethiopian Government.

    This has nothing to with this but I have to say it, had an ethiopian taxi driver, tell me the reason why western Governments support Ethiopia is because of us and hopefully now that your country is getting better we can get rid of them soon. This is how important you are people that your craziness effects other nations and the world at large, stop being pitted against each other constantly and claim your destiny as Great Nation and stop with the BS.

  14. The Author should get a good briefing from his highly respected Kenyan PM MR Raila Odinga
    who's a great friend of Somaliland bcos somehow it would appear that you were brainwashed
    probably by some NFD Somali Kenyan of the so called Jubbaland Axania State who believe
    in Darodism power dormancy over of all other 5 star Somaiians???

  15. I am sorry to say this, but Somalia will never accept loose union. We know the North is a dry place very hot and one of the infertile lands of Somali, but even that Nationalists will never accept loose union, a governorship yes, The Somali president is here in Minneapolis as i write this note and Somalis in big numbers welcomed him with open hands. People told him that Somalia must stand together and no region in Somalia will be given more power than the other in order to keep peace and federalism. Hargeisa will be part of the federal Somalia no more no less. No compromise, we the Somali diaspora will not support war, but no stone will be left unturned to keep Somalia united. In worst case scenario Hargeisa will be isolated.

    • Somaliland want to be like Djibouti. Free and happy far from walanweyn and faqash.nothing more nothing less! No more BS somalinimo love. Koonfur can keep on hostage Somaliland for recognition issue but be sure None official from zoomalia Will be allowed to put a feet in Somaliland territory. Somalilander prefer to live free without recognition rather than under rule of Faqash and walanweyn from Mogadiscio. The only real nationalist somali reclaim all somali lost territory from habashi and bantu and traitor Djiboutian instead of crying just after Somaliland.

    • If younwant to go ahead with your Lala Land, then leave with your Garadag gangs and we will pay one way ticket. Awadal, Sool and the many other reer Waqooyi brothers like Garxejis who care about this Peninsula by the name of Somalia will not embark in your sinking boat.
      This country is for real Somalis NOT Habashi inbreeds!. This country will defend its integrity until the last Somali falls down, get that into your thick head.

  16. No separatist, fom Adwal to Ras-kamboni belongs to all Somalis, even territory wise, from today we stopped using the ideology of shabab and pirates and SNM, USC, SSDF

  17. Walloweyns take care of daughters and mother impregnated by the Ugandan, Burundians and I don't know how many other African nationalities before about Somaliland. You zombies need to extinguish the fire on your homes before you talk about others. Full of words with no logic whatsoever, what a waste of world food and water resources on Somalians?

  18. Misslovely

    Talking sense as usual. Horn of africa is cushtic and not for half Congolese garbage. These monkeys should be deported back to congo and where ever in west Africa they come from. As for darood middle boys, wait few more years as their dirty women are mating with Jamaican and Nigerians in Western Europe and north america. Ayna hirsi and iman will no longer be tolerated

    • What are you trying to achieve, am from Somaliland am HY and I find your comment childish. Firstly, model Iman is married to David Bowie, a white Englishman, also if you categorise marrying non Somalis as treason, then Mo Farah is married to half Jamaican do you hate him too, grow up, by the way half the Somalis are either half Oromos or Habashis take your pick. I also find you a racist bigot, Bantus are great people too, I am lucky I was raised in Kenya and have learnt to respect all cultures that is where Somalis are far behind, no wonder they can't even tolerate one of their own.

  19. I think this is a writer rented by one of the mean and impoverished Faqash backward looking creatures of the South.The only Somalilander his article will please is the triatir Siilaanyo. As patriotic Somalilanders we will fight for our right for recognition for a thousand years to come. Union is none starter with wild tribes of the failed state of Somalia, who proves everyday to the world that they deserve to be ruled by their worst enemies such as Ethiopia hopeless kenya.

  20. Somaliland want to be like Djibouti. Free and happy far from walanweyn and faqash.nothing more nothing less! No more BS somalinimo love. Koonfur can keep on hostage Somaliland for recognition issue but be sure None official from zoomalia Will be allowed to put a feet in Somaliland territory. Somalilander prefer to live free without recognition rather than under rule of Faqash and walanweyn from Mogadiscio. The only real nationalist somali reclaim all somali lost territory from habashi and bantu and traitor Djiboutian instead of crying just after Somaliland.

  21. "It would not involve a complete integration of the two states, but instead regional governments would administrate Somalia and Somaliland separately"

    Then he says "Only on matters of joint interest, such as piracy and al-Shabaab, would the regional governments work together" So no sharing army police natural resources etc it would of been easier to give them full recognition.

    This writers plan is the equivalent of dangling a carrot in front of the donkey what a fool.

  22. We the somalilanders are not against the Great Somali Nation "somali weyne". We were the first somalis who sacrificed for this goal and still we are ready to have union with other somalis on condition that we ARE GOING TO BE the last state to UNITE WITH OTHER SOMALIS. Let somalia and Jaboui take this initiative and persuade other somalis to unite. If Somalia and Jabouti are not ready to do that ,then there is no point to ask somalilanders to accept the union, as long as our scares are not yet healed.

    • Nice said let's see if all faqash and walanweyn who claim they are ''nationalist'' Will follow ur good advise to reclaim all lost somali territory first. What is funny it 's that Habashi, Bantus and Djiboutian soldier already occupy the zoomalia ground and fake unionist are happy with this situation becoz they only know how to cry after Somaliland. Pitiful and hypocrite!

    • Hassan190 paid to WIN the SELECTION process.

      Saado Cali took $10,000 and Betrayed Ali-Khalif-Galydh.

      What is the point of Demonstrating now since you Signed the ROAD-MAP process… You are stuck with MR190votes.

  23. No loose union, we want a true unity. No compromise to isaacland, they are minority in Somalia. We will always reject the false independency claims of isaac kh@ldaans. Unity is the only wayout. LONG LIVE SOMALIA, DEATH TO THE ENEMIES OF SOMALIA UNITY.

  24. Hawiye, Darood, Dir, Raxanwein, Yibir, Midgaan, jareerweyne will never ever never ever recognize maamulka ISAACland, kh@ldaanland. The IC does not know Isaacland, kh@ldaanland.

    • 🙂 When you people can actually live together in a country without African troops as civilized beings then pretend you have any form of understanding or team work between your 4.5 clans.

      Until then you still have 1.27million Refugee in Yemen, Kenya and Ethiopia … in addition to the 1.5million Idps who live in MuuqDisho.

  25. Honest and neutral western observers like this writer forms their views on objective calculations bereft of the collective and accumulated social, emotional and political memories of those directly involved in this conflict. To the Somalilanders, reclaiming their independence after 30 years of failed union that resulted in an attempted genocide by the Somalia State forms the very core of who they are as individuals and as a nation. Most will rather dance the tango with the devils of hell than re-join what they consider their former genocidaires. This 'feeling' of 'never again' is something no foreign writer, no matter how knowledgeble, can ever manage to grasp or comprehend.

  26. Folks, listen carefully, de jure Somaliland before and after 1991, is non-negotiable and sacrosanct(Muqadis)..how many time I have to tell you.

  27. To: pros & cons of Somaliland
    Firstly, I wish to bring to the attention of pro Somalilanders that the following posters whom you think or address them as Somalians are in fact Somalilanders but the supporters of SSC/Khaatumo projects, therefore, I would say to you, please don't spend much time with them and treat whatever they post here as an internal squabbling but nothing else. They are; Ayanle, Tellmetruth, Truth1, Allemagan, Saeed, Sahra, Ilays, Amiirah Istal-Somali, Somaliaunity and 90% of these anti Somaliland posters belong to that group.

    Secondly, anyone who is interested to have a healthy debate over the Somaliland case should read the opinion on this link and say what you think about it in good mannner although it's writen in Somali : http://somalilandtoday.com/warqad-furan-iyo-wadah

  28. Absolutely brilliant analysis by my fellow Somalilanders..If there was a referendum taken 99% of the people would say no to Unity,i have come just come back from Hargeisa and the general feeling is its not in our interest to form a UNION with Xamar..its as simple as that! and in the meantime we will concentrate on Education,Rebuilding our Infrastracture,raising awareness of our duities to our young nation,providing excellent medical care,and bringing much needed investment into the country!!

  29. All this time That Somalilanders Where Busy making Noise of how developed and better they are than the greater Somalia They should have carried the flag and call them selves to be the official Somali administration that way they could have given the World an alternative and saved time they wasted all this years knowing they cant get recognition and now the chicken have come to roast from now every day their position will weaken by the day and they will have nothing to bargain accept take whats on offer thats the truth of the matter.

    • 🙂 So long as the minds and hearts that desire UNION as similar to yours genuine UNION will never return. Considering that your President cannot even wipe his own butt cheeks without the hand of a Ugandan i pity anything you people touch and i pity anyone who has hopes of every building anything where ever you are found!

      – The Sidelines MJ will sooner die then accept to be Dominated from Moqadishu.
      – The Jubaland people are only silent for so long as it takes an administration to form similar to Puntland.
      – Vila moqadishu will feel like a G-String between the butt cheeks of Gerowe & Kismanyo.
      – Shabab have gone into sleeper mode and considering Aweis and the top leaders have been in politics since the 1960ies i would not be surprised when they return.
      – 1.27million of your refugees fill Dadaab, Dolo-Ado and Yemen since the Government is Recognized in Moqadishu and there is peace they will be forced to return home. They will be joining the already 1.5.

      We are only entering the SILENCE before the next Somali storm.


  30. Bashir Goth recently said in article indicated how the situation on the ground is changing. Specially the the way Somalilanders swarm around Fawzia Yusuf Haji Adam, Somalia’s Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister. He noted wherever she goes indicates how much hope Somalilanders attach on her as their potential life line. He indicates in the article on the occasion where Fawzia’s recently visited the UK and when she made a stopover in Berbera airport en route to Mogadishu. Whilst waiting at the airport she was visited by anyone who was anybody in Hargeisa came to talk with her and no one even remembered the accusation of national treason that the Zomaliland government leveled against her when she accepted to serve in the cabinet of the new Somali government. Some of them including Somaliland’s Foreign Minister and Speaker of the House of Elders even went further, threatening her that she would be imprisoned if she ever returned to Zomaliland. But on the contrary it was Silanyo’s government itself that was beleaguered by Fawzia’s presence at its airport and had no bow down to the will of the people.

  31. On behlve of somaliland people i appogise to all the reeaders who as iam would proberly be feeliing dizy by reading this childish writing. Iam only applogessing becuase the man claim to be somalilander he coudl be Hawiye or other poorly educted arogantly miss guided from south somaliya, who think a decleration at the white house wiil magicaly solve thier problem. Hassn sheekh''s in experience show the way he is trying to deal with the present an rissing danger in his ayes of course(Kismayo) by attacking perhaps somaliland's current specail politacal status. while i understanf what he is trying to do i dont think blank and accrosse the broad approach is the ansawre, Finaly i would remnd my hawiye brothers that somaliland ; cigal was offered same deal as c yusuf presedency and international force to Subjugate Hawiye,
    Cgal and somaliland refused 10 years later Cyusuf of course jumped to the chance and killed as many as 20 000.
    I hope this will remind you that international community are not the siants they appear to be.

  32. Any separatist's comments in this website show that there want to come back home (Mogadishu) their capital, the minorities like haber jelly and haber anal are losing ground for the dead cause.

    • If you know History Siyad Bare's Victory pioneers went to Mudug and Raped all the Omar-Mahmaud Women and girls, they also slaughtered 2000men in a single day. They left poison in the water wells so those who survived would die of thirst.

      Siyad was D-Block just like Saqid-Shirtdun the New Prime-minster and when the training finished for the 25,000 troops the SNA is heading for Gerowe this time they will be after the Ciise-Mahamouds.

      You people have never know your real enemy and it will be too late by the time you realize what is going on they will have control over Bossasso port and Galkaciyo airport.

      • P.s

        That could actually mean that all the Omar-Mahamouds born between 1977-1984 are not really Majeerteen due the period of the Rapes??? Victory pioneers were Majority Marehaan or Madhibaans.

  33. Warsame
    Kkkkk can’t agree with you more than that kkkkk. (Waste of world food) kkkkkk. What a meaningfull sentence. I hope the zoomaians from the dream land get what you meant kkkkkkkkkkkkk. You hit the nail on the head Mr warsame. Kkkkkk

  34. the reality is somaliland will never reunite with somalia that is that, you must get it in to your mind.