A boat without a captain always floats over the sea with the mercy of
wind and waves. These days Somaliland looks like a boat without a
captain, or even a crew. One event after another propels it centre
stage, where the sensation proliferates questions: Where Somaliland is
heading to, how Siilaanyo is prepared to defend it, feel it, lead it;
symbolize it, celebrate it and be proud of it?

If months are a long time in knowing people, then years are a life
time. Knowing about people is a natural habit of social life. But one
cannot know a man completely, his character, his principles, sense of
judgment, not till he has shown his colors, ruling the people, making
laws. Experience, there is the test.

Siilaanyo is not new to Somaliland people. His pert but pertinent
history tells his own tale. The people of Somaliland felt the effects
of Siilaanyo leadership behavior before he was elected as a president.
Many people  knew his mentality and moral obligations.We knew that his
mind did not usually go hand in hand for what he preached  and what he
practiced.  It was not Siilaanyo who symbolized SNM struggles. It was
his own demons that divided SNM into foes and factions.

From what we have seen of Siilaanyo, he does not seem a grown-up, in a
nation that badly needs an adult supervision. His two and half years
old rule gives us useful pointers. It is one huge stress of
Siilaanyo’s temperament, ideas, tolerance, judgment, strategic
organizational skill, and resilience. Take the last first. Initially
considered as a veteran politician, Siilaanyo has not proved that he
is durable by any practical sense. He is empty of plans and programs.
He is idle and inactive. He is slow of feet, and has no important
voice explaining how he should lead the nation. His tone and bluster,
if there is any, ensure as if the people listening to him are only
those who blindly agree with him.

There are many things that are wrong with Siilaanyo administration.
Proven corruption and favoritism are not the only obvious ones. His
manners of handling internal affairs are dubious and disgrace that
honest hearts cannot accept. His foreign policy is wishy-washy; and
his efforts to seek international recognition is fraught with

There has not been a single occasion when Siilanyo tackled a problem
in a presidential way. Every time a problem rises or incidents take
place, he appoints a committee; and that is a testimony to his lack of
intellect. A leader who can contain a small problem cannot lead a
nation, leave alone that he can turn crisis into opportunity.

The one thing we we’d think the Somalilaind people did not need any
more was of leader who neither has the ability nor the intellect to
know the weakness of those leaders before him and learn from mistakes
and get better. There really was no point to elect a president who has
not improved his readership qualities by a learned education and
experience. What leaders with no inclination to honest ruling ever
done for Somalis, except that they made them lag behind?

The harder the contest, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain
too cheap, we esteem too lightly.It is dearness only that gives
everything its value. I love the man that can smile in trouble, the
one that can gather strength from stress and grow wise by reflection.
Tough tasks keep the little mind shrinking, but he whose mind is firm,
and whose conscience approves his conduct, will prove his principles
and ability onto end.

Leadership is not limited to the battlefields of the election
campaigns.The real tests of leadership are much deeper and much
brooder. They are the  inner tests, like remaining faithful when
nobody is looking, like enduring pain when the moment is hard, like
proceeding to the issues at hand with great celerity.

There is something in the current system that does not allow
Somaliland to achieve glory. The notion of leading a nation is simply
the union of great feeling with great vision. The feeling would give
one a sense of devotion and dedication, and the vision a sense of
duty.The mess and immaterial that we are currently witnessing is a
testimony to the lack of that spirit.

Buried bones never bleed and breed again. Roses never rise from a
rotten flower. Siilaanyo would not rake the soil gently and water the
lowers; he would weed the beds and gather the occasional nosegay.That
is his target.

Where Siilaanyo would lead Somaliland to? Does Siilaanyo have the
qualities that could lead this nation into heaven or hell? The answer
is a resounding no. With Siilaanyo in power, Somaliland people would
only chase their own old tradition. .

What this would mean is that Somaliland needs firm hands to hold it,
minds more ingenuous, more subtle, more cultivated, more cultured,
more trained consciously to the task of devotion and mental

By: Jama Falaag
Saudi Arabia, Jeddah,


  1. Same old same old crap from ignorant Falag. I find nothing new in this usual monotonous and boring stuff from this sick author.

    • Falaag means "rebel" in Somali and it's from falaago which is rebellion. So, Guys don't waste your time with Jama Falaag.

  2. somaliland have shown to be far ahead in terms of respect for human rights and "somaliness" than the hutus in mogadishu. i traveled through Hargeisa and Mogadishu airports. in Mogadishu, everyone is trying to squeeze the last penny from you. no respect for elderly you have to walk a mile to get to the airport even the elderly are walking with huge luggage to reach the airport meanwhile the "checkpoints" are full of heartless moriyaanis that are not checking bags but want money.

    i am diehard unionist but sometimes i lose hope to those savages in mogadishu. civilized people in somailand and puntland should not be held hostage to this savages who are occupying in mogadishu.
    people in khaatumo must decide whether to form a nation with somailand or puntland since there will never be Somalia again. we jubbalanders will also secede. the rest should be called Anarchyland and be isolated like desease.

      • what do you mean? i recently traveled to Somalia. nobody respect you as somali but your tribe. most daroods in Mogadishu dont dare going in to their old houses. they are renting somewhere else while their houses are occupied by people from mudug and galgudud region. is that what you call a country?. i gone there to witness "new Somalia" but it was worse than before a one clan capital. someone can get you killed in Mogadishu for a dollar. life is worth nothing i traveled in Hargeisa, Mogadishu i took a plane to Kismayo. kismayo people just got released from shabab. this kamboni soldiers are more reliable with you mobile phone than the moriyaanis despite the world giving them billions of dollars.

    • Loool everyone has issues with their neighbors, it's human nature, you see us complaining about Somaliland, Puntland and jubbaland folks complaining about Mugadishu-land and there's whole Liyuu police thing and KIlil 5 , Awdal and Djibouti… hahaha Somalis are bloody hilarious.

    • Jaale wassup with you, I have I noticed in couple of your comments lamenting or calacaling that the govt in xamar are savages and also name calling the president of the the republic of Somalia H.E Xasan Sheikh Mohamud while claiming you are close relative of the prime minister H.E Abdi Farah Shirdon, my message to you brother is to refrain from such uncalled and outright offensive rhetoric while calling yourself "Gedo".

      Secondly, you just said that "somaliland have shown to be far ahead in terms of respect for human rights and "somaliness" than the hutus in mogadishu", i think the somalis in borama, zeilac and other parts of the northern region of Somalia will disagreee with you since the SNM stooges be engaging in war crimes against innocent civilians.

      • Sade

        you have to distinguish between name calling and criticizing. i criticize ulusow for his shortcomings. i have the right since he is calling himself prez and yet behaving otherwise. when i supported farmayo people were claiming i am tribalist now there is even more closer guy calling himself prime minister but as you may have noticed he devalued prime minister role.

        Gedo is where my kinship live also i am from galgudud need i say more. do you think we should be happy we the role saacid is performing?

        • Gedo, brother your problem is the same problem many Somalis have, which is no patient. You are far from the reality on the ground. You can not expect everything to be ok overnight. The president is on the right track, and his policy and plans are there for you and everyone to see. If you had listened to his speech at CSIS, you would have heard what he achieved so far. If you want to pass your judgement based on how you was treated in Mogadishu airport then obviously you are not a balanced person. Rule of law has been implemented, and it will take time before we see all the benefit of it. Pleas do try to be part of the change instead of criticizing a government that has not even reached 100 days.

  3. Siilanyo was ELECTED into Office via a Majority VOTE i guess you are a Communist or simply a worshiper of DICTATORSHIP since you live in One?

    Nin waxaa la yimada shir Bud baa lala dhacaa nacasyahow. Xiitaa dumarku waxaa kuma shir tagaan.

    • Buuxiye, ''BUSTED''' we always knew you were reer Hamar victimised dude, and you probably have never seen the North… reading your afsomali you don't sound reer Waqooyi at all, no wonder you know so much about them lool a word of advice don't give up on your homeland by homeland I mean South Somalia, bare in mind the new Somali government is giving all the stolen properties back to their rightful owners.. 🙂

      '''Xiitaa dumarku waxaa kuma shir tagaan'' and don't be sexist, women are more intelligent than men….

      • compare to kayse. which this person had the audacity to question him and call him names. if you see kayse hand writing of Somalia language or for that matter allemagan is pure authentic reer waqooyi , So more this people write than more they revealed themself and it's wonderful.

        • Sarha and Amirah ladies please give us a break and play with ur pony instead of speaking politics.

        • Sahra
          Naa Amus, I changed my pro somali union stance after seeing the hateful comments of sahra on Somaliland.
          From now on am with Somaliland. Ling life Somaliland and down with nagtaan sahra.

    • Buuxiye

      Fools always fail to express theirs opinions against which they like to defend the one they support. When iignorants speak, they say peace. Naagyahow.

  4. The clan state Maamulka Somaliland must not talk or think to represent the peoples of Awdalland, Khatumoland and Maakhirland. If the isaaq want to secede, let them secede with cities where they form the majority. We don't need you. Who needs khat junkies? But leave alone our unionist brothers and sisters from gudabursi, issa, warsengali, dhulbante and some from isaaq as well.

      • This is the reason why the Isaaq tribe fought the government of Somalia; to carve out a country for their tribe, to wipe out other tribes and to do as they please in the region. They were high ranking officials in Siyaad Barre government and immensely benefited from his administration but they wanted more and established the SNM rebel movement. They display contempt for ethnic Somalis and kiss the feet of non Somalis, hoping for international recognition, to no avail. They have been at war with all Somalis and I think eventually all Somalis in the Horn of Africa will have to face this tribe.

        • Sade news version of SNM is always ready to give u good lesson again to faqash like u. In other side Hawiye would be without mercy! U cannot hide nowhere. So listen time of ur Master Barre is over and behave as kind boy for u own security.kk

  5. I am afraid Somaliland is heading nowhere. The Isaaq folks are trapped in a delusional world created by stooges from Ethiopia & cannot distinguish between what is real and fantasy.

    Somaliland is doomed to fail.

    • Issqs were always successful and will always be successful what ever they do. Unfortunately the same can not be said about daroods who seem to be living on doing of issaqs and hawiye. Hargaisa is 100 times better then that dusty village called garowe where water and electricity are a rare sight. Ethiopia is here to stay so face it you half Congolese darood dirt bag

    • i think ur talking like scope doo there something clicking u and worries u so much but u dont want to tell just come and join us in peacefully country .

  6. Yusuf, falaag is mucaarid and critical of sl current government. Let him say his bit even though I don't agree with him myself.

  7. @Gedo
    You are one sick dude!
    You wish you were in Mogadishu>>>>The City Of Villas…Ohhhh>>>>>The pearl Of Africa….Ohhhh.Keep on dreaming.Since you hate us that much why don't you stay your old desert town Garoowe.Mogadishu is for Hawiye and their fellow southern brothers.

    • do you know galmudug is created in garowe and farole is your real president? besides how many streets does sac'ad control? baraxley and ?

      • @Garoowe
        Faroole is killing his own people! You and i we both know that Galmudug is more save than the little dust town called Garoowe.Faqash is always faqash.get a life…….

        • where is galmudug? k kkkk maxaa save ah ama ahayn waxaan jirin miyaa save ah ama maahan you walanweyn daba madobe

          • @Puntland coward
            I have some good news for you my friend.There will be no more Putaanaland.You will be save in LITTLE dust town Garoowe so far but if you don't behave you probable get lots of nightmares from Us…….No mercy for faqash next time.


      I was born and raise in mogadishu before folks from caliyaale,Guriceel,Galgaduud move in mogadishu.kk, i don't think mogadishu will ever go back the way it was. also, i don't think most Darood will not invest there or live.

      MOGADISHU is simple moryaan infected city,,

    • @Kamal_
      One think i always wanted is that you people from Garoowe will never ever come back to live in Mogadishu.Now the dream has come true and you are uninvited guest from now on.
      Lets say even if you try to come back you will not be able to live there because you can't affort it.

      You need to stay away from us.

      • @Galmudug

        Mogadishu is a primarily inhabited by abgaal and majeerteen. The Only clan who would banned from entering mogadishu is habar gidir since they destroyed 95 percent of Mogadidhu.

        Abgaals own the Majeerteens a huge debt of gratitude for routing out the Habar gidir morons from Mogadishu.

        Majeerteen would always be welcomed in Mogadidhu

  8. falaag fufu the guy who thought the price was a novel is still writing lmaoooo too bad only uneducated hate mongers think you have anything of substance to say. I gave up on you on your first article the prince a novel lmaoooooooooooooooo Man thanks for laugh

  9. This is total garbage article. Silanyo, came into power through ballot box and we will wait for Somaliland people to make their decision, whether to keep him on or not. Your nonsense article will not change an iota period!

  10. this dude makes me laugh and his articles are worth reading to, also what he said about Sii'layo are true only I don't see Somaliland as country and I'm not being hateful or Faqash, just being honest 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Folks, all haters of de jure Somaliland democratic Republic before and after 1991, I tell you all
    go to hellfire. bye bye bye.

    • Mohamed Cheers.

      Just bark and bray like a dog chasing its own tail. The author is a citizen of Somaliland, and love Somaliland more than you love. You just support Siilaanyo because he is HJ

  12. It is simple…..we are f$cked!!! We ha 22 years to get away and get ahead. Now Somalia has US recognition and they'll get all the money and attention.

  13. Nothing of substance at all. Allegations after allegations of Siilanyo this and Silaanyo that with no single logical evidence put forward. What a moron.

    This is good entertainment though for the devoid of brain cells Somalians. Somalilandpress is dead and people shouldn't waste their time on this website.

    • Warsame,

      Walk your talk, talk sense and try to express your ideas to refute what the author said about Siilaanyo. Irrational arguments are not entertained.

    • Waraabe
      Well said bro. It’s time to leave this web page fir good.
      It’s ato Somaliland and it gives a big forum to the losers and haters of Somaliland.
      Anyway what can they do? I will say let insane dog bark louder and louder to his grave.

  14. Hahah…. this is from Garadag inbred. I know how you look waxba hays xayaysiin sangadhuudhiyohow.kkkkk.