ABAARSO, 12 April 2010 (Somalilandpress) – The students of Abaarso Tech are proud to announce their first annual performance. The evening will include acting, singing and poetry as well as displayed artwork by local Somaliland artists.

Abaarso Tech, which is a secondary boarding school striving to offer multiple creative opportunities to Somaliland’s brightest youth, will be partnering with local artists through Afrikanation to showcase local talent.

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The two organizations will be offering the performance and subsequent art display to members of the Somaliland community at 6:30 p.m. on April 15th at Abaarso Tech in Abaarso, officially known as Barwaaqo.

The event is being provided free of charge through both non-profits and the sponsorships of several local businesses including Maansoor Hotel and National Fuel Station.

Press Release by:
Teresa Krug


  1. Congratulations Abaarso, it's good news to always have the local support and ackowlegement. I am sure it will deliver its mission and promises.

    Somaliland needs that talent and education desperately.

  2. This is good, we need to promote and develop local artists. We should be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other African nations in respect to art.

    However, why are the girls in that picture so ridiculously shrouded? I hope we're not accepting the wahabi style dress into our schools. Where are the diracs and guntiinos, or even Somalized western dress?

    I may be overreacting but I don't like what that image might imply…

  3. Mind you, we do NOT use "Guntiinos" or whatever it is called. Dirac is NOT a dress for schools girls. Your statement clearly underscores your ignorance and lack of appreciation of our beautiful culture. If you do not mind me breaking it to you, stick with your Somalia proper and it's "guntiino" culture.


    • The Hijab is a cultural style of dress adopted from Arab nations. To cover, does not mean "Hijab"