London, 12 April 2010 (Somalilandpress) – Violent Somali gangs are building crime empires in Britain through a brutal campaign of terror, the Daily Star reports.

The self-styled soldiers are raking in thousands of pounds a day through house raids and armed robberies. They are also committing savage acts of violence to protect their money-spinning businesses.

Drugs, guns and knives plague two Somali communities, in London and Liverpool.

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On the tough backstreets of Toxteth, Liverpool, kids were walking home from school as Somali dealers as young as 14 sold crack cocaine outside a grotty corner shop.

Some of the gangsters were born in Liverpool. Others had fled their war-ravaged nation at an early age.

The paper quoted a 24-year-old ex-gang member, who had served four years in jail for attempted murder, as saying: “When you grow up surrounded by rape and murder and violence and war, anything’s going to be a better life.

Source: OneIndia


  1. Like I warned you readers before, The right-wing press had found an 'easy' divided, weak and clannish-minded minority community to target!

    ….and guest who it is?……..Somalis!!!

    • There is NO difference between Somalia and Somaliland in the UK!

      In the eyes of the right-wing UK press, we Somalis are seen as "sums", "scroungers" and "thieves".

      Believe me, am the son of an SNM veteran.

  2. These kind of propagandist articles p*** me off – always picking the worst aspects, always generalising.

    Parents do have a responsibilty in assuring their kids do not get into this kind of stuff. I have seen countless 'white' boys, girls, men, women selling, buying and using drugs. They (junkies/sellers) are an eyesore… but what do you expect when you taka over a whole nation (Afghanistan) to produce poppy and you increase production by 5000% (50x).

  3. Check out the source yo, Oneindia. Who the fuck are they? A couple of wimpering shaiwallies who've been smacked by somalis a few times, and now want to get their own back. Dont trust the fucking packies.

  4. This is not news to Somalis in UK, Canada or USA. Somali youths today are into things you wouldn't imagine. In UK its worst because there are more Somalis living there but the ones in UK are more divided by clans compared to Canada or USA where the Somali youth are united.

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