HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — The chairman of Electoral Commission of Ghana, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-gyan, has arrived in Somaliland on Sunday for a five day trip.

Dr. Kwadwo was received by Somaliland’s National Electoral Commission’s chairman, Mr. Isse Yusuf in the Somaliland port town of Berbera.
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Dr. Kwadwo, a former university teacher of political science, who received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Ghana and his doctorate degree from the University of California (Santa Barbara) is considered to be one of the most experienced in electoral issues in Africa.

He occassionally conducts training and lectures on the topic in various African cities for various organisations, this week he will be training the Somaliland Electoral team in Hargeisa.

This is not the first time, Dr. Kwadwo has trained Somaliland staff, however he usually conducts the trainings in the neighbouring Ethiopia.

This is his first trip to Somaliland and he will be assessing the country’s infrastructure and facts on the ground.

Like the Ghanaian commission, the NEC consists of seven members who serve for a term of five years. The NEC was established on January 21, 2001, where as the Ghanaian commission was established in 1993.

Somalilandpress, 12 April 2010


  1. i am a student at the university of california berkeley and i gotta tell you there are ten schools/universities so it would be helpful if you specified which e.g UCLA, UCSD, UCSF etc.

  2. This EC seems determind to do the job right. Hopefully the government and the opposition leaders will stop meddling and let them to their job.

  3. This is a good start to getting independence. WE have to show that we are willing to pass power on and, hold free elections.

  4. There are lots of things we can learn from our brothers(ghana) with regard to organizing elections and building a democratic constitutional state. I have checked the website, the election comission of ghana, and i compared it to the Somaliland election comission website. The difference is so huge. Ghana has come long way to establish its democratic institutions. I have been impressed by their achievement.