Press Release

Commenting on the statement issued by the Egyptian prosecutor’s office regarding the Al Jazeera English journalists they are detaining, Al Jazeera spokesperson Osama Saeed said, “The accusations against our journalists do not stand up to scrutiny. Our detained team had been working in Cairo for some time and people can still watch their work online.

It was all of the highest journalistic standards and integrity, as has been all out output since the start of the momentous events in Egypt three years ago.

“The prosecutor’s measure of issuing a statement like this is unusual, as it looks like a prejudgment on an ongoing investigation. Claims that anyone has ‘confessed’ are rejected by our journalists and legal team.“We have been overwhelmed by the global calls for our journalists to be released and the Egyptian authorities would be well advised to take heed.”

For further information, please contact:

Omar Chaikhouni

Senior Media Relations Officer

Al Jazeera Media Network





  1. Al Jazeera should do more to engage best known International Lawyers to take up the
    defenses of these jailed journalist by the Egyptian Military Regime. The human rights
    watch should also come into light. What's going on in Egypt nowadays?