By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Newly appointed Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia His Excellency Abdi Weli Sheik Ahmed Mohamed has in the past hour announced the formation of his cabinet in a low level ceremony held in the Presidential Palace locally known as Villa Somalia.

The PM speaking during the ceremony said, “The formation and naming of new cabinet Minsters was done after broad consultations and lengthy deliberations with the various stakeholders in the federal government of Somalia and most important of all one hundred percent approval of His Excellency Hassan Sheik Mahmoud the President of the Federal Government of Somalia, and on his behalf I do hereby urge Members of Parliament to do the same by approving appointed minister in the newly formed Cabinet.

The newly named cabinet is made up of 25 Cabinet Ministers with an additional five State Ministers and composed of 25 Deputy Ministers:-

The Names of New Cabinet Ministers and their Portfolios


Minister of Internal Affairs and Federal Hon Abdullah Goodah Barre

Minister of Finance Hon Hussein Abdi Halane

Minister of Defence Hon Mohamed Sheik Hassan Hamud

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations Abdurrahman Dualeh  Beyle

Minster in Charge of National Security Hon AbdiKarim Hussein Guled

Minister of Education Hon Ahmed Mohamed Guraase

Minister of Ports and Maritime Transport Hon Yusuf Ali Amin

Minster of National Planning Hon Said Abdullah Mohamed

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon Farah Sheik Abdul kadir

Minster of Energy and Water Resources Hon Jama Abdi Mohamed (Oday)

Minister of Information Hon Mustafa Sheik Ali Dhuxuloow

Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Hon Said Mohamed Qoorsheel

Minister of Labour and Social Affairs NIman Sheik Ismael

Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Hoh Mohamed Ibrahim Haji Aden

Minister of Agriculture Hon Abdi Mohamed

Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Hon Khalid Omer Ali

Minister of Culture and Higher Education Hon Dualeh Aden Mohamed

Minister of Commerce and Industry Hon Aden Mohamed Nuur

Minister of Public Works and Rehabilitation Eng. Nadiifo Mohamed Osman

Minister of Gender and Human Rights Affairs Khadiijo Maxamed Diiriye

Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Hon Mohamed Alow Baroow

Minster of Minerals Hon Da’ud Mohamed Omer

Minister of Livestock, Environment and Parks Hon Salim Aliyow Ibroow

Minister of Health General Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud

Minister of Religious Affairs and the Deputy Prime Minister Hon Ridwan Hirsi Mohamed

The List of the Ministers with State Portfolios and those of Deputy Minister can be seen below