By Goth Mohamed Goth

The fifth round of the ongoing dialogue talks between Somalia’s federal government and Somaliland were resumed on 16, Thursday 2014 with delegates representing both sides sat face to face in a conference room in Istanbul, Turkey.

Mr. Hani Torun Turkish Ambassador to Somaliland and Somaliland speaking at the start of the talks said, “The talks had a very Good start considering the eagerness of both sides to talk and which a good sign is and we hope that they can continue this dialogue in order to achieve their mutual interests,

Turkish government initiated the first round of talks between the two sides to ‘open dialogue’ in Ankara on 13th of April. The talks concluded with a memorandum of understanding known as the ‘Ankara Communiqué. The Ankara Communiqué consisted of seven points which both side agreed.

Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hon Mohamed Bihi Yunis leading the SL delegation said, “Somaliland is ready and has been ready for a while” reiterating that the conclusion of the talks will be “Somaliland and Somalia living side by side as neighbors and brothers as two countries as it has been over the last two decades.

Hon Bih stated, “The Government of Somaliland welcomes the commitment of the government in Mogadishu to the continuation of the Somaliland-Somalia dialogue but at the same time strongly reiterates that our sovereignty was irrevocable and non-negotiable came with a cost in form of the spilling of the blood of innocent Somalilanders, he warned against the misinformation tactics used by SFG official with the intent of mislead western and other world officials and which usual purported that Somaliland will at some time in the near future to the federation, that kind of thinking insults the intelligence of Somalilanders.

“Somalia stands to benefit from an independent Somaliland and it’s beyond reasonable doubt that Somaliland has strategic and political value considering its post- conflict reconstruction and state-building process and, in doing so, Somaliland has contributed the region to be peaceful and stable”, Hon Mohamed Bihi said.

Somaliland Foreign minister said, “We are willing to look and review the previously agreements such as the shared airspace which unfortunately didn’t yield results in terms of breakthroughs from both SFG and GoSL.

A deadlock became evident when SFG authorized an airplane to land within Somaliland’s territory breaking point seven of the Ankara Communiqué. This prompted the decision by GoSL grounding all UN flights in and out of the country. This issue was resolved on July 7th – 9th2013 in Istanbul which both parties held further talks to rectify the situation.

An agreement was reached which was to create a joint-control body which manages both airspace based in Hargeisa however this was reneged by the SFG which in an act of deception went ahead and   discreetly signed another agreement with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in contempt of the Ankara Accord.

The former Somalia’s Interior and National Security Minister Abdikarim Hussein Guled who has previously had led the SFG delegations told the media that the both sides will discuss issues including the unity of the country.

The Former Security Minister said, “We are focused on seeking a United Somalia and discuss and find ways to resolve what happened in the past just stopping short of assuming responsibility for the atrocities committed against the people of Somaliland,

Further engagements between the two side’s delegates will cease for next three days in order to give them time to prepare their respective agendas until the resumption of the next meeting which is due next Friday.

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  1. i have no problem sharing a country with hawiye and other south somalis but the faqash is ones i hate i just can not trust them with my future kids they are blood drinkers

    • misslovely, listen darling, the Somaliland and Somalia are in serious talks at this critical
      stage, so for the good of all Adam and Eve sons and Daughters, just cool down and chill out.
      Stay out of too much polarisations. Naa catgaa noo dhig qumanyoo.


  2. In 1960 in a fit of nationalistic euphoria we jumped into a union without a single pre-condition. Somaliland paid a heavy price in that 30 years within the union. Now after two decades of peace, progress and stability, we should not be negotiating about our sovereignty again. If anyone thinks that we will have something to gain from any other political ties with Somalia, the need their head examined. For over two decades Somaliland had been trying to rise from thirty years of neglect and a destructive civil war, and at every turn we were opposed by the various entities concocted in Somalia. Has anything changed with these new guys? We sign an accord in Turkey and they break every single accord. After more than two decades they tried to our vital access to international connections, because somewhere in there a lot of cash from aviation overflights. And these folks have had billions spent on them in two decades! Have we not learnt anything? How can we possibly give something that we fought for and paid a heavy price to people who have nothing but enmity for Somaliland? Must we always be the ones who turn the other cheek, suffer for another thirty years and then rise up and use force to expel another southern hegemony? The cycle must be broken once and for all. Somaliland and Somalia can have social, cultural and business ties, but we will never, ever accept political ties or any political decision from Mogadishu. Unless the world is willing to have another conflict in the region than they must accept this. We will never surrender our political freedom once again, not for all the money in the world, and the first Somaliland leader who tries to do that will be the first to fall. The people of Somalilnd will not accept political rule from elsewhere.

  3. miss lovely same goes to you, leave laascaanood, xudun and ceerigaabo and stay within your stupid borders confined to burco, berbera and hargeysa.

    And keep your lovely brown tooths for yourself.

    • All the towns you mentioned are part and parcel of Somaliland. You must be dreaming to claim Ceerigaabo, Laas Canoodling and Xuddun, please do mistake this towns for Garowe or some such place. They are part of Somaliland and shall remain so, forever.

  4. Suloco,
    There are no limits to my border, and we own you and the territories you frequently claim. There will be no more greater Somalia so shut your filthy mouth you bloody dhulbahante. either way you will be owned by hawiye or Isaaq. suffer peacefully.

  5. What on earth is Chief of Cabinet Xirsi doing tehre? He has no diplomatic experience., no high stakes negotiations, no experience of international dialogue and foreign affairs, which is what this is from somaliland point of view, does not fall within his remit.

    Thje only saving grace is that the representatives from the otherside are not overburdned by talent either.

    Xirsi, who is extremely unpopular inside and outside the government(to be fair to him it does come with the territory of being gatekeeper of the boss), has been getting his fingers into pies that are not his lately including foreign affairs. The president has either lost control of him and he is becoming too powerful(worrying since the little street fighter is a salafist) or he is not willing to reign him in.

    He should do so as a matter of urgency or hewkill create for himself more enemies than he already has.

    • Kabocalaf,
      I heard you..dumb deal done . Your unbecoming silly remarks deserve no defenses.
      Hon. Hersi is part of the distinguished team negotiators headed by the Hon. Bihi.
      The Hon. Hersi that you are despising has recently gained a masterate degree in
      problem solving solutions and heading for a Doctorate degree soon. He's also the
      top Presidency Ministry affairs and a staunch expert in his public services career.
      He's also a God fearing high quality profile. Therefore your hateful demonising attitude
      against Hon. Hersi has no place. Please don't forget he has overwhelming supports of the
      majority of the Somalilanders who are more healthier than your wild beastly kind of.

      • This is the biggest lie I have ever heard. Xirsi who has a new Mexican nickname (named after a Mexican actor) that I can not say in here earned no Master's let alone bachelor's degree. If you never earned a high school diploma how could you attend university.

        • Abdi,
          I follow your bloggs. Some are pro SL and others are anti-SL. Your kind is big time tribalist
          who despises only certain Gosl officials simply cos they are neither your tribe nor your
          Regional province? You aint the only one. My blogging about Hon. Hersi remains valid.
          Just wait and keep watching Hon. Hersi's future political status quo.

      • I am in awe of Mr. Knifeman. Masters no less eh? Where has he been hiding that one for it certainly not in evidence in the way he expresses himself. It is quite worrying you believe he has even higher ambitions. Just kidding. You are just defendiong your clansman, right or wrong. That is the way it always was but it is not good citizenship Mr Cheers. You are just the otherside of clan-haters like uluc who insult Silanyo not out of objectivity but because they are drunk with petty clanishness.

        Do we agree though that as a Chef De Cabinet(a glorfied secretary really) he is overstepping his remit by muscling in on Foreign Affairs?

        • Kaboalaf,

          You are 100% mistaken when you say that KULUC is a clan hater. I am not a clan hater, my brother. I hate corruption, I hate nepotism, I hate bad leadership, I hate tribalism. I love the man that can smile in trouble, the one that can gather strenght from stress and tension and grow wise by reflection. Hope that you can understand.

          • Kuluc

            I am sorry to say this sir, but I do not buy your 'objective, constructive, critic of our leadership' claim. Your posts are far too vitriolic and hateful for that. It almost feels, how shall I put it, personal. Worse still you do not provide a singel shred opf evidence to support your outlandish accusations against Silanyo.

            The man has serious leadership shortcomings as shown by his kowtowing to salafist bullying but he is not corrupt or nepotistic or clannist. He is clean as a whistle. But that on its own is not good enough to lead us from this dark chapter in our history

      • Jaale Cheers,

        You are a liar. Hirsi Gaab is a gate keeper, and in-house account manager for Siilaanyo. No more, no less.

        • Btw Kuluc…. DR Hon. Hersi gaab and HE president DR Muj Ahmed Silaanyo
          are hurting your malignly, malicious mischief; selfishly injurious characteristics.
          Jealousy is evi and it's gonna kill you and your kinds….

  6. I am hoping the both sides guul.They are both somalis, but one day the reconition will come rather then late.

  7. walahwaan you are fasehood and falsehood is bound to perish we will always control our teritory get that through your thick skulls if you cant beat us join us

  8. we are remain as somalilanders and moved forward for everything , we cant be force to join Somalia . i wonder why our government sent delegation in Turkey in the first place . its wasting of time rather than focusing interior problems and sent the delegation to rural areas for improvement of our country development. even Taiwan have not yet recognized and moved forward for industrial revolution why we can`t do the same ?????????????? “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”viva Somaliand viva Silanyo

  9. i think somalia so called federation is confuse so much that needs to rectify its issues of interior problems rather than crying to unite with somaliland leaving behind AS OM to kill indigenous and take control of somalia !!!! “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first.”

  10. Nice one, we have another fedral state, called somaliland, and it covers hargeisa, berbera and borco. If we just rename it to Saqland, it would be more relevant.

    • So you are struggling to stand on your own? Why don't you join your bantu brothers and sisters from Kikuyu which is more natural?

  11. @Salaebaan Xaaji
    You are a top man bro. Just don't campaign for sharing anything with bantus. We just do what Djibouti did in the 1970s when the fake idea of Somaliweyn aka wanlaweyn swept through Somaliland like a wildfire. up to Lowya Addo. Djiboutian closed off borders with its then Wanlaweyn-occupied Somaliland, by putting up electric fences. We just do the same.

  12. Go Somaliland go, make history in Turkey and kills off the banana-eating bantus once and for all.

  13. No compromise. No concessions. Somaliland secession is a toboo that no one can touch. Union is a relic of another age – an age and time that has gone. What is past is past and no one can have the ability and the sikill to remake the past. Look ahead and looking ahead is where the future lies. Two state solution is where the future lies. Walaweyn should not cry for the moon, and must understand this reality. No more deception, no more emotions for Greater Somalia/. The love of liberty is the love of the others. The love of power is the love of yourself – seflishness, arragance, insanity, egotism, goondaism, etc. Who can accept this?

  14. If States cannot resign from Unions:

    Syria + Egypt would still be a single state. [1958-1961]
    – Founded on a PAN-Arab aspiration.

    Senegal + Gambia [1982-1989]
    – Founded on a Pan-African aspiration.

    Yet the above people reverted to their historic colonial borders when they realized the Unions did not serve their interests.

  15. @suloco
    ceerigaabo belongs to isaaq and so is caynaba you can dream all you like but the fact of matter is you are minority in s/land still you have some rights take it or leave it