Doha, 10 January 2014 – For the sixth consecutive month, Egyptian authorities continue to delay their decision to release Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr cameraman Mohamed Badr.
The verdict in his case was scheduled to be announced yesterday.  However, the court decided to delay the sentencing until  2 February 2014.
Egyptian authorities continue to hold five Al Jazeera Media Network journalists. Mohamed Badr had his sentence postponed today and Abdullah Al Shami from Al Jazeera Arabic has been detained for over five months.  In addition, Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed from Al Jazeera English are under arrest for the 12th consecutive day and are expected to appear before prosecution later today.
Al Jazeera Media Network expresses its absolute disappointment with the way its five arrested journalists are being treated and demands their immediate and unconditional release.
Ghassan Abu Hussein, Al Jazeera Media Network official spokesperson, said: “By continuing to hold our journalists, the Egyptian authorities are attempting to silence us and to disable our role as a media organisation.  We condemn the allegations directed at our staff by Egyptian authorities which are aiming to stigmatize us, and further incite violence against our journalists working on the ground.  This is all part of a larger antagonistic campaign against us.”
Al Jazeera Media Network is operating legally in Egypt.  However, due to its coverage of all perspectives on events in Egypt, it has been subject to enormous pressure by the interim government since the coup d’etat of 3 July 2013.  Aggressive actions by Egyptian authorities against Al Jazeera Media Network include the arrest of journalists, confiscation of equipment and jamming of satellite signals.
For further information, please contact:
Omar Chaikhouni
Senior Media Relations Officer
Al Jazeera Media Network


  1. So much and so forth for good old Egypt. The Arab Spring made good old Egypt upside down.
    Since the coup of Military takeover from the Muslim brotherhood, even the news of Egypt is black out!.
    Nobody knows what's happening in Egypt nowadays.

  2. Egypt passing through very difficult situations. Muslim world like the former president Marsi as ruler but conditions goes completely wrong.