Date: January 10,2014

War Saxaafadeed; Press Release


We, the National Consultations and Rectification Forum (NCRF) along with our affiliated partners such as the Intellectuals Forum (IF), warmly welcome the confirmation which we have received from the leaders of the two opposition parties that the inadequacies in our Constitution and laws, the timely holding of the next election and the Somaliland’s failed Foreign Policy will constitute some of the primary issues to be comprehensively addressed at the proposed National Dialogue Convention. It further heartened us that the leaders have assured us that neither the scope of the agenda nor the affiliation the potential participants would not be restricted and could include any relevant issue and group or individuals.


In this regard, the NCRF profoundly suggests that the following points should be taken into account:


I.                  On The Participants:

The NCRF firmly believes that for Dialogue to be serious, credible, inclusive and potential resolutions thereof be constructively and benevolently productive, the following the groups, associations and regions should be availed the opportunity to participate and contribute to the Dialogue:

Ø  Civil Societies

Ø  Women and Youth umbrella Associations as well as minorities

Ø  Professional  Unions such the Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants etc

Ø  Trade and Business Associations such as Transportation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry etc

Ø  Representatives from all Somaliland Regions as they are more privy to the needs and challenges which their regions prevalently face and therefore are more thoughtful on how best to address these needs and challenges

Ø  All political organizations including those which were unceremoniously eliminated in the last elections


II.               On the Issues in the Agenda

For the same reason as above, the agenda of the Dialogue should include all relevant and pressing issues including the following:

Ø  The Constitution

Ø  Institutional and Governmental Checks and Balances that are almost in ruins

Ø  Bringing the Government to be accountable on both its past, present and future policies and practices

Ø  The runaway Corruption, Abuse of Trust and Misuse of Public Finances

Ø  The National Security Issues, especially the Abuses of the RRU paramilitary. It should be pointed out to the foreign countries that funded the creation and upkeep of that unit that it is not any longer publically perceived that these forces exist solely for fighting terrorism. Fighting terrorism both proactively and reactively is a commendable purpose which the NCRF fully supports. However, the government’s tendency to deploy them against public demonstrations and generally against both real and perceived opposition as well the Unit’s unbecoming antics including killings of stone throwing kids and raiding prominent citizens’ residences in the dead of the night arresting them and leaving havoc in their wake have deeply disturbed the general public. This reeks rather like government terrorism against its own law abiding citizens. Such resentment is more likely to create more terrorism than fight and eliminate it. While grateful to the donors for their invaluable assistance in the fight against terrorism, they should be aware of what their tax Dollars could ferment if the beneficiary governments misuse them.

Ø   The Nation’s Foreign Policy whose utter failures are evident for all and sundry to see

Ø  There should be absolutely no more term extensions for both the executive and legislative branches of Government. Should the government fail to hold the next elections on time, it should step aside and a broad based Government of National Unity (GNU) be established to lead the nation to free and fair elections within not more than six months


Praise Be To Allah


Hassan Gure Jama


Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan

Secretary General






  1. Anexiety has speeded up the nation's national conference. For so long, since Siilaanyo's reign, the destination has been an idea, intimate but incomprehensible, demanding but undefined well. Born out of perforated history and permanent argument, the intention of the national conference is to suspend the argument and begin the engagement. In this conference we will cross shared mistrust, stimulated hate, and institutionalized tribalism. The line of conscient will begin and become effective. The constittuion, a confort zone, defined by brain and prudence, will be observed in letter and spirit.

    Remember, this conference will only reveal what the state wants to be. Those in the know of things would remind you of what you are missing. Fun is everywhere, but vision will shape the things; no more of hit-and-miss politics; no more of I-and-you-take attitude.

    The rationale is simple. What is heartwarming is that Somalilanders won't feel out of place, and Siilaanyo and his likes will be kicked out sooner than later.