Re: June 27, 2009 event at the P.S., 76 Elementary Auditorium
220 W. 121st Street
New York, New York 10027
Registrations start at 1pm
Event 2pm to 7pm

New York City, 17 June 2009 ( – You are called this day to gather in a historical and note praiseworthy meeting to reacquaint Habesha Afrikan families who for so long have missed each other during the recent years of disunity. With the efforts of Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc all will have the opportunity to see each other in a neutral and social environment firstly to build the fraternal spirit, then to discuss collective oneness, which will lead to Heart felt HABESHA UNITY!!!

The whole of Afrika detailing unity for the Horn will also be of focus for discussion to highlight ancient history and culture as one people, with noted guest speakers sharing their academic and cultural experiences. For centuries Habesha has fought outside forces that served to divide their families and tradition, and now are seen fighting one another. It is imperative to work toward reconciliation from past abuse that only serves systems whose structure dose not value the people as the higher good.

The over all purpose of the gathering is to reacquaint and bring back family bonds that stood in oneness to build such ancient civilizations that give birth to the whole world in art, religion, language, and human morality. We are confident that the gathering will crash the fake stories about Habesha people being divided based on ethical lines and bring forward a nation of God’s free people focused education, health, economics, history and culture for the benefit of Afrika’s children.

Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc (A.U.H.., Inc.) is requesting your participation on this day of June 27, 2009.. As a learned team, we believe that the community would greatly benefit from meeting you and learn your expertise concerning Africa and the unity of Habesha people.

This event will be in two parts. The afternoon session is set-aside for representatives from the Habesha community sharing the commonalities of the people based on history, culture, religion, and developmental efforts centered on unification. The late afternoon/evening period is set aside for celebrations with traditional music and socialization the Addis Café suitably located at 435 West 125th on Amsterdam Avenue, Harlem New York 10027..

You will also have the opportunity to inform the community on your expertise and express how it can strengthen African and Habesha people worldwide.

Please respond so we can announce your presence. Also you are invited to be a guest speaker on our internet web cast radio program which airs live globally, Tuesdays at 2pm EST. If you can or not make it, please send a reply or ask for directions.


Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc., a not for profit organizational catalyst to spearhead the empowerment and unity of All Afrikan people worldwide is calling all Habesha People (East Afrikan Peoples) in the Diaspora to the, “Saving our Homeland and Reacquainting our Families”, event held June 27 2009 (2001 Ethiopic) from 2 to 7 pm, at P.S, 76 Elementary School Auditorium 220 W. 121st Street New York, New York 10027

For thousands of years Habesha has proven a collective greatness by defeating all areas of colonization and foreign invasion, by God’s own design for Afrikan People to be free. In this new millennia time all must see that posterity needs family bonds to continue in the old faith of one united people moving collectively by the spirit, defeating all powers that be, who try to come in to change an ancient tradition which is the integrity of all.

“Is there hope for Afrika? Yes there is. Our future begins with our present. Africa’s present condition has its origins in Africa’s history. An honest collective acknowledgement of our history helps to encourage Afrikan unity. From history we are able to pinpoint mistakes and injustices that may have resulted in our present conditions,” says Ato Kassayi Hailu, President of Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc.

It has been a long time coming, for Habesha people to set down with one another to allow their children to meet and see each other. When we look to history we see that it has been the East Afrikan people who gave to the whole world culture, civilization and moral values that have been established throughout the earth. Our continent, Mother Afrika, is the museum of the world that has given birth to a free people.

Ato Kassayi agrees that, “All Habesha people must work for the integrity of East Afrikan countries. Forget about our personal political interest. Come out of your Ethnic trenches and collaborate with all Habesha for the benefit of all, based on our collective history as one Afrikan People.”

Re: June 27, 2009 event at the P.S., 76 Elementary Auditorium
220 W. 121st Street
New York, New York 10027
Registrations start at 1pm
Event 2pm to 7pm


Sister Ivory Ann Black II Woletta Sellassie
Executive Secretary
Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc

Office Phone: 212 531-0384 / Fax: 212-531-0382
Mobile: 414-429-2160
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  1. i find this post very distrubting, habasha people are the ones that have always caused harm and destruction to the horn of africa, whether we are talking about sudanis somalis oromo's anfar sidamos and even bantu kenyans, they have been terrorizing the horn for long time, but things slowed down since 1991, when tigray took over the country, … can u present a post that argues habasha's history to be one for africa, …. i am very dissapointed with somalilandpress