Hargeisa, 17 June 2009 – A high-level of delegation from Somaliland’s second opposition Party Ucid has flown out of Egal International Airport to number of countries including the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

The delegation was led off by UCID Chairman and presidential candidate, Mr Faisal Ali Warabe and his vice-chairman, professor Mohamed Rashid Sheikh Hassan and Somaliland’s House of Representative’s chairman, Mr Abdulrahman Mohamed Abdullahi (Irro).

The party officials had no immediate comment about their trip.

Finance Minister & Minister of Interior
Finance Minister & Minister of Interior

Currently all the leaders are abroad, President Rayale led a delegation to Kuwait after an official invitation from the Kuwaiti leader – Kulmiye opposition party leader, Mr Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo is also touring a number of Scandinavian countries. Meanwhile the Finance Minister, Mr Hussein Ali Duale led his own delegation to Kenya to hold talks with EU and donor nations, while the Minister of Interior, Mr Abdullahi Ismael Ali flew to Addis Ababa with his own team, he will take part in a conference designed to address piracy challenges in the region.

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Source: Somalilandpress


  1. Sorry when u come to the link type "Ottoman architecture in Berbera"
    and then u will see it!

  2. This is a new strategy by Somaliland leaders and intellectuals which demonstrates a renewed efforts and grasp of the intricacies and political maneuvering that is required in this 21th Century World. I trully admire our leaders' dedication and show of harmony when it comes to their nation.

    Now it is upto our Diaspora to come out in support of those leaders and national effort when they come to those nations and inform their public and media about the plight of their nation. Please Keep us posted Somalilandpress on those dates, especially as they are expected to arrive in Canada, so we can organize and inform the media.

    • Please let them come to OTTAWA,,,, we'll go to the streets !….. 🙂
      GunShot Salute to Somaliland!!

  3. I am honestly confused about who to vote out these three Monsters.

    Riyaale: He obviously doesn't care about the existence of somaliland and simple reason is that the coutry is going nowhere.

    Siilaamyo: He is basically in favoure of clanism rather than collectively bringing people together. And i am sure there will be another civil war under his power. He wants his clan to be next Al saud family. Absolute power.

    Faisal: He nationalist but he is extremely naive and unprofesional when it comes to politics. He is in favoure of going one holiday to another. One day he is wearing Saudi Jilbab and in the afternoon he is wearing traditional Nigerian Costume, next day he is different. He has no taste i am afraid.

    God Help us.

  4. These politicians live 11 months out of the year outside of Somaliland. The president is in Kuwait. Kulmiye chairman is touring Europe. Ucid leader is somewhere. The mayor of Hargeisa never stays put in the city he supposidly runs and now the speaker of the parliament is out for the second time in a few months! Why do they bother running for office in a place they dont seem to like to saty in for a while