Ali Guban View

He’s Minister of Agriculture, but he is saying that Somaliland has been facing budgetary and fiscal woes for the last three years in a public hearing!

He is saying that JSL is bankrupt. Government revenue is zero because there is no commercial activities in Berbera port, complete shutdown Wajaale border crossing, and fire on Hargeysa Waahen market. He also said that JSL is losing businesses, but he failed to mention who or what entity is taking our businesses.

But the most disturbing, he said, “to fund the Las-Anood, the ministers are donating their own salaries to the war efforts.”

Is this true?

Even if it’s true, he should not talk about such a sensitive matter on a public forum. He is giving aid and comfort to our enemies. He also undermined the war efforts.

What he said is the talking points and the lies of Darood politicians such as that Bosaaso, the new Garad ports are taking away businesses from Berbera. Ports that even did not have container services,

But it is the dereliction of his duty that has caused harm to the local farmers in Gabiley region or elsewhere: Whether it’s for failing to provide them crop protection, fertilizers, or farm machinery, or fighting the locust, under his leadership, the Ministry of Agriculture was AWOL.

Abdiqadir Iman Warsame has to go because Somaliland deserves better. But it is unlikely for Bihi to fire him because of the pandering to clan identity politics. And that is bad for Somaliland, for agriculture and for accountability. Bihi should do the right thing and put the nation over his re-election efforts.

In the past, we had serious reservations about Abdiqadir Iman Warsame as Minister of Agriculture—-a man with zero government experience or agricultural experience , whose chief credential was a protege of Hersi- Gaab. In fact, Bihi was wrong, in the first place, to appoint him as Agriculture Minister.

Why Should Bihi appointed him to a cabinet position given his deep connection to Hersi-Gaab and Wadani party?

The time has come for the Agriculture Minister to go. The damage he has done to the war efforts and Somaliland Agriculture the country can’t ignore anymore.

Ali-Guban Mohamed