Al Jazeera’s Peter Greste’s appeal against his ongoing detention without charge has been denied in a Cairo court.
Greste and Al Jazeera English’s Baher Mohammed and Mohammed Fahmy; Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr’s Mohammed Badr; and Al Jazeera Arabic’s Abdulla Shami  remain in detention in the Egyptian capital. None of them have been charged.
Media reports on Wednesday, citing a statement from the prosecutor’s office, said 16 Egyptians would face trial for membership of “a terrrorist organisation” and that four foreigners, identified as Al Jazeera journalists, would be charged with aiding their activities.
While Al Jazeera’s journalists have not officially been notified by the Egyptian authorities of developments in their case, Al Jazeera spokesperson Osama Saeed said, “The world knows these allegations against our journalists are absurd, baseless and false. This is a challenge to free speech, to the right of journalists to report on all aspects of events, and to the right of people to know what is going on. We will continue to pursue all avenues to get our journalists back, and are grateful for all the support we have received. It is clear this is not just Al Jazeera’s campaign, but one taken on by all freedom-loving people around the world.”
Al Jazeera added that it had no knowledge of other people apparently being pursued by the authorities. The network currently has no journalists reporting in the country.
Journalists from the BBC, Sky News, and Daily Telegraph yesterday marked one month since the Al Jazeera trio were taken into custody. Video and text from the event in London can be found here:


  1. The current Egyptian government is a result of a military coup, their only way of communicating is through power and silancing any voice that may uncover their dirty games, and so stupidly they just don't know how to deal with the matters through deplomatic channels and they have no class what so ever, disgusting. They remind me of silaanyo and his gang, how old and sick people are there in the government trying to lead an energetic and young nation. The best example is al-bidlawi, the egyptian finance minister who is almost dead, in and out of hospital on a daily basis, and yet he wants to save egypt from the economical probelms, how funny is that

    • Contrasting the peoples civil liberty democratic Multiparty systems elected HE President
      DR Ahmed Silaanyo of the GOSL to the illegally Egyptian Military Coup Detat that ousted
      the democratically elected Muslim brotherhood Govt and in the eyes of the IC world actors
      and the UN, put all the Govts of that Islamic Country behind bars, and the followers are
      indiscriminately killed on the streets with lethal weapons, with already thosands killed and
      thousands behind bars, again the AL/OIC, US/EU and the UN are simply quiet or openly
      in support of what the Egyptian Military under Al-sisi??? is not correct comments.
      For the two are not related. otherwise your comment may be somewhat purposeful without
      the GOSL. However, I feel sad and sorry for great Egypt to be in such bad undemocratic
      situation where the military coup might is oppressing and suppressing the Civilians.
      Look at what has also happened to the Aljazeera journalists. Egypt is all in! down the