By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of Agriculture Prof. Farah Elmi Geedoole spearheading a high level Ministerial has embarked on a working tour of coastal areas in western regions of the country which  expected to cover Lughaya, Garbo Dadar and areas in a bid assess the damage caused by a recent locust infestation .

Prof. Geedoole is currently in the town of Saylac accompanied by a team of experts from the ministry who are conducting studies and assess the scope of damage caused by the recent infestation of locust in the region.  

“I strongly urge all concerned agencies to be prepared, to monitor the locust populations at all times and should not wait until things get out of proportion, Findings from a damage assessment indicate that crops losses due to locusts are at the moment centered in Saylac but the problem may spread to neighboring areas if appropriate measures are not taken”, He Stated.   

The Minister of Agricultures went on to say, “Carrying out a campaign against locusts is a complex and, at times, perilous venture, but the complexity does not end with the cessation of swarming.

The Agriculture Minister and his delegation will also visit other locations in the coastal areas in the western region to inspect a pilot program which is been funded by Germany GTZ  to provide local farmers with cash crops in form of Date palm trees.