As we mark the World Press Freedom Day, we pay tribute to Somali journalists and Media practitioners who have lost their lives during their course of duty in Somalia.

Mogadishu 3rd 2014- As the world marks World Press Freedom Day, the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia, Ambassador Mahamat Saleh Annadif expressed AMISOM’s recognition and admiration of the critical role the Somali media is playing in contributing to national development and the attainment of democratic governance, of which freedom of expression is fundamental.

“AMISOM stands with members of the Somalia media fraternity who are sacrificing their freedom of personal well-being as they perform the crucial role of informing the population on issues of national importance.”

Ambassador Annadif said that AMISOM is working closely with the Federal Government of Somalia to protect members of the fourth estate by providing a safe environment free of violence and intimidation; an essential precondition for the full enjoyment of human right.

“I call upon the Somali authorities to continue to advance the development of a responsible press as well as a free media environment in the country including bringing to justice all those responsible for the murder and abuse of journalists” said Ambassador Annadif adding that AMISOM will continue to cherish the sacrifices and contributions made by fallen journalists and the role they play in the overall development of a more peaceful, safer and more democratic Somalia.

AMISOM continues to support the Federal Government of Somalia in its ongoing efforts to improve the security situation in the country so that all citizens can go about their lawful endeavours without fear.