By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Chief magistrate of the Hargeisa regional court today handed down death sentences to 4 people accused in the cold blood murder of a mother of three nearly two months ago.

The Judge Feisal Mohamed Abdullah  “Feisal Dhago Dhago” handed the sentence of death by firing squad to 37yrs Ms. Muna Mohamed the prime suspect in murder of Ruqiya Said Ayaanle and at the same time handing similar sentences to  Mohamed Ahmed Abdi 22yrs  , Sakariye Ahmed Abdi 19 yrs.  , Farah Ahmed Abdi 18 yrs.  and a 10 years jail sentence  to Hana Abdi Salaan Ismael, 17 yrs.

The same court released and dropped all charges against Mr. Abdi Salaan Ismael, the husband of Ms. Muna Mohamed who at the time when the crime took place was based in the port of Berbera.

On the other hand the same court sentenced Mr. Mohamed Hassan Abdi to one year jail term for providing false information to the police with the intent of stalling investigations after alleging the deceased woman was seen in the town of Galabadh.

The deceased woman was the mother of several children went missing for eight days and was killed after she went to demand debt she had earlier lent to her assailants who murdered her after the quarrel went sower, her remains were later found buried in a pit inside the compound of the residence of Ms. Ms. Muna Mohamed.


  1. I dont understand why Somalis are obsessed with nicknames. Leave it out. All it does is make the writer and the person being referred to look childish. It also diminishes the office the judge holds. Basically making the whole story cartoonish when its very serious. A woman was murdered and her killers are getting death by firing squad. Just tell the story and do it professionally.