Odweyne (Somalilandpress)- An anti extremism religious awareness was held in Odweyne Region last week by an Islamic Institute known as Islamic Propagation Center, which works on the spreading of exact understanding of the religion and it’s position of suicide attack ideas.

Hundreds of people and prominent Somaliland Sheikhs who have addresses and religious lectures attended big meetings that take place in the districts of Hara-sheikh and Oodweyne.

Sheikhs have widely explained Islam and it’s principles which based on peace and enter action of societies.

Sheikh Mohamed Abdi Yusuf (Moge), Chairman of Islamic Propagation Center, expresses the objectives of the meeting “Our main we come here is to only breach the people that Islam does not allow suicides and killing people, and also to improve people’s understanding in Islamic teachings,” he said.

“I am encouraging to the youth to learn and understand well Islamic religion, and as well as to known that who exploded themselves are ignore people for the Holly Qur’an, which deserves to be honorable,” he said.

Sheikh Hassan Quran, one of Sheikhs attended the meetings explained the resent evil actions that is sabotaged by the Islamic religion.

“Today what is new to us is people committed to kill themselves and others with out reason, that’s awful thing,” Sheikh Hassan said.

He added, “Suicide bombings are not enter our religion any were.”


  1. We all know that a Muslim killing another Muslim or anybody else for that matter is "Xaraam and unholy" unless you are defending yourself, your family, and your country from a threat.

    Those people who are killing themselve and scores of innocent people will go straight to hell, no doubt. And if anybody told them otherwise, they lied to them. Redeem yourselves, khaafu Rabbukum and stop killing innocent people. There is more to life than unreasonable killings, death and destructions.